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Best Dog Food for an Akita (2020 Reviews)

Akita is a big and strong dog breed with a respectable and powerful appearance. Akitas were initially used to shield royalty and nobles in feudal Japan. They are known for showing no fear and being a guarding dog for families.

However, as most dogs are, Akitas are very affectionate towards their owners and amusing dogs when it comes to the playtime. They are known to have a bond with only one member at the household, but that does not mean that only one person can have fun with him.

A grown male Akita is about 10 pounds while the female is about 80 pounds. Of course, this is the weight they can reach if they are fed enough and properly. To make Akita dogs’ fur shine and protect them from sicknesses, you have to find a dog food that will meet all their nutritional needs.

In this article, we reviewed the best 5 dog food for Akita dogs to feed them with the best. Because we know how hard it can be to find the proper dog food for specific dog breeds and Akita dogs are one of them. We hope that it will be helpful when you make your choice.

Wellness Simple Natural Grain Free Limited Ingredient Dog Food
Wellness Simple Natural Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food Salmon & Potato
our top pick

Here are our  selections:

  • Our Top Pick: Wellness Simple Natural Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food Salmon & Potato
  • Runner Up: NUTRO Dry Dog Food
  • Best For Budget: Rachael Ray Nutrish Dry Dog Food, Real Beef & Brown Rice Recipe
  • Best with Sensitive Stomachs: Wellness Complete Health Lamb & Barley Adult Recipe
  • Best with Bison: Solid Gold – Wolf King with Real Natural Bison & Brown Rice
Wellness Simple Natural Grain Free Limited Ingredient Dog Food
Wellness Simple Natural Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food Salmon & Potato
This healthy, limited ingredient dog food by Wellness is produced for the dogs that are prone to allergies or have food sensitivities and allergies. If your Akita dog is suffering one or two of these issues, we recommend this product since its formula is very clean and balanced.
our top pick
NUTRO Dry Dog Food
NUTRO Dry Dog Food
Farm-raised chicken as the first ingredient, this dry dog food from NUTRO proves to be very healthy for dogs. Along with being very crunchy and fun to eat, it has lots of natural fiber to support the digestive system. It is also rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to help to reach a healthy skin and shiny fur.
runner up
rachael ray
Rachael Ray Nutrish Dry Dog Food, Real Beef & Brown Rice Recipe
Rachael Ray Nutrish Real Beef, Pea & Brown Rice Recipe Dog Food is made of all-natural elements. Its recipe is simple and natural. Its first ingredient is farm-raised beef. But that is not all, it has brown rice, vegetables, and many other clean products to provide vitamins and minerals.
Best For Budget
welnness core
Wellness Complete Health Lamb & Barley Adult Recipe
This is nutritious, organic dog food for adult dogs made with carefully picked, real ingredients for optimal health. It offers an ideal blend of nutrient-rich whole foods to suit the particular health needs of your Akita dog. It offers whole-body nutritional assistance to encourage total wellness of your precious pup.
Best with Sensitive Stomachs
solid gold
Solid Gold - Wolf King with Real Natural Bison & Brown Rice
Feed the inner beast of your Akita with this dog food made suitable for the king. This recipe is made with clean, deboned bison. Moreover, healthy fats, whole grains and a special mix of 20 nutritious superfoods are used. This recipe is built to help you repair and preserve your dog's muscles and encourage digestion as well as healthy skin.
Best with Bison

Our Top Pick: Wellness Simple Natural Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food Salmon & Potato

Wellness Simple Natural Grain Free Limited Ingredient Dog Food
Wellness Simple Natural Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food Salmon & Potato
our top pick

About: If you are a pet parent who prefers the food they are feeding their Akita to be clean and nutritious, this dog food from Wellness will provide enough. With salmon as the main ingredient, allergic reactions are shooed away.

Features: If you read our other articles, you might have seen Wellness company in our recommendations a lot, and Wellness Simple Natural Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food Salmon & Potato is the best dog food this company has produced so far.

What makes it different from other dog food options is that its recipe is very simple and composed of whole ingredients. Your dog will love the taste of this dog food because it is made of high-quality components.

If your Akita dog has digestion problems or is allergic to certain types of foods, this dog food might be the one for him. Wellness used salmon as the first ingredient in this recipe to eliminate other options such as chicken that can cause allergic reactions for dogs.

Salmon is very rich in protein. It also has lots of Omega-3 Fatty Acids. A combination of protein and omega-3 will provide healthy and shiny fur, as well as a strong immune system. Just like humans, dogs can be allergic to gluten. If you are a parent of an Akita dog who is allergic to gluten, this dog food will definitely save you big time.

This recipe is made of vegetables as the carb source, instead of grains. So it is 100% grain-free. Potatoes and peas are the primary sources of carbohydrates in this product. Well, peas are not something that we would prefer dog food to contain, but potatoes are always a good ingredient to use. Also, they have Vitamin C and a bit of Vitamin B6.

What the recipe also has it taurine. It is one of the amino acids that are necessary for dogs to consume. Since it is essential, it should be in the food that you are feeding your Akita. If your pup does not have taurine in appropriate amounts, it will probably cause lethargy and pant during the playtime.

