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5 Best Dog Beds For Great Danes (2020 Reviews)

Great Danes are known for their gentleness, friendliness and not to mention, giant body. Even though their massive size is what makes them distinguished and one of a kind, it might cause some problems sometimes. Knocking over things, not being able to be a lap dog (though we know that they still love trying it) and not being able to fit into every car are the first ones come to mind. Finding a dog bed that suits them is another one, so, to make your life easier, we prepared a list for you of the five dog beds that we think would be best for Great Danes.

The size was not the only criteria when we were making our selections. We also considered other needs of Great Danes.

For instance, being a giant dog breed might be a reason for some injuries to occur. Also, cold is not Great Danes’ best friend.

So, not just buying a regular dog bed, but consider a lot of different factors when making your purchase is essential.

To help you with that process, let’s first check our picks and then we’ll give you a buyer’s guide to make your life easier when making your decision.

5 Best Dog Beds For Great Danes

Laifug Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed For Great Danes

1. Laifug Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

Laifug makes some great dog beds, and this memory foam bed is not an exception. Even though it is mixed with regular foam and not 100% memory foam, it is very comfortable and will provide more than enough comfort for your pup when it is sleeping on it.

This bed is also waterproof, so if your Great Dane has incontinence issues, this bed might be a good option for you. This bed’s surprising level of resilience to fluids will make your life easier if that is the case for your dog.

The bed comes in two sizes, medium and large. However, considering their sizes, large is the only appropriate option for Great Danes.

This bed looks simple but very cool. So, each of the 5 colors the bed comes in will look excellent with the décor in your house.

Considering that it is a memory foam bed, this bed is durable enough and will be resistant to any mild scratching or chewing.

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Five Diamond Memory Foam Dog Bed For Great Danes

2. Five Diamond Memory Foam Dog Bed:

This bed is made of micro-suede material, which makes it more durable than our other selections. Micro-suede is also very easy to wipe and clean, so you will not have a lot of problems with maintaining this bed.

The material of the bed really comes with a lot of advantages, it is also really good at hiding any fur and hair. In case there is some left on the bed, it can be vacuumed easily.

Filling used in this bed is memory foam. However, it is worth noting that it is not solid memory foam but shredded memory foam instead. Although a shredded memory foam bed will definitely provide enough comfort and an excellent sleeping experience for your dog, if your Great Dane has sore joints or muscles, you might want to choose a solid memory foam bed, such as, Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed, which is also in our list.

It comes in 8 different colors so you can match it off with the furniture in your house, in whatever room you want to place it. This dog bed also comes in 4 different sizes, and the largest one will be suitable for Great Danes.

We should also mention that this bed is waterproof, and it is one of the best dog beds for Great Danes that has bladder issues.

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Best Friends by Sheri Fur Donut Cuddler Great Danes

3. Best Friends by Sheri Fur Donut Cuddler

If you think that donut style beds are only for the small breeds, you’re wrong. If your Great Dane loves to sleep in curled up a position, this dog bed might be the best option for you. Because this is a self-warming bed, and your pop will be able to stay warm while it is resting its head on its bed.

Great Danes are not fond of cold too much, so there is a chance that your pup will not want to get out of this dog bed most of the time in cold seasons. The bed will make your tail-wagger feel warm, comfortable, and secure in its own personal space.

However, it might not be the best choice for the dogs that love to sleep on their sides by laying out to their full length. For such dogs, flatbeds with or without a bolster would be a better choice.

We should mention, just like any other foam beds, this bed will not stand a chance if you have a pup that has chewing habits.

The bed comes in two different colors and four sizes; the largest size will be a suitable choice for your pup.

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4. Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed:

Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed is a trendy dog bed around the owners of giant breeds, and it has some valid reasons for that. This is an all around, good quality bed for every large dog.

It is made of 7″ of very high-quality memory foam. There is also a bolster on this dog bed for Great Danes to rest their heads on. So, don’t be surprised if your dog just can’t get enough of this bed.

This bed comes in 3 different sizes and 4 different colors as well. So, you can get the proper size for your dog and the best matching color for your place.

