Best Dog Beds for the Back of Your Truck or SUV (2020 Reviews)

If you have been in search of a dog bed before, you must know how demanding picking the right dog bed for your dog might be. Buying dog beds require note-taking and filtering among the choices to make it fit for your dog. However, buying a dog bed for the house and for the truck might differ.

Buying a dog bed especially for the back of a truck requires more work than buying one for your house, and we cannot say that the latter one is easy. It is a hard task because your dog will not feel the same on a bed when you drive. Laying on dog beds at home is different than sleeping on it while riding on the truck.

That is why we wanted to review some of the best dog beds for this purpose. You can find all kinds of dog beds for the back of trucks for differing reasons: from the best one to ‘for two dogs’ options.

Let’s take a look at our selections of best dog beds for the back of your truck and try to ease your task.

  • Our Top Pick: Doggie World Dog Car Seat Cover
  • Runner Up: VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover Protector
  • Best for Budget: K&H PET PRODUCTS Travel/SUV Pet Bed
  • Best for Two Dogs: Petsfit Dog Car Booster Seat
  • Best for Small Dogs: K&H Pet Products Bucket Booster Pet Sea

Our Top Pick: Doggie World Dog Car Seat Cover

About: This dog bed for the back of your truck will definitely fit your truck or SUV because it fits nearly all of the brands out there. It can also prevent slipping during the rides to make dogs feel more comfortable and have a smooth ride.

Features: This dog bed will prevent your car seats from getting scratched and dirty while providing comfort and safety for your dog. Even if you want to ride with your dog in short distances, this product will help to keep the dirt and mud away that he can carry on his paws.

Placing the dog bed in the right way is also very important, so you would make sure that the dog bed you get for the back of your truck or SUV is easy to install. Luckily, our top pick is. It takes only a few seconds to install this product. That is how easy it is. You can keep the cover in place with the easy to install straps.

Another feature that we liked about this dog bed is you can wash the entire thing in the machine, and that saves a lot of work for you. It is definitely easier than cleaning the whole back seat area of your truck.

This dog hammock is also made of the best water-resistant material out there. However, they do not give up on comfort just to make this bed waterproof. The bed’s stitches are very strong, but it is also cozy enough to enjoy a ride. Because it is filled with fluffy stuffing to make dogs feel secure.

However, the bed itself might not be very strong if you have a dog or dogs that show destructive behavior such as chewing and ripping things. It might not be safe to ride with a dog showing these behaviors anyways.

Your money is guaranteed by the company with a satisfaction guarantee. The company claims that if you are not satisfied with the product, you can get your money back with no questions asked.

Runner Up: VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover Protector

About: If your dog loves to play in mud and dirt as soon as he hops out of the truck, this waterproof seat cover will protect your seats. The hi-tech fabric that the cover is made of acts as a strong barrier.

Features: What caught our eye first was that this dog bed is created with four layers. It is topped with waterproof cotton. The second layer is a waterproof cotton material, followed by a third PA waterproof coating. The fourth layer is anti-slip rubber, which makes the bed sty in place while you drive.

What these layers are for is they act as a barrier between your truck seats and dog. This topping will not let any liquid to touch your seats while making your dog as comfortable as he can be in the backseat of your truck or SUV.

However, the size option of the cover made for trucks is only one. So, it means that the one-size might not fit all. It is best to contact the company to get exact measurements to see if it will cover the back seat of your truck or SUV.

The Active Pets dog seat covering is made of super simple to clean products.  It is designed with a luxurious waterproof cloth and a waterproof middle coat.  So your seats should stay clean no matter what. If your dog messes up the cover, just rub with a damp cloth or vacuum it and it will be fresh again within a minute.

The company provides a risk-free money-back guarantee for the customers. It shows how Active Pets support their own product. If you decide that this back seat cover for truck or SUV is not satisfactory, you can give it back within 3 years to get your money back. Just call customer service.

Best for Budget: K&H PET PRODUCTS Travel/SUV Pet Bed

About: K&H is a great company when it comes to dog beds for trucks. It has an extensive line of products to serve every need of customers. This dog bed is specially made to make traveling with your pets easier and safer while making it possible to protect your car’s seats.

