Best Bedding for Puppies

Best Bedding for Puppies (2020 Reviews)

Puppies are adorable. No one on this planet cannot resist the cute looks of a puppy. When you adopt a puppy and becomes his/her puppy parent, you will face some challenges. Yes, they are cute. But you need to make them feel comfortable as well. Here, we listed the best bedding for puppies to make these amazing little dogs happy and comfortable.

Choosing bedding for puppies can seem like a challenging task. There are lots of factors to consider when you are trying to find the ideal bed for your puppy. Since they are small and they will grow over time, you need to answer some questions before buying a bed for your puppy.

For example, do you want to use the bed when your puppy gets bigger? Or which puppy breed do you have? Some dog breeds grow enormously. And there is often a large difference between the puppy size and the full-grown up size. But some puppies do not grow that much and they can still use their puppy beds when they are adults.

In addition to this, you need to consider if your dog needs extra warmness. If you are living in a cold climate, your dog might need it. Or if you are living in a hot climate, your dog might need an extra coolness. When you are planning to buy bedding for puppies, all of these questions play an important role.

We all love puppies and we want to make them feel comfortable and protected. For this reason, you must be careful when we are choosing their new bed. So, before picking your puppies bedding, you need to consider all these factors.

Below, you can find our top 5 picks for the best bedding for puppies.

Check our top picks for you to learn more about the best bedding for puppies.

  • Better World Pets Orthopedic Dog Bed
  • PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed & Lounge
  • Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed
  • Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Bed
  • Best Friends by Sheri Cuddler
Snoozer Pet Products
Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Bed
Your puppy will spend a lot of time snuggling and cuddling inside this product. This section gives all the comfort your puppy can need. So, we wanted to add the best cave style for maximum comfort. And you can support the cave with additional cushions to increase the comfort of your puppy even further.
Best Cave Style
Best Friends by Sheri
Best Friends by Sheri Cuddler
When the puppies are really small, they need this extra protection. The bolsters surround the puppies bedding gives the extra protection. This product is the best option for bolsters to provide comfort and safety at the same time. Your puppy will be surrounded by a soft bolster and feel like he is in a protected environment.
Best with Bolsters

Our Top Pick: Better World Pets Orthopedic Dog Bed

About: If you are looking for a super high-quality dog bed for your puppy, Better World Pets Orthopedic Dog Bed is the best product you can have. With 5-inches premium shredded memory foam, this dog bed will remember your dog’s favourite position.

The memory foam gives extra comfort for your puppy. The soft structure of the bed will make your dog comfortable in his/her sleep. Yet, the firmness of the bed increases its durability against hopping and skipping of your lovely dog. With both of these qualities, this puppy bed is one of the best options in the market.

Features: One of the key features of this product is shredded memory foam inside the bedding. As your puppy uses this bed, it will start to take the form of your dog. This way, your puppy can enjoy this amazing bed. Since the shredded memory foam is equally distributed inside the bed, your puppy will be comfortable in any position.

The puppy bedding material of this bed is waterproof. So, you don’t need to worry about the potty training of your puppy. You can just wash the bed in the washing machine and continue to use it as your puppy’s favourite sleeping place.

In addition to this amazing feature, this bedding for puppies has durable material. The material is durable against repeated washing in the washing machines. It also provides high resistance against chewing. This way, when your puppy is in the chewing stage, you can be at ease. Just relax and set your puppy free. Your dog can easily chew the bed and learn how to use his/her teeth.

Runner Up: PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed & Lounge

PetFusion Ultimate Lounge Orthopedic Bolster Cat & Dog Bed
PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed & Lounge
Runner Up

About: This amazing puppies bedding comes with 2.5-inch memory foam. So, the bed will remember your dog and take his/her form while sleeping. Also, PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed & Lounge is designed to support your dog while sleeping. The optimal support can help your puppy to have sweet dreams while he is sleeping.

Features: PetFusion Puppy Bed is specially designed for small dog breeds. So, this puppy bed is an amazing solution for the puppies. The entire bed is surrounded with bolster and there is an entrance area to the bed. This way, your puppy will be safe while he sleeping.

One of the most prominent features of this bedding is water resistance. The bed will not soak any water or liquid spilt on it. This way, you can easily use the bed during puppy toilet training phase. The memory foam material creates a comfortable sleeping environment for your puppy. You can easily wash the bed in your washing machine. The durable foam will give your dog the best performance even after being washed multiple times.

The key feature of this puppy bedding is that the bed has a non-skid bottom. This way, you can easily place the bed on any surface without the fear of skidding. If your flooring is marble, you can easily use this bedding as the non-skid bottom will give you the utmost protection.  Your puppy can jump into this bed with full speed. There will be no skidding.

