Best Dog Food for American Eskimos (2020 Reviews)

Just like any other dog needs to have quality dog food in their diet, American Eskimos also require to eat American Eskimo dog food that will meet up their specific needs. If you have a American Eskimos or if you are planning to adopt one, you are probably wondering how to feed your dog and what to take into consideration.

In this article, we will review some products and touch upon some important points that you might need to consider when buying American Eskimo dog food in our Buyer’s Guide. Make sure to check out that part, too!

Top 5 American Eskimo dog food for American Eskimos before we start our article:

  • Our Top Pick: Canidae All Life Stages Dog Food
  • Runner Up: Blue Buffalo Dog Food
  • Best for Budget: Rachael Ray Nutrish Dry Dog Food
  • Best with Multiple Protein Sources: Nutro Ultra Large Breed Dog Food
  • Best with Seafood: Diamond Naturals Skin & Coat Dog Food

Our Top Pick: Canidae All Life Stages Dog Food

About: Irrespective of your dog’s age and size, this formula is perfect for your American Eskimo. If you already have another dog and just want to stick with a certain product, Canidae All Life Stages would be a perfect choice for you.

Features: The formula of this product was generated by the vets, so it is the best choice if you have trust issues when it comes to dog food. Since people who know what they do has contributed to this product, it is filled with nutrition in every bite.

What we like the most about Canidae is that they never use any filler, wheat, corn, or soy. However, it does not change the fact that they use grains in their recipe which might cause digestive problems.

Other than that, it is supported with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids along with probiotics.

Runner Up: Blue Buffalo Dog Food

About: As the first component in this product, Blue Buffalo üuses actual meat. Along with that, their food is often combined with real meat, fruit, and vegetables of high quality.

Features: With its glucosamine and chondroitin, Blue Life Safety Formula dog food is for large breed dogs especially, because they are aiming to help meet the special needs of your American Eskimo.

This product also comes with Blue Buffalo’s exclusive life source bits which are a combination of various vitamins and minerals along with probiotics. This product comes in 30 lbs bag which is a pro for us if you are planning to feed it to your dog for longer periods of time.

However, you should keep in mind that it is a pretty heavy bag and your dog might get tired of the taste. In addition, this product is 100% the USA made, so you can rest assured of its quality.

Best for Budget: Rachael Ray Nutrish Dry Dog Food

About: The first component of this dog food is real U.S. farm-raised chicken. It is followed by grains, fruits, and veggies such as peas, cranberries, and carrots, so it is a very nutrient-dense alternative for the ones on a budget.

Features: This dog food comes in a 40 lbs bag at an affordable price, which could last for a month. Chicken meal is the first ingredient of this recipe, which is a great source of glucosamine and chondroitin. Those are especially required for large breeds because they support joint health.

This product is good for pet parents who are on a budget, but overall, it lacks some quality ingredients that you can find in other products.

Best with Multiple Protein Sources: Nutro Ultra Large Breed Dog Food

About: This formula is made using quality ingredients that fulfill and nurture, like any Nutro Ultra food. The recipe begins with real chicken and involves a trio of high-quality chicken, lamb, and salmon protein and a mix of 15 colorful health foods including coconut, chia, kale, and blueberries.

Features: It is important to feed your dog with multiple protein sources so he can get the best nutrients. Nutro Ultra Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food is made with three meat options: chicken, lamb, and salmon.

So, it provides complete and balanced nutrition for large breed adult dogs which is the perfect choice for an American Eskimo. What we like the most about dog food, in general, is the product being free of artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

We trust Nutro American Eskimo dog foods because their ingredients come from trusted sources. However, this product in particular has some grains in it that might cause digestive problems.

Best with Multiple Protein Sources: Diamond Naturals Skin & Coat Dog Food

About: Each dry food from Diamond Naturals is rich in superfoods, and probiotics are guaranteed and this one is no exception.

Features: Diamond Naturals Skin & Coat Real Meat Recipe can be fed to any dog in any life stage. This is an enriched recipe that is made of added antioxidants, probiotics, and fatty acids.

Diamond naturals is a trustable brand because they produce their dog food in the USA and they get their ingredients from trusted and sustainable sources. They also do not use any corn, wheat, or filler foo along with No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

The only problem is with the protein levels. This dog food’s protein level seems to be lower than the other products we have reviewed. If you value protein in your dog’s diet, this product might not be for your American Eskimo.



With more detailed information and nutrition sources of American Eskimo dog foods, it is easier to know which one is the best for your canine friend. Therefore, certain basic things you should look for in American Eskimo dog food have been briefly explained here. Hope it helps!


Unquestionably, the most essential ingredient of a dog’s diet is protein. As well as the amount of protein and consistency, the source of protein has major importance. In their diets, dogs of all sizes require a significant amount of protein.

If you have an American Eskimo dog, when you buy a portion of food for him, you probably would think that in many cases the food that has more protein would be a healthier choice.

Protein is an important element of their bodies in order for them to be able to function correctly. However, some clinicians have warned against consuming large amounts of protein could cause kidney failure, especially in senior dogs.

