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5 Best Dog Food for a Basset Hound (2020 Reviews)

It is very easy to recognize Basset Hounds because of their short, crooked legs and their long hanging ears. Even though their sad expressive eyes don’t always show, they are one of the most friendly and easygoing dogs.

Thus, they often have a fantastic bond with the family they live with. So, their happiness is significant for their owners. That is also must be the reason you’re reading this article, which is finding the right food for your tail-wagger.

Finding the best dog food is not easy because different dogs have different needs. That is why we prepared a list of the best dog food for a Basset Hound and included different types of food. So, you can find the one that suits your pup’s needs and preferences.

There is also a buyer’s guide below the list, so you have enough knowledge when making your decision.

But before that, let’s look at our list.

5 Best Dog Food For A Basset Hound (2020 Reviews)

Best Dog Food for Basset Hounds: Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Dog Food

1. Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Dog Food

About: Blue Buffalo is a very popular dog food among the dog lovers, but it doesn’t always live up to its name.

But dog food has premium ingredients with high-quality protein and added vitamins and minerals to provide a healthy and fulfilling life to your Basset Hound.

Features: The manufacturer decided to go with deboned chicken as the first ingredient, and the chicken meal is the second ingredient in this dog food. Deboned chicken is an excellent source of protein, and the chicken meal is a great source of complementary protein.

Some dog owners don’t like seeing the term “meal” among the ingredients in dog food. But the chicken meal is the part left after removing meat. So, it is mostly the organs of the chicken, and it is full of vitamins and minerals. Also, it is a great source of glucosamine, and that is why it can be very beneficial for pups that have sore joints.

As the primary source of carbohydrates, this recipe contains peas. They are good sources of vitamin A, vitamin K, and vitamin B. Peas also contain a fair amount of protein, and they can be a good supplementary protein source.

Other than peas, flaxseed is another source of carbohydrates in this recipe. Adding flaxseed to this recipe is a good idea because it contains both Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

This recipe doesn’t contain any grains. That is why it is a perfect choice for Basset Hounds that have sensitivities to gluten.

We should also mention that this recipe contains pea protein. It is a by-product of pea, and it is a common ingredient in dog foods used as a filler to bind the kibbles. It is not harmful to your pooch, but it is considered as a low-quality ingredient.

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Best Dog Food for Basset Hounds: Solid Gold – Leaping Waters with Cold Water Salmon

2. Solid Gold - Leaping Waters with Cold Water Salmon

About: Solid Gold is a premium dog food brand that makes excellent dog foods. This is their salmon recipe, and it doesn’t contain any artificial fillers and additives.

Instead, this recipe contains natural ingredients that your dog needs to thrive and have a healthy life.

Features: This recipe contains salmon as the first ingredient. That means this product is filled with Omega-3 fatty acids. Getting adequate amount of Omega-3 fatty acids is essential for the health of every pup. Because not only it promotes a better coat, but also it boosts the immune system.

Another good thing about salmon is that it is less likely to cause allergies. So, this dog food is the perfect option for a Basset Hound that has a sensitivity to chicken.

Primary source of carbohydrates come from vegetables such as chickpeas in this formula. The manufacturer decided to keep the grains out of the recipe. That makes this recipe a great option for pups that have trouble digesting gluten.

Other than chickpeas, this recipe contains vegetables like peas, carrots, pumpkin, parley, and broccoli. Even though these vegetables are found in small amounts in this dog food, they will still provide a wide range of vitamins and minerals that your Basset Hound needs.

This recipe doesn’t also include soy or any soy-related products. That is a right choice because not only most dogs have issues with digesting soy, but also most soy products in the U.S.A. are GMOs. So, it is always a good idea to stay away from the products that contain soy among the ingredients.

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3. Taste of the Wild Appalachian Valley Recipe

About: Taste of the Wild is a company that makes products that provide the best possible nutrition while tasting great. This product is filled with nutritious and tasty protein sources, including both fresh and dehydrated varieties.

This recipe is perfect for pups that can’t stop moving around. Because this is a high protein dog food, and it will provide the energy that your Basset Hound needs throughout the day.

Features: This product is a unique one in terms of its source of protein. Because this recipe has venison as the main ingredient and this is a perfect choice for a couple of reasons.

First, venison meat is very delicious and nutritious. It contains high levels of vitamin B, zinc, and phosphorus. Also, venison is very rarely found in nature. So, it is less likely to cause allergies compared to the other animal meats.

The second source of protein is lamb meal in this recipe. Lamb meal is the part that left after the meat has been taken out. So, it is filled with animal organs that are very beneficial for your tail-wagger.

As for the carbs, the manufacturer decided to keep this recipe grain-free. That is why if your pooch has a gluten sensitivity, this recipe might be the right one for you.