Features: Bolsters are really important, especially if you are going to buy a dog bed for the back seat of your truck. Let’s admit that rides in the trucks are not the most comfortable things in the world. So, these water-resistant bolsters will both provide comfort and relaxation for your dog and protect the seats from the liquids.

The anti-slip bottom for the dog beds is especially necessary for the ones made for trucks because not only that anti-slip rubber will stop the bed from slipping around, it will also provide stability. It will make the ride in the car smoother for your pup.

It seems like you cannot wash the entire bed, but it comes with a removable cover to make the cleaning easier. You can put the cover in both the washing and drying machine. This bed also has a matching car seat cover available if you want to furnish your car a little bit more aesthetically.

Yet, the outside fabric seems so be thin for the dogs that have chewing and destructive habits. Since the fabric is not very strong, those pups with sharp teeth and naughty attitude will definitely find a way to damage it. The bolsters and the stuffing of the bed have tufting to keep the premium polyfill stuffing in place.

The K&H company also provides a 1-year warranty for its customers. If you change your mind or your dog damages the bed, you can change it within the first year of your purchase.

Best for Two Dogs: Petsfit Dog Car Booster Seat

About: Taking care of two dogs always means double trouble for the parent. If your priority for your dogs is safety, space, sturdiness, and weight; then this dog bed for the back of a truck or SUV will definitely meet all the needs.

Features: Petsfit really values the safety of your pet and wants them to have the best time during their ride. For safety reasons, this dog bed has several belts and seat belt places.

Firstly, the seat belt goes through the back of the booster and helps to keep the dog bed in place. Another adjustable belt goes through the car headrest, which will eventually enhance stability. There are also two tethers to ensure dogs in the booster seat.

However, some customers said that no matter how many belts this dog bed has, it does not seem to be fastened to the seat as tightly as they want. If you will feel uncomfortable driving with a dog bed like that, you should look for another option.

As we said before, two dogs mean double of everything. That must include the bed, you probably thought. But that is not true. This dog bed is large enough to support two dogs with ease. Because it has a solid structure that will definitely amaze you.

Another thing that you will probably be amazed about this dog bed is that it is to so easy to carry around. You can literally carry it back home and your truck every time you go for a ride with your dog.

Another thing that we found very beneficial is that the bed has some extra height to it, which helps the small pups and dogs to see through the window and watch that amazing scenery.  So, you do not have to carry your small dogs in your lap to make him see all the good stuff.

Best for Small Dogs: K&H Pet Products Bucket Booster Pet Seat

About: Small dogs miss all the fun of the truck rides because they are so small and cannot see outside. This K&H elevated dog bed will make sure your little dog will see every exciting thing of nature!

Features: Poor small dogs who love car rides. They cannot even see outside. Is that what you think about your little pup? This dog car seat will provide extra height to your dog to see through from the windows of your truck to have the fun of riding.

There might be many reasons that you should not drive with your dog inside your truck. Getting distracted is definitely one of them. However, this dog bed claims that your pet will be seated in one place: in a bed that he cannot cause distractions for you.

The bed itself has two adjustable security leashes. That is definitely a pro for us because we have seen some dog beds for trucks that do not have any attachment tools to keep it in place. However, even though there are leashes, they might not be enough to completely lock the bed in the back seat.

If you want extra security and completely lock your dog down in the place, you might consider getting more leashes and belts for that purpose. Since this dog bed is very small and designed for small dogs, it can fit almost all seats. Meaning that you can even place it on the front seat to monitor your dog more.

Other handy qualities that we have liked are the cover being removable and washable. Had an accident involving any kind of liquid in your car? Remove the cover and wash it in the machine. Easy as it is.

Buyer’s Guide

Allowing your dog to ride at the back of your truck is not safe. We have heard that many pet parents tend to let their dogs by themselves in the back of the car while they drive. That is definitely not a good idea at all. Because the seating of your car, truck, or SUV, will not provide enough protection for your dog, leading to possible injuries or even death.

But it is not always possible to do the right thing, and sometimes you have to ride with your dog somewhere you have to go. And to make this riding a lot safer, you need to get a dog bed that fits your truck or SUV. We are not saying that this dog bed that you will install in your car will save your dog in case of an accident.

However, dog beds for the back of your truck are not completely useless. They protect dogs in the trucks against road debris and inclement weather. It will also do an amazing job of keeping your active dog from jumping around in the truck.