The seller guarantees that the bed will not flatten over time and gives a 10-year guarantee for the bed, stating that it will preserve 90% of its shape.

As you expect from a bed of this quality, it comes with removable and washable covers. Although as somewhat surprisingly, it does not have a non-slip bottom and with a large dog like Great Dane, you might need one, especially if you have hardwood floors.

That said, this is one of the most expensive dog beds in the market. So, this is like getting a California king bed for your tail-wagger. That is not to say that they don’t deserve it. If you have the budget, this is indeed one of the best dog beds for giant breeds like Great Danes.

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PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed

5. PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed

This bed is made from 4″ memory foam and one of the best dog beds for Great Danes who have arthritis or hip dysplasia. Because it will provide soothing comfort for their muscles and relieve their pain if they have any.

Moreover, it has bolsters all around the bed, and it will give your pup a chance to be able to sleep in different positions as it pleases. This bed’s jumbo size is designed explicitly for giant breeds like Great Danes. Thus, it will be a perfect fit for your pup.

We should mention that the cover of this bed is removable and washable. However, bolsters are attached to the bed, so they are not removable.

The bed comes in three different colors: chocolate brown, sandstone, and slate gray. All of them will suit your house perfectly. Also, unlike Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed, it has a non-skid bottom to prevent any accidents from happening during the playtime, if you have a wooden or marble floor.

Lastly, the seller provides a 24-month warranty for any kinds of manufacturer defects.

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Buyer’s Guide

Things To Look For When Getting Your Great Dane A Dog Bed

Memory Foam Filling

Hip dysplasia often manifests itself in larger dog breeds, and Great Danes fit the bill. Symptoms such as pain or signs of discomfort while exercising, running with a bunny hop and loss of muscle tone in the back legs can mean that your dog has hip dysplasia.

If you have a pup that has hip dysplasia or you suspect that it has orthopedic issues, memory foam dog beds are probably the best option for your dog.

Because not just only for hip dysplasia, memory foam dog beds are also very successful at reducing the pain that is caused by sore joints, muscles, and arthritis.

Heating Feature

Because of their subcutaneous fat layer and skin, Great Danes do not tolerate the cold weather well. They can get cold quickly in the winter, and they should not be left outside for long periods.

They would probably prefer to stay in the house, get a sweater that will keep them warm and sip on their warm water and watch the snow falling down, rather down being in it anyway. Getting one of the heating dog beds for Great Danes makes sense to be able to warm them up in those cold days.

Not only they will feel very comfortable and cozy in it, but also you will reduce the risk of them getting hypothermia to a great extent.

Non-Skid Bottom

Have we already mentioned that Great Danes are huge creatures? It is one of the things that make them astoundingly beautiful to look at. However, sometimes, size might create problems, especially in the house. As mentioned above, Great Danes are famous for knocking things down with their tails, and well, knocking things down generally.

Although Great Danes are known for generally being calm inside the house, getting one of the dog beds that have a non-skid bottom may be a sensible thing to do, especially if you have wooden or marble floors. Because playing fetch with a Great Dane inside a house might feel like a horse is running around inside.

Adding that a bed that is sliding might actually be very dangerous. That is why a non-skid bottom is one of the features that you should take into consideration when making your purchase.

Bolsters Are A Bonus

Being tall and big might have some advantages in life. However, fitting into places is not one of them. So, finding a comfortable bed is not that easy for Great Danes, not to mention finding a bed that they can rest their heads on.

That is why bolsters might be considered as a luxury when buying a dog bed for Great Danes because they are elusive. However, some Great Danes just love resting their heads on their dog beds for hours. So, looking for a dog bed with a bolster with should be one of the things that you should take into consideration if your dog loves to sleep on its side.

Conclusion: 5 Best Dog Beds For Great Danes (2020 Reviews)

Getting a bed for giant breeds might be a tough thing to do. Because, most of the dog beds are designed for smaller breeds and people have questions when getting beds for large dogs, such as Great Danes.

Therefore, we created a list of the best dog beds that would suit the best for your Great Dane and also prepared you a buyer’s guide for the things that you should take into consideration when making your purchase.

We hope that you were able to find what you’re looking for among our selections and the guide was helpful for you!

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