Best Dog Beds for Jeep (2020 Reviews)

Traveling might be difficult for some dog owners because you cannot just leave a dog by himself while driving a car. A proper method of restraining is required. Many vets have witnessed dangerous and inappropriate methods of restraints used on dogs. That is why the first step to travel with your dog should be getting him a car bed.

If you have a jeep and a dog, then eventually you will need a dog bed that can both fit your car and comfort your dog. In this article, we collected 5 best dog beds for Jeep.

Choosing a car bed for your Jeep and your dog might be a hard task, so let us help you with our selections of dog beds:

  • Our Top Pick: LTY Dog Car Seat Puppy Booster Seat Pet Travel Car Carrier Bed
  • Runner Up: A4Pet Pet Lookout Booster Car Seat
  • Best for Budget: AmazonBasics Warming Pet Bed For Cats or Dogs
  • Best for Small Breeds: Utouol Dog Car Seat
  • Best for Two Dogs: Petsfit Dog Car Booster Seat for Medium to Large Dogs with 2 Tethers, Take 2 Seats

Our Top Pick: LTY Dog Car Seat Puppy Booster Seat Pet Travel Car Carrier Bed

About: You can install this Puppy Booster Seat in many car types because it comes with adjustable buckles. Since it is suitable for many car types, you do not have to worry whether the dog bed you will order online will suit your Jeep or not.

Features: The material that the dog bed you are going to buy for your dog is extremely important. LTY Dog Car Seat is made out of Oxford cloth, so it is the perfect material to keep your pooch warm and comfy.

Oxford cloth is a very sturdy fabric, so you can be sure that this dog bed is going to be ultra-resistant to wear and tear. However, there are a few customers who complained about the quality of zippers.

This product can ensure the safety of your dog. While your dog is kept in one place for the whole ride, you can make sure that you are not distracted from driving.

This dog car seat is easy to wash in the machine, and you can use it inside a dog kennel as well.

Adjustable buckles
Storage bags on both sides
Easy cleaning
Quality of zippers

Runner Up: A4Pet Pet Lookout Booster Car Seat

About: A4Pet Pet Lookout Booster Car Seat can support pets of any kind up to 300 lbs. So, that makes this product perfect for medium to large dogs if you are looking for a Jeep car seat for your canine companion.

Features: If your pet likes to watch the road while traveling, this car seat for Jeep can elevate your dog 6.5 inches high above the seat. Also, this one comes with side storage pockets so you can keep your pet’s stuff with him all the time.

However, you might have a difficult time trying to install this product because there is literally no information on how to put it in your car. But, you can be sure that once you install it correctly, your dog will be as safe as he can during the car travels.

This product is also foldable and machine washable, so it is very easy to store it and clean it.

Perfect for medium to large sized dogs
Can support up to 300 lbs
Size storage pockets
Elevates your dog so he can watch the road
There is no instruction on how to install

Best for Budget: AmazonBasics Warming Pet Bed For Cats or Dogs

About: This one is a self-warming dog bed that uses your canine companion’s body heat and reflects it.  If you are planning to use this one in and out of the car, it is the perfect dog bed for chilly nights.

Features: AmazonBasics Warming Pet Bed For Cats or Dogs is covered in faux sherpa fleece and supple corduroy, which are very strong and sturdy fabrics that can also keep your dog cozy and warm during the travels in your Jeep. That is the reason why this dog bed does not require any electricity source.

In addition, this product is very easy to spot clean. Just take a damp cloth and you are good to go! However, we have very bad news. You cannot wash this dog car seat at all, and that is a huge disadvantage. Still, if you are planning to use it only occasionally, it might be the cheapest option you can have.

It might look like a small car seat, but it is large enough to support a dog that is small to medium in size. If you are looking for a cheap option to place in your Jeep, give this a try.

Self-warming dog bed
Faux sherpa
No electricity required
Can be spot cleaned
Cannot be washed

Best for Small Breeds: Utouol Dog Car Seat

About: This booster seat is made for puppies and small breeds. You can install it in the car’s front seat or rear seats based on your preference.

