5 Best Dog Beds for Goldendoodles (2020 Reviews)

Goldendoodles are a mixed breed of Golden Retrievers and Poodles. They get some traits of both breeds, and that makes them gentle and affectionate dogs with an easy-going character.

Also, getting genes from the breeds mentioned above makes them very active. That means they eventually get tired and need a place to rest. Therefore, a dog bed that they feel comfortable in is inevitable.

That is why, in this article, we will review the best dog beds available for them. We’ll list different dog beds with various features to help you find the one that suits your dog’s needs most.

5 Best Dog Beds for Goldendoodles

Let’s take a quick look at the best dog beds for Goldendoodles that we selected first.

  • PupRug™ Animal-Print Memory Foam Dog Bed
  • BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed
  • Petsure Orthopedic Dog Bed
  • Furhaven Pet Dog Bed
  • K&H Pet Products Original Elevated Dog Bed

Our Top Pick: PupRug™ Animal-Print Memory Foam Dog Bed

About: PupRug™ Animal-Print Memory Foam Dog Bed  is for the ones who care about their home decor plus their dog’s comfort. Since they combined two features in one, PupRug applied for a patent for this product. The foam is so comfy and the bed is so large that you will want to lay on it yourself.

Features: PupRug really believes in their products. That is why they provide the customers with a guarantee for 10 years. If the bed you purchased flatten, you can change it without any fee.

The foam inside is protected with a waterproof liner. If your dog has an accident while sleeping on it, there will be nothing to worry about. Also, the cover of the bed is both removable and washable. These features make the cleaning process a lot easier.

We should also mention that this is product is hypoallergenic. Because its dense cover prevents the allergy-causing agents from getting inside the bed. That makes this dog bed a great option if someone in your household has allergies

Another good feature that we like about this rug shaped dog bed that it has an anti-slip bottom. That is why you will not find this bed sliding around inside the house.

The only down side of this product is that it is not the best option for chewers. So, you might want to look for another bed if you have a determined pup that has a chewing habit.

Runner Up: BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed

About: BarkBox manufactures various dog products, but they are famous for their memory foam dog beds. BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed is a perfect example of that. Because it is made of human-grade material that will make even you jealous.

Features: We already mentioned that this dog bed is made of human-grade memory foam filling. What that means is that it provides an amazing sleeping experience. And it is also very helpful for relieving the pain on the sore joints.

Also, this product comes with a waterproof cover. So, it can be a perfect choice for Goldendoodles that have incontinence issues.

Another essential thing to mention is that the waterproof cover is also removable and washable. So, even if your tail-wagger tends to have accidents frequently, you can just throw the cover into the washing machine.

Pet parents that use a crate might also consider this product. Because it is eligible to both inside and outside of the crate.

As for the design, this product has a very simple look. But this simple but cool looking design will be a perfect fit for almost every household.

This is a very durable bed, and you can understand how much the manufacturer trusts the product by the 1-year warranty that it provides.

This dog bed is available in four different colors, which are blue, espresso, grey and sand, and four different sizes, which are small, medium, large, and x large.

Best for Budget: Petsure Orthopedic Dog Bed

About: We can certainly say that this product stays under the radar. Because it is not one of the most popular dog beds among pet parents. But there is no doubt that Petsure Orthopedic Dog Bed will make your pooch satisfied.

Features: We should start by mentioning that this dog bed is made of egg crate foam, not memory foam. So, even though it will provide the comfort that your tail-wagger needs, it is not the best option for dogs with muscles issues.

This product has been designed like one big pillow. So, it is perfect for dogs that love to sleep in any position.

Another thing that we like about this dog bed is that it comes with a non-skid bottom. This feature can be very helpful if your Goldendoodle loves to play inside the house. Because dog beds that don’t have a non-skid bottom tend to slide around.

This dog bed comes with a faux linen cover, which is good for a lot of things. For instance, this dog bed does a very good job at not showing hair and fur. Also, it is very easy to clean and maintain.

The manufacturer provides a 1-month return and a lifetime customer service. So, you can return the product if you’re not satisfied with it not later than 1 month after the purchase.

This product comes in two different colors and two different sizes.

Best with Headrest: Furhaven Pet Dog Bed

About: Furhaven is a dog brand that is very popular among pet parents. Because they make very high-quality memory foam dog beds and they don’t put ridiculous prices on them and this Furhaven Pet Dog Bed is not an exception.

Features: As you might have already noticed, dogs love to sleep in different styles. And some prefer to sleep on their sides and rest their heads while sleeping.

If that is the case for your tail-wagger, this dog bed is the right option for you. Because this product comes with a high-density memory foam bolster. Bolsters are filled with a recycled polyfill for plenty of head support.

We should mention that this product is made with egg-crate foam. So, it will provide orthopedic comfort on the sore joints.

This dog bed is covered by a water-resistant and tear-resistant cover made of a polyester and cotton twill blend.

Also, its cover makes this bed very successful at resisting odor. This feature comes in very handy if you deal with overwhelming dog odor in your home.