Instead of grains, this formula includes legumes such as chickpeas and peas. Both are excellent sources of fiber, and, they contain a fair amount of protein.

Another thing we like about this product is the fact that it contains an amino acid called taurine. Taurine should always be included in a dog’s diet. Because not only it is crucial for a healthy heart function, but also it promotes eye health.

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Best Dog Food For Basset Hounds: Halo Grain-Free Natural Dog Food

4. Halo Grain-Free Natural Dog Food

About: Halo is a company that is known for its policy, which is not including meat “meals” in their products. Instead, they choose to use whole meats. They claim that using whole meats eliminates a lot of allergens.

This is the company’s whitefish recipe. Whitefish used to be a rare ingredient in dog foods, but it has been becoming more and more popular. Because it is a nutritious protein source and most pups can’t get enough of its taste.

Features: As we mentioned above, the first ingredient is whitefish in this formula. Whitefish is a term that is used very widely in the fisheries industry. It usually refers to any kinds of bottom-dwelling fish that has white flesh.

Since the term whitefish applies to various kinds of fish, the nutritional content of different whitefish-based foods also differs. But, most types of whitefish are quite nutritious.

The second ingredient in this formula is egg product. Egg is a very good source of vitamin A, riboflavin, and folate. But you should keep in mind that some dogs have sensitivities to eggs. So, if that is the case for your pup, you should go for another option.

As for the carbohydrates, this recipe contains various dried vegetables instead of grains. Sweet potatoes, peas, blueberries, and carrots are among the healthy carbs that will fulfill your dog’s dietary needs.

We should also mention that this recipe also contains flaxseed. Flaxseed has amazing benefits to coat health and immune system because it is filled with both Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

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Holistic Select Natural Dog Food for Basset Hounds

5. Holistic Select Natural Dog Food

About: Holistic is a very popular dog food brand among the dog owners because of their high-quality products.

This dog food is their limited ingredients recipe with extra vitamins and mineral to make sure your Basset Hound gets the most nutrition with the least amount of processing.

Features: The first listed ingredient in this recipe is lamb meal. Lamb meal is mostly animal organs, and it has significant benefits for dogs. Because meat organs are very nutritious, and they are filled with various vitamins and minerals.

As for the carbohydrates, the manufacturer included various grains such as brown rice, white rice, and oatmeal. So, you might want to consider another option if your dog has gluten sensitivity.

If your pooch doesn’t have any issues with digesting gluten, this product can be the right choice because brown rice is the right choice of grain. It is an excellent source of fiber, and it is filled with vitamin B and Vitamin D.

Other than that, this product contains dried beet pulp. It is also a fantastic source of fiber, and that is the reason most vets recommend it.

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Buyer’s Guide

What Should You Look For in a Dog Food?

High-Quality Protein

There are two types of nutrients in food, which are macronutrients and micronutrients. Macronutrients are protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Micronutrients are minerals and vitamins.

Protein is the most important macronutrient for dogs, and Basset Hounds are not an exception. Because, protein is used in the composition of the building blocks of organs, skins, and muscles, and it also provides energy. So, your pooch requires high-quality protein to have a healthy and fulfilling life.

Almost all the dog foods on the market have some amounts of carbohydrates in them, and dog food brands tend to state that dogs are not carnivores but omnivores. That is true, but the fact that dogs are omnivores doesn’t mean that protein is not an essential part of their diet.

Since dogs are evolved from wild wolves, their bodies are adapted to high amounts of protein intake. Since they used to hunt their food, the main protein intake should be from animal protein.

Yes, dogs can also benefit from plant protein as well. Yet, plant protein doesn’t contain all the essential amino acids that your Basset Hound needs.

That is why when buying dog food, animal protein should be the first ingredient that you’re looking.


Most dog owners think that their dog shouldn’t consume fat to avoid becoming overweight. That is not true because fat is a significant part of a dog’s diet, and it has different kinds of functions.

First, such as protein, fat is an excellent source of energy for dogs. The energy that comes from fat is different from protein in the sense that it is slower but denser. That is the reason it is an efficient energy source. Because just like humans, a dog’s body stores the excess energy as fat.

Also, fat is vital for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D, E, and K. Fat is also significant for a healthy and functioning kidney.

Other than that, consuming too much fat is not an issue for dogs because they don’t have cholesterol issues, unlike humans.

Fat intake can only be an issue if your pooch consumes too many calories and doesn’t get enough exercise. In that case, it is possible that consuming fat can make your tail-wagger put a few pounds. So, if that is the case for your Basset Hound, you may want to go for a dog food with low-fat amount.


Dogs are like us in some ways, and they differ from us in other ways. They are like us in the sense that they need protein to have a healthy life. Yet, they differ from us in the sense that they don’t need carbohydrates for their well-being.