Best for Budget: Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed
Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed
Best for Budget

About: Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed is amazing bedding for puppies if you have a limited budget. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to get the best bed for your dog. This amazing product has all the necessary features to make your puppy comfortable when he is sleeping. And you can buy your puppy a treat with your savings from this affordable bed.

Features This product has memory foam to support your dog. Also, the memory foam is surrounded by a regular foam to increase the lifecycle of the bed. While the bed itself is not waterproof, it comes with a cover to protect it from water. Also, you can easily wash this cover in the washing machine for quick cleaning. You can use this cover if your dog is still having his toilet training.

We should also mention that this product does not contain any harmful chemicals. The bed is manufactured by using environmentally safe puppy bedding material. None of the harmful materials such as lead is used during the manufacturing of this bed.

Also, the non-skid bottom of the puppy bed will enable you to put the bed anywhere you want. This feature gives your puppy the freedom to run and jump in the bed without any risk of skidding.

Best Cave Style: Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Bed

Snoozer Pet Products
Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Bed
Best Cave Style

About: The cave of a puppy bedding is important for the comfort of your puppy. Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Bed offers you the best cave option on the market. Your dog will be like in a safe castle when he is resting or sleeping in his new bed. The caves are there for the protection of your lovely puppy.

Features: This amazing cave provides the ideal bed temperature for your dog. The Sherpa lining of the puppies bedding will be cozy and warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. All these materials and design are carefully crafted to provide the highest comfort to your new friend.

Also, you can take the outer cover out and wash it in the washing machine. This way, when there are any accidents, you can easily clean the puppy bed. If your dog loves snoozing and spends a lot of time in the bed, this super comfortable cave bedding can be an ideal option for you.

Best with Bolsters: Best Friends by Sheri Cuddler

Best Friends by Sheri
Best Friends by Sheri Cuddler
Best with Bolsters

About: Best Friends by Sheri Cuddler has the best donut-shaped bedding for puppies. The bolsters will give your dog all the protection and support. This super comfy doggy bed comes with extra luxurious items as well.

Features: If you are looking for extra support for your puppy, you will find it with this bed. The pet-friendly materials used in this bed have a safety feature as well. This ultra-warm snuggly puppy bedding is the best option if your puppy loves snuggling.

In addition to the support, the puppy bed is waterproof. Also, the puppy bed cover is washable. So, you can easily let your puppy have fun in his/her puppy bedding. With this bedding for puppies, your puppy will not feel the cold. The protection layer prevents the cold from the ground to reach your puppy.

Buyer’s Guide

As we mentioned before, choosing a puppy bed is never an easy job. There are tens of different factors you need to evaluate before buying your new puppy bed. In fact, most of the factors are related to your puppy’s breed, behaviors, and habits.

All puppies are different. And their bedding should match their unique characteristics. If you want to check other bedding for puppies’ options, you might need to consider a few items. So, we want to summarise some of the top things when you are choosing a puppy bed.

Puppy Size and Breed

The size of your puppy is the most important thing when you are selecting a puppy bed. Some dog breeds such as Pug, French Bulldog or Pomeranian are small dog breeds. For this reason, those puppies tend to be small.

On the other hand, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever or Siberian Husky are relatively larger dog breeds. And their puppies grow large at a fast speed. So, the breed plays a key role in your selection process.


If you have a limited budget, the price of the puppy bed might be your biggest concern. Of course, you can always borrow some of your friend’s bod bed for a while. While this might be a good strategy for a while, your puppy will want his/her own bed.

In this case, you have lots of different options. There are amazing beddings for puppies with superb price and performance ratio. Naturally, you might not get every feature you want with a limited budget. But you can choose the puppy bed model that will give you the best performance for its price.

Puppy Habits

All puppies love jumping up and down, running around and playing. But some dog breeds tend to be more energetic than others. In this case, any dog product you purchase must be resistant to an energetic puppy.

And this is true for your new puppy bed as well. When you are choosing a puppy bedding material, you might consider the durability of the material. While some beddings for puppies are highly durable against chewing, others might not have the best performance against this habit. So, try to get to know your puppy for a while before giving him/her the new bed.

Puppy Comfort

We all want our puppy to be comfortable and happy. Today, there are different puppy bed models with extra cushion support. Also, memory foam beds are highly popular among dog parents. These beds can be shaped according to the shape of your puppy. And this gives them extra comfort. In addition to these, there are special beds designed to ease certain dog diseases such as arthritis.

Better World Pets Orthopedic dog bed
Better World Pets Orthopedic Dog Bed
our top pick

Puppy Bedding Design

The puppy bedding design is important in many aspects. First and most importantly, bolstered design can give your puppy extra safety. Especially when they really small, that extra safety can help them to injure themselves.

