Are Huskies Bad with Cats?

Are Huskies Bad with Cats?

Every dog breed has different characteristics depending on what they were bred for originally. Huskies were bred to be sled dogs. They specifically are good at withstanding the harsh weather conditions. Not only the weather conditions were harsh, but also the food options were scarce when they were bred.

Since it was quite difficult to find food in the northern regions, Huskies adapted to the situation by attacking small animals they could find. It is almost impossible for a dog to ignore his instincts without proper training. Therefore, Huskies may attack cats since they are small animals, and that is why there not the best breed to have in the same household with a cat.  

Due to their wild past, Husky pet parents are curious about how they might react to cats. Some pet parents want to adopt a cat, but they do not know what to do because of Huskies’ bad reputation with cats. We will try to clarify the relationship dynamics between Huskies and cats in this article. Let’s have a look.

Your Best Bet is Adopting a Puppy and a Kitten at The Same Time

If you do not have any pets, but considering adopting a Husky and a cat, your best option is to adopt a Husky puppy and a kitten at the same time. Dogs can easily be trained when they are puppies. Even though it is the nature of Huskies to attack small animals, they can co-exist with cats when they are trained properly.

In this case, when you raise them together, they will accept each other much easier, and it will be a normal situation for them to live together. They might even build an amazing relationship where they sleep on each other’s lap and play together.

If You Have a Huskie, Consider Its Age

If you already have a Husky but looking to adopt a cat, your Husky’s age is an essential factor to consider. If your Husky is an old one, it may be difficult for him to accept a new friend, especially a cat. Still, if your dog is well-trained, it may be much easier to introduce a cat.

If you have recently adopted an old Husky, you need to be careful as you may not know his entire history. He might have been abused, which can make him aggressive toward others, especially cats.

If you have a Husky puppy, then as we already mentioned, adopting a kitten is the safest option you have to avoid any problems and to train both of them easily.

All Huskies Cannot Be Bad

Even though Huskies might have a bad reputation when it comes to their relationship with cats, every dog has a different personality. To be fair, Huskies are quite friendly and loving dogs toward humans.

Your dog might be very kind and good toward other animals regardless of his size. In this case, your Husky may get along with a cat much better than other Huskies. It is important that you know how your dog is behaving toward other animals before deciding to adopt a cat.

However, your dog may also be more aggressive compared to other Huskies. While this can be the result of many other things, it may just be your dog’s personality. If your Husky is known to be aggressive, then it might be a better idea not to adopt a cat.

Are Huskies Bad with Cats?

Cats Have Different Personalities

Just because your dog is well-trained, kind and peaceful, it does not mean the cat you will adopt will be the same. Similar to dogs, every cat has a different personality. A cat can be quite affectionate and kind, which will pose no problem.

However, a cat can also be aggressive due to abuse and other factors. In this case, no matter how kind your Husky maybe, he might not be able to get along with such an aggressive cat. Who knows what happens once such a cat scratches your Husky? Ouch.

Huskies Have Wild Instincts

It is always a good idea to consider the wild nature of your Husky. Even though Huskies may be trained, they still have the natural instincts that help them survive in the wild. They were bred to sled and hunt. They are meant to be running and hunting in the wild. Therefore, you can never be sure of when a Husky’s instinct will kick in.

You might already have a very kind Husky and a loving cat living together. Yet, a game of catch between the two of them can easily turn wild, and the Husky might go after the cat. So, don’t rule out the instincts of a Husky.

What to Do?

Even if you have a Husky and a cat, and everything seems to go pretty well, you still should be careful. We recommend that you don’t leave your dog and cat alone. If you are going to be away for a while, then we suggest that you crate your dog as you normally would.

Even though you can also put your cat in a room and close the door, cats do not like to be restricted around the house, and they can become agitated.

You also need to be careful about your Husky’s diet and exercise. Huskies are high-energy dogs due to their nature; they need to run. Make sure that your Husky gets enough exercise daily to prevent any unwanted aggression. Also make sure that your Husky is well-fed consistently to prevent him from looking for an alternative food source, a.k.a. your cat.

Conclusion: Are Huskies Bad with Cats?

Huskies are naturally hyper dogs that were bred to sled and hunt. Due to weather conditions and scarcity of food, they adapted by hunting down small animals. They still tend to chase small animals such as squirrels and cats. If you want to have a Husky and a cat at the same time, the best option is to have a Husky puppy and a kitten and raise them together.

A history of abuse or an aggressive personality of a Husky can all contribute to their behaviour toward cats. However, some Huskies can also have a kind personality and might get along with cats. On the other hand, cats also have different types of personalities which will affect their relationship with a Husky.

While there are so many factors that can contribute to a Husky and a cat’s relationship, it is best to act according to the personalities of each animal and take the natural instincts of Huskies into consideration.

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