But that doesn’t mean carbohydrates should be eliminated from a dog’s diet because carbs can be beneficial for dogs. Yet, some carbohydrates are not good for dogs.

Most vegetables and fruits are very nutritious and they have some health benefits to dogs. The carbs that cause issues for some dogs usually come from grains.

Some dogs have troubles with digesting the gluten found in many grains. So, that can cause issues for them. So, it is best to avoid dog food that contains grain if your Basset Hound has sensitivities to it.

Basset Hound looking at his dog food

What Should You Look Out for In a Dog Food?


Soy and meals with soy products have gained significant popularity in recent years. That is especially true for vegetarians because soy contains a good amount of plant protein.

But, contrary to its popularity, soy causes a lot of controversies. Because 85% of the soybeans harvested in the U.S.A. used to make soy products are genetically modified. That is the same for both the soybeans used in human food and dog food.

Also, soy is hard to digest for most dogs, and that is why it can cause stomach issues. So, if you have the option, it would be the right thing to do to avoid the dog foods that have soy among the ingredients.

Corn Syrup

Corn syrup is glucose syrup made from corn. So, it is essentially processed as sugar. In fact, it has even more glycemic index than sugar, and that is why it raises the blood sugar more than the sugar.

Most dog owners already know that corn syrup is bad for their dogs. But if you don’t exactly know why sugar is bad for your pooch, we will list a few reasons for you.

First, we should mention that dogs are not able to digest sugar as humans do because their bodies are not evolved to have sugar in their diet. So, even in small amounts, sugar is not good for them.

Also, sugar in excessive amounts can cause diabetes, obesity, and depression in dogs. That is why you should always watch out for the amount of sugar that your tail-wagger consumes if you want to avoid any potential late-life issues.

Other than that, you should remember that sugar is addictive. So, the more you feed your Basset Hound food that contains sugar, the more your dog asks. Also, he will develop a palate for all the things that have a sugary sweet.


BHA and BHT are similar preservatives used in various commercial products to prolong the shelf life. They are mostly used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Some countries in the world prohibited their usage in food. But they are still approved for small quantities in countries such as the U.S.A. and Canada.

Yet, even though they are approved in small amounts, those substances are still very concerning. Because BHA is known to be carcinogenic, and some studies show that BHT causes brain tumors in laboratory animals. That is why we always advise you to avoid the dog foods that have BHA or BHT in them.

Basset Hound looking at his dog food


Ethoxyquin is another chemical used in some commercial products that raise concern among the pet owners. Such as BHA/BHT, ethoxyquin is used to preserve the energy source in the fat that is in dog foods.

The main concern about ethoxyquin is the fact that it used to be utilized as a pesticide. We should mention that most experts agree that when used properly, ethoxyquin is not toxic. But we should also say that there is an undeniable link between ethoxyquin and some diseases such as cancer or allergies.

Ethoxyquin is not used directly in dog foods. But that doesn’t rule out the fact that it can be found in some low-quality dog foods.

So, you should always go for the trusted brands in the market to avoid such potential risks.


We already mentioned that the relationship between dogs and grain consumption is not a perfect match sometimes. Gluten is the main reason for that.

Because some dogs have gluten sensitivities, and that is why it can cause wide-ranging issues for them, such as vomiting and diarrhea.

We should mention that not all dogs have issues with digesting gluten, and most of them seem to do fine. But if you notice or already know that your tail-wagger has such condition, you should avoid the dog foods that have gluten in them.

You should keep in mind that while some grains contain gluten, some of them don’t. So, if you have a pooch that has gluten sensitivity going for grains that don’t contain gluten such as brown rice or quinoa would be a good thing to do.


Xylitol is a natural alcohol found in plants. Manufacturers use it as a sugar substitute in commercial products such as toothpaste, candies, and gums.

It is a perfect sugar substitute for humans since it is less harmful. But that is not the case for dogs since xylitol is toxic to dogs. Unlike its effects on humans, xylitol causes a rapid rise in blood sugar, and then it suddenly drops. That might cause a condition called hyperglycemia.

If you see symptoms such as vomiting, extreme fatigue, and coordination lose in your dog; there is a chance that your tail-wagger has eaten something that has xylitol in it. If that is the case for your pooch, you should call your vet immediately.

Conclusion: 5 Best Dog Food for A Basset Hound (2020 Reviews)

Finding the right food can be tricky sometimes. Because there are a lot of different options in the market and it can be hard to find the one that suits your pup’s needs.

That is the reason we want to help out visitors to find the best dog food for their dogs and in this article, we listed the 5 best dog food for a Basset Hound.

We hope that you like our list and our buyer’s guide!

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