Also, some dogs love warm more than others. In this case, a warm and cozy cave can be a better choice. Another important thing about the design is related to space. If you have a large puppy, you might need a bit more space when you are choosing beddings for puppies.


This is important for puppy parents rather than the puppies. Of course, there will be a mess and dirt when you are living with a puppy. And there will be certain problems during the toilet training. So, if you want to experience fewer problems with water and other liquids, it is better to choose a bed that can be washed in the washing machine.

Some beds can be completely washed in the washing machine. On the other hand, you can only wash the cover of the bed not the entire bed in others.

Types of Beddings for Puppies

When you are choosing to bed for puppies, the other most important thing is the type of bed. There are different types of puppy beds. And each type will be ideal for different dog breeds. If you purchase the correct bedding type for your puppy, you can make your best friend comfortable.

For this reason, we have listed some of the most common puppies bedding types to make the selection process easier for you. When choosing a bed for your puppy, you can consider one of these bed options to make your puppy more comfortable.

The most important point in choosing a bedding type for your puppy is your puppy’s breed, energy level, and size. These three factors play a huge role in the bed selection process.

Nest Type Puppy Beds

Nest beds are different than the standard dog beds. In these types of beds, there is extra protection around the sleeping area for maximum safety. The bed is surrounded either with bolsters or rims. And extra safety is important for puppies.

These bolsters will prevent the puppy from falling when he is sleeping. The bolster on one side is slightly lower than the other three sides. Your puppy can enter the nested bed by using this slightly lower bolster the side. Also, the nest puppy beds tend to have a more comfortable inner lining to give a sense of protection. Puppies get used to the bolsters in no time.

Heated Puppy Beds

If you are living in a cold climate, keeping your puppy is extremely important. During the winter, the floor can be colder than ever. And if you are keeping the puppy bed on the floor, this means your dog might get cold.

But there is a simple solution to this problem. You can opt for one of the heated puppy beds to keep your puppy warm. Also, if your puppy is a new-born, you might need bedding with heating. They love the heat and they will be comfortable until they reach a certain age.

Better World Pets Orthopedic dog bed
Better World Pets Orthopedic Dog Bed
our top pick

Donut Type Puppy Beds

Donut puppy beds are the most popular form of dog bedding. You can find one of these beds almost anywhere. While they are similar to bested puppy beds, donut beds have an equal level of bolsters around the bed.

If your puppy is really small, he might struggle to climb inside the donut bed on his own. Until he grows a bit, you might need to help him to reach his sleeping place. And donut puppy beds look really cute.

Covered Puppy Beds

Covered puppy beds are normal bedding for puppies with an extra cover on the bed. This cover can give privacy to your puppy if the puppy is afraid of the surrounding. Also, the cover can provide extra warmth during the cold weather. 

Covered beds might be advantageous when you are traveling with your dog in your car as well. If your puppy is afraid of the carrying box, you can use one of these covered puppy beds to carry him to the vet or another place. While it is not a long-term solution, it might be a good option in the transition period.

Benefits of Proper Bedding for Puppies

Just like us, puppies need a good sleep. And for this reason, they need comfortable and correct bedding. When you purchase the right bedding for your puppy, you can immediately notice that your friend is more energetic. The benefits of proper bedding for puppies will help you to understand why the bed is important.

Healthy Puppies

A proper bedding selection will contribute to the health of the puppies. Like all other living creatures, puppies need to rest to grow. And a good night sleep is one of the key ways for this rest. When you choose proper bedding, your puppy will sleep well. This way, your puppy can show healthy growth progress. 

Extra Warmness

Another benefit of choosing a property bedding is the extra warmness it provides to the puppies. When the puppies are new-borns, they cannot generate the heat they need to survive on their own. In this process, their mother will provide the warmness they need. But there is something you can do as well. If you buy them warm bedding, both the mother and the puppies can experience a better growth period.

Increased Comfort

Good bedding for puppies will make your puppy feel comfortable. When he is sleeping, he will feel like he is up on the clouds. And good sleep is necessary for the development of your puppy.

So, comfort can be listed as one of the most important benefits of choosing the proper bed for your dog. When your dog is comfortable, you can have more playtime with him/her as well. As a puppy parent, you will see the difference in a comfortable bed for your puppy.

Conclusion: 5 Best Bedding for Puppies (2020 Reviews)

Puppies love running and playing all day long. And after a long play day, they need to rest and refuel their energy for the next day. To do that, they need comfortable and warm puppy beds. In this article, we listed the 5 best beddings for puppies to help you with your bed selection.

You can also use our buyer’s guide to explore other puppy bed options. The important thing is to find the most comfortable bed for your new best friend. With this extensive list, we gave you the best tips we have about the beddings for puppies.

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