If you have any doubts, we recommend that you consult with your vet to ensure that your American Eskimo has the right amount of nutrients. Instead of just concentrating on the amount of protein in your dog’s food, it would be easier to look at the nature and source of protein.


Fats are used by dogs to consume vitamins, provide energy, and add flavor to food. It is a great source of nutrients, for puppies in particular. The activity level of your American Eskimo might be affected by the level of fats he is consuming every day.

In relation to the level of fats in American Eskimo dog foods, you do not need to think too much. Because they are already fairly balanced. So, it is important to note that in order to promote healthy brain growth, an American Eskimo diet should have balanced fat content.


Dogs mainly use proteins and fats as their primary sources of nutrition to fulfill their energy needs, but they may also use carbohydrates for energy. The fact that the digestive tract of the dog develops enzymes unique to the digestion of starches and sugars suggests that they can digest carbohydrates without a problem.

Complex carbohydrates such as grains, however, may cause some digestive problems in your American Eskimo. So, it would be best to pick an American Eskimo dog food that is as free from grains as possible.

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are important functional superfoods that will help your dog combat illness, increase energy, and generally preserve good health. Dog foods are mainly high in various vitamins and minerals, and your American Eskimo will have plenty of them if you choose a good American Eskimo dog food for him.

Supplementing your American Eskimo with additional vitamins mostly depends on the recommendation of your vet. It is normal to see them suffering from hip dysplasia because American Eskimo is a high-energy breed. So, it would be best to provide your American Eskimo with the right nutrition, vitamins, and minerals.

Other Considerations to Take into Account

There are some other special considerations and points worth considering and we have also mentioned some ingredients that you might need to be wary about feeding your American Eskimo.

How much should I feed my dog?

The amount of food to feed to your canine friend is indicated on the bag by each brand for each product. A cup calculation based on the body weight of your American Eskimo will be seen in most dry food packages.

Those indicators can help avoid overfeeding and also aid in weight management and maintenance if you use the instructions accurately. It is important to note that certain American Eskimos are simply susceptible to eating everything they put in front of them, so you need to be careful about preventing your furry friend from being overweight.

In particular, older dogs, dogs recovering from any illness, pregnant dogs, or dogs with special needs may need a specific amount of food prescribed by the vet. So, if your dog is a special one, you should consult your vet about how much you should feed him.

Weight management

Looking at the general health of your dog is the best way to assess if your American Eskimo is the right weight. It is important to consider, however, that both underweight and overweight dogs are at risk of health issues, including heart and breathing problems, as well as joint and muscle pain.

Even in their senior years, if you keep your American Eskimo at an optimum and balanced weight, it will help them stay active and healthy. Usually, American Eskimos gain 2 pounds per week until they are 26 weeks old. If your American Eskimo bears a good weight, there would be no noticeable ribs showing.

Meat by-products in dog foods

In some brands, you might see meat by-products, and you should be aware of them. Meat by-products are not at all real meat and are deceptive. These are the animal’s non-meat elements, including internal organs, bowels, bone, and blood. This is most commonly the type of meat ingredient used in American Eskimo dog food products of less quality.


Fishmeal is processed and dried and ground into a powder with clean dry fish meat. For American Eskimos, it is very healthy and supplies Omega 3 fatty acids.

Sugar in Dog Foods

Candies or sugary foods can contribute to diabetes as well as obesity in American Eskimos, so it is not recommended to feed your American Eskimo with sugar.

Raw Garlic and Onions in Dog Foods

As they can be toxic to your American Eskimo, you need to be cautious with these additives.

How to Read Ingredients In Dog Food

Dog food ingredient labels are sorted by precooked weight and the first one is the heaviest one. So, the first ingredients listed in the list make up the vast majority of the recipe. By looking at the first few ingredients, you can understand premium American Eskimo dog foods that list high-quality meats.

We suggest that the first ingredient should always be an animal-based protein source (chicken, turkey, salmon, duck, beef, etc). According to that, we reviewed American Eskimo dog food options that use animal sources as their first ingredient above.

In the American Eskimo diet, grains such as beet pulp, soy, yellow corn, and white rice should be avoided because they do not seem to be processed well in their digestive system.

Conclusion: Best Dog Food for American Eskimos (2020 Reviews)

It could be troublesome to find the appropriate American Eskimo dog food for your American Eskimo. Because, especially some alternatives full of chemicals and heavily processed recipes, it gets harder to pick the right one.

However, because American Eskimos are trained to be exceptionally active dogs, choosing the right American Eskimo dog food should be one of the most crucial matters for you as a dog owner. That means you have to be extra careful when making your choice about dog food.

Feeding a safe and balanced diet with your furry friend helps to keep him in the absolute best shape. Make sure that you scan labels and ingredient lists to track the weight and health of your American Eskimo all through the year.

We suggest that you follow recommendations in our Buyer’s Guide section about how to feed your dog. It will be helpful when you try to analyze the quality of the food you buy. We hope that your decision will be made easier with our choices.

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