But you should keep in mind that this product is not one of the most durable dog beds in the market. So, if your Goldendoodle has such an issue, you should avoid this product.

Another thing we like about this dog bed is that it is a corner style dog bed. So, you can get the one that matches best with your other furniture, and your pooch can feel like he’s part of the family in the living room.

Best Elevated: K&H Pet Products Original Elevated Dog Bed

About: This product is different from our other selections in the sense that it is an elevated dog bed. If you have enough space in your home or your garden, K&H Pet Products Original Elevated Dog Bed is worth considering.

Features: Like most elevated dog beds, this product comes with a mesh center. That creates a lot of airflow inside the bed, and that is good for a lot of reasons.

For instance, that makes this bed hypoallergenic. So, it can be a great choice if someone in your household has allergies.

Also, mesh center makes this product very good at not embedding any dirt and hair. So, it is very easy to clean and maintain.

Mesh center also creates a cooling sleeping experience. So, this product can be the right choice for your pooch if you’re living in a place with hot weather. Other than that, it can be helpful if your Goldendoodle has overheating issues.

We should also mention that this dog bed is very durable and chew resistant. So, it will be able to stand out if your tail-wagger has a chewing problem. You can be sure that you this product will last you a long time under normal conditions.

This product also deserves mention because of its practicality. It is eligible to be used both inside and outside.

This dog bed is available in three different colors and four different sizes.

Buyer’s Guide

There are a lot of different things you should consider when buying a dog bed. Because there are too many options in the market, and it can be hard finding the one that suits your dog’s needs best. We prepared this buyer’s guide so that you can make the right choice for your tail-wagger.


You can search for a dog bed and get the one with the most features. But there is a good chance that your Goldendoodle will not like it if he doesn’t feel comfortable in it.

And getting the dog bed that is the right size for your Goldendoodle is essential in that sense. Although the size depends on the product, you can usually find the right one by measuring your pup in his usual sleeping position then add 4-6″ (10-15 cm’s).

Easiness to Clean and Maintain

Goldendoodles love to play outside, and when that happens, they bring the dirt inside the house inevitably. That is why a dog bed that is easy to clean and maintain will make your life easier.

In that sense, you can go with a dog bed that has a washable cover. Also, some dog beds have extra covers sold separately.

Odor Resistant Material

Even though Goldendoodles don’t have some of the problems that other dogs have, having a dog odor that is not among them. So, odor-resistant material can help you mitigate the issue and not have to deal with it on a day to day basis.

Because odor resistant dog beds are made of materials that are very good at resisting odor.

Hypoallergenic Material

It is amazing how much dogs resemble us. They can have all kinds of issues we have, and allergy is one of them. Dogs can develop all kinds of allergies, such as seasonal allergies and food allergies.

As for seasonal allergies, regular beds tend to worsen the symptoms. Because they embed the allergy-causing agents like dust mites, mildews, and mold spores into the bed. 

In that case, hypoallergenic dog beds come to the rescue. Because dog beds that are made of dense material do not let the allergy-causing agents to get into the bed. 

Anxiety Relief

Goldendoodles are very affectionate dogs that love to stay with their pack all the time. They are not used to get separated from their pack, and that is why they can develop all kinds of allergies, and separation anxiety is one of them.

Dealing with anxiety issues in dogs is not easy. Regular exercise, training and obedience training is among the things that you can try. But you can also try getting a dog bed that is good for relieving anxiety. In that case, self-warming dog beds and cave style dog beds can be very helpful since they create a safe and secure environment.

Bolsters are a Bonus

Every dog has a favorite sleeping position that they love to sleep in. For instance, some dogs love to sleep in a curled-up position. Some love to sleep on their sides and even some love to sleep with their paws up in the air.

Although dog beds that are designed like a pillow are suitable for every dog, dog beds with a headrest will be a much better fit for dogs that love to sleep while resting their heads.

Non-Skid Bottom

Goldendoodles are a very active breed, and they are up for playtime whether they are inside or outside of the house. And when they carry out the playtime inside the house, regular beds tend to cause accidents. Because they slide around a lot.

That is why getting a dog bed with a non-skid bottom will make a lot of sense. The way they do that is that they hold onto the ground firmly. That can be especially useful if you have a marble or wooden floor.

Waterproof Material

Incontinence issue is very common among dogs, especially in the later stages of their lives. This issue can be frustrating to deal with for a lot of reasons. First, a dog that has incontinence issues tend to get confused when the accidents happen because they have no idea about what’s going on.

It can also be frustrating for the pet parents because they have to clean up the bed constantly. In that sense, waterproof dog beds can be very helpful. Because they will save you a lot of time when your pooch has accidents. So, the bed will not get dirty as much, and that is why it will last you a long time. 

Conclusion: 5 Dog Beds for Goldendoodles (2020 Reviews)

Like every dog, Goldendoodles love a dog bed that they feel comfortable and cozy in. That is the reason we wanted to review the best dog beds available for them. We hope that you like our selections and our buyer’s guide!

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