My Dog Ate Vaseline, What Should I Do?

Dogs can do some naughty things at times and put their noses where it does not belong. Right when you get sick of your dog’s counter surfing, now he is eating Vaseline out of the medical shelf. But can dogs digest Vaseline? What will happen if your dog eats Vaseline? Is Vaseline harmful to dogs? We will answer such questions in this article.

Spanish Water Dog vs Portuguese Water Dog

Even though, there are many similarities between the Spanish Water Dog (SWD) and, the Portuguese Water Dog (PWD), these two breeds also differ in many ways which can affect your adoption decision. In this article, you can find their general characteristics both physically and mentally and also have a chance to make a comparison between these two breeds.

Do Corgis Like to Swim?

Do Corgis like to swim? Many of Corgis' parents believe, their dog can not swim due to their physical disadvantages. For example, they have short legs and elongated body. Are they correct? Can corgis swim or not? Let's look at it more in more detailed way.

Games to Play with Your Pitbull

We resonate Pitbull parents who are looking for games to play with their dogs. Playing games might seem like just a fun activity, but it is essential for your Pitbull because it is also his exercise time. If being a pet parent to a Pitbull is your first experience, you might feel confused about what games to play with your dog.