Also, try to not let your dog unattended in your car because dog beds or even your car cannot protect your dog from evil people or curious children. Pet theft is a thing. There are people who would attempt to steal your dog. Also, curious kids can try to pet your dog through the open window and got bitten by him.

When is it safe to ride with my dog?

As we mentioned before, riding with your dog at the backseat in your truck is very dangerous and risky. But there are very some situations where you might ride with your dog safely.

If you are driving in rural areas: If you only drive with your dog in farmlands and remote dirt roads, there is a relatively low chance of traffic accidents. So, we can say that it is safe to drive with your dog sitting on his dog bed at the back seat in rural areas. However, you have to be extra careful if you get help from your dog when you hunt and he has to sniff around at the back.

If you are driving with a search-and-rescue dog: If you are a professional working with a dog, and you are traveling around limited-access areas, you and your dog can be safe riding in your truck. But, a dog bed is an absolute necessity no matter what.

Also, such professions should be using SUV instead of trucks. In addition, extra care and protection preventions should be taken in SUV. Dogs should be transported in beds, no matter if in truck or SUV.

If you are a private property farmer: If you are a private property farmer and your dog loves you tag along when you do your farming stuff, it might be safe to drive with him providing that you will drive mostly in empty public roads. In any case, make sure that you put him in a truck or SUV bed to prevent unexpected jumpings.

Basically, driving with your dog will not be safe in any kind of situation because you cannot foresee what he might do out of excitement. Even in an empty road, you can bump into a tree or a road sign if he starts to jump around you. That is why a dog bed that can keep him contained is a good way of preventing such accidents.

Things to look for when buying a dog bed for the back of your truck or SUV

As we have said many times before, driving with your dog is dangerous. So, you really have to do some research and look for some essential features when picking the right dog bed for the back of your truck. Because your and your dog’s safety is very important.

We recommend that you look for a dog bed for the back of your truck that has these features and characteristics:

Security: A truck bed might not be the best secure place to put your dog in your car while driving. However, we can definitely say that it is much safer than letting him do whatever he wants in the back seat. Even the most basic dog bed for the back of your truck will protect your dog against road debris.

Also, a dog bed with belts and heightened bolsters will also help to keep your dog in place. So, he will not be jumping around with excitement in the truck and cause distractions for you. Also, do not forget to not leave your dog unattended in the truck. If you have to, lock the doors so you can protect him against pet theft.

Durability: Dog beds are not something you can use to prevent damage to your dog in terms of a car crash. But, if you choose to drive with your dog, you have to provide the best protection possible. For that reason, the dog bed you pick for the back of your truck or SUV should be durable enough to at least manage some damage.

The bed will be exposed to road debris and such, so make sure that it will last you and your dog a long time. Getting a strong stitched dog bed or even a waterproof one will provide it to be long-lasting.

Pick the right size for your dog: Make sure the size of the crate you select is right. Ultimately, you want your dog to be able to lie down, stand up and turn around the inside of the bed, but you do not want him to have any more space than that. Soi he cannot cause distractions in the car.

Tie-down pins: Tie-down pins offer a spot for fastening the straps used in the purchase of the bed. They are not strictly important as you can strap down truck beds in a number of different ways. But tie-down pins are usually built into the bed frame and they offer additional protection.

Elevated beds: Not all dogs are tall enough to see outside. If you pick a dog bed that has some elevated height to make your small or medium-sized dog see outside, we are sure that he will get the most fun he can get from the truck rides. We believe that this is especially a necessity for small dogs because the interior of the car might make them feel depressed if they cannot see what is going on outside.

Conclusion: Best Dog Beds for the Back of Your Truck or SUV (2020 Reviews)

When buying a dog bed for the back of a truck, the things that pet parents should look for increases. The perfect dog bed for the back of your truck or SUV for your pet first, but it must also provide sufficient to protect your back seat against damages.

Another important qualities are waterproof material and being compatible with seatbelts. But those features are not all of the ones that you should be careful about. We wanted to show you what are the important things you should be aware of when picking a dog bed for the back of your truck or SUV

We hope you find this article helpful, and the dog bed that both your dog and car loves! It is no easy task after all.

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