Features: If your dog has lots of stuff of his own, this product has storage bags on both sides, which you can use to hold your pooch’s daily necessities on the way.

In addition, Utouol Dog Car Seat is made with an adjustable buckle design. With that, you can easily install it on most standard car seats. It makes it suitable for a variety of car types, including your jeep.

However, this one is not suitable for chewers. If your dog has his destructive habits, we do not recommend getting this product for him. Other than that, it is made of oxford cloth material: the perfect one for keeping small dogs warm and comfortable. This fabric type is also a very strong one so it is resistant to wear and tear.

Machine Washable
Perfect for puppies and small breeds
Has storage bags on both sides
Made with an adjustable buckle design
Not for chewers

Best for Two Dogs: Petsfit Dog Car Booster Seat for Medium to Large Dogs with 2 Tethers, Take 2 Seats

About: Your pups being safe in the care has utmost priority. Petsfit Dog Car Booster Seat for Medium to Large Dogs is a very safe and strong dog bed for two dogs, and you can be sure that it will keep your dogs in their place the whole time.

Features: For starters, Petsfit Dog Car Booster Seat for Medium to Large Dogs is the safest dog bed for two dogs you can find. The manufacturer uses a seat belt goes through the back of the booster that keeps the seat in place; and another adjustable strap goes through the car headrest enhances stability during the rides.

This product is relatively easy to clean because the plush liner can be removed and washed in the machine. You can use the side with the plush for cold winter days and the plain side for normal days.

A few users complained about the quality of the zippers, though. If you are concerned about it, we recommend taking a good look at this product more in detail.

Seat Belt
Large enough
Solid structure
Easy to carry and storage
Quality of the zippers is not good

Buyer’s Guide

What to Consider When Buying a Dog Car Seat?

Apart from buying a dog bed, buying a dog car seat might be a lot harder because you have two things to consider: your dog and your car. A dog car seat or in other names, booster seat, should have a few important features that you should be looking for. Here is what to consider when you want to buy one.


Size of the booster seat you are about to buy is very important for your dog. It is important to get the one that fits your dog’s measurements perfectly. If it is too small for him, he will feel uncomfortable. You might not be able to keep your dog in the seat and it would be really dangerous for everybody in the car.

If it is too large for your dog, that is still a big problem. Because big car seats are unsafe for dogs and leaves them at the risk of getting injured. The size of a perfect dog car seat should be able to give your dog enough place to sit or lay down. If there is a seat belt, it should also fit perfectly. Not too tight or not too loose.


There are a few ways that dog car seats work on how they secure themselves on the seat. One of the most common security methods of dog car seats is with two belts. One of them wraps around the back of the seat while the other wraps around the headrest.

Another but not very common method of dog car seat security type is when the dog car seat has a hole to insert in the car’s seat belt. They typically attach to the car’s seat belt holder.

Either type is perfectly fine. Deciding which one to buy depends completely on your preference and your car.

Height of the Seat

Height of the dog bed actually does not matter if you will be using it only for the purpose of security and  restraint. However, if you choose a dog car seat that adds a little bit of height, your pup will definitely be happier because he will be able to see out of the window.

Materials, Color, Design

Before finally deciding to buy your dog’s car seat, make sure that you will be fine with the way it looks in your car. If it does not please you aesthetically, it might be a bad idea to buy it just because of some other reason.

Also, checking the measurements of the dog car seat is very important. You cannot use a dog bed that cannot fit into your car anyways. But, make sure that it is also large enough for your dog to lay down comfortably.

If you do not like the colors and the design, you will be less likely to use it in the car. Make sure you get the one you like!

Conclusion: Best Dog Beds for Jeep (2020 Reviews)

We are hoping that you get the idea of what to look for in a dog car seat for your jeep and your canine friend after reading our reviews of the 5 best dog beds for jeep. We are sure that you will be able to get the best one for your pup after reading our buyer’s guide.

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