Vitamin C and Vitamin B6
Simple recipe
Amino acid & taurine
Contains fillers

Runner Up: NUTRO Dry Dog Food

NUTRO Dry Dog Food
NUTRO Dry Dog Food
runner up

About: NUTRO is a very well known dog food manufacturer, and dog owners are right to love this company. Instead of using one source of protein, NUTRO Dry Dog Food combines different types of meat in this product.

Features: Just like our top pick, we love to include NUTRO products in our reviews because they are loved by lots of dog owners and dogs. And they are right to love the company for a lot of different reasons. For instance, natural fiber, antioxidants, and Omega-3 Fatty acids are first on the list.

This product especially, NUTRO Dry Dog Food, has a very high-quality recipe. Instead of one source of protein, you can see chicken, salmon, and lamb being combined as a protein bomb. Also, a lot of different vegetables and fruits that are anti-oxidants, including pumpkin, spinach, carrots, and apples, are included in the recipe of this dog food.

Salmon is a good type of fish because it is a fatty fish, which means it is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Those fatty acids are food for Akita dogs that have digestive issues because they will ease the digestion process. Along with that, Omega-3 promotes healthy skin. It will also make your Akita dog’s fur shiny and soft.

Moreover, being composed of completely organic ingredients, the recipe also includes chia seeds, blueberries, lots of vitamins, and minerals. You should be aware of one thing, though. Grains are also used in this product, oatmeal specifically. If your dog has is allergic to grains, getting a gluten-free option might be better for him.

Another downside might be the pea protein that you can see in the ingredients list. No matter how rich it is in proteins, the pea is not considered as a nutritional food.

What we love about Nutro is they really use wholesome ingredients in their dog food. They do not use chicken by-product meal, corn, wheat, or soy protein, and artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

With this dog food, you can offer your dogs experienced recipes that contain natural fiber for safe digestion and vital antioxidants to help boost your dog’s growing immune system in delicious flavors that they are sure to enjoy.

Satisfactory Nutrition
High-Quality Meat and Vegetables
High Levels of Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Fiber for safe digestion
Pea protein

Best For Budget: Rachael Ray Nutrish Dry Dog Food, Real Beef & Brown Rice Recipe

rachael ray
Rachael Ray Nutrish Dry Dog Food, Real Beef & Brown Rice Recipe
Best For Budget

About: We know that you are happy to see real beef in dog foods as the first ingredient. With its clean and fresh recipe, Rachael Ray proudly shows off this dog food since it is made of real beef mostly.

 Features: The first ingredient in dog food recipes are the most used ingredient of it. In Rachael Ray Nutrish Dry Dog Food’s recipe, real beef is listed as the first ingredient. Meaning that it is the main protein source of this product and most dog parents are happy to see beef as the main ingredient.

However, the second ingredient is beef meal. Meals of meats are not very recommended and preferred, but it is kind of fine since it is also a good source of protein and probably have a sufficient amount of vitamins.

It should be remembered that this recipe is not grain-free and includes grains such as whole ground corn and brown rice. Therefore, this dog food might not be the right choice for Akita dogs who have allergies to these substances. This food is not gluten-free either, so if your pup has a gluten allergy, you may prefer our other options.

What else this recipe has in it is other sources of carbs. Like dried carrots and dried peas, many other vegetables are used. While they are very nutritious vegetables with great benefits, as we have mentioned before, peas are not something that we prefer dog foods to contain.

Peas are a fantastic source of fiber, and they also have a variety of vitamins in them. Even though peas do include a decent amount of protein, and that is not entirely a bad thing.

But you should know that the protein amount written in the nutritional table is mostly coming from the peas. Also, this dog food contains pea starch, which is a by-product of peas.

Apart from the fact that they include a decent amount of vitamin A, carrots do supply beta-carotene, which is very useful for your Akita dog’s eyesight and will also allow your dog to get a better fur color.

Real reef is first ingredient
High in protein and vitamins
Vitamin A and beta-carotene is included
Not grain-free

Best with Sensitive Stomachs: Wellness Complete Health Lamb & Barley Adult Recipe

welnness core
Wellness Complete Health Lamb & Barley Adult Recipe
Best with Sensitive Stomachs

About: Are you looking for a recipe that has whole-grains, fresh fruits, and vegs? Then you are looking at the review of the dog food that you have been looking for your precious Akita dog.

Features: If your Akita dog is having problems because of his sensitive stomach, a good recipe made of highly digestible ingredients would definitely help his digestive system a lot. This adult dog food from Wellness is good for canines who have such issues because it has lamb as the main ingredient and primary protein source.

Complete Health Lamb & Barley Adult Recipe will be a good choice for Akita dogs because, along with quality meat, it also has carbs coming from digestible whole-grain sources. All these ingredients will support the health of your dear Akita because they are balanced out for everyday consumption, especially.

The recipe is not limited to protein and carbs. It also contains fresh fruits and vegetables as a natural source of nutrition. Those natural greens and fruits will make sure that your dog is feeding on something digestible and rich. Also, this formula is specially designed to make dogs feel fuller for longer amounts of time to ensure weight maintenance.

Wellness Complete Health Lamb & Barley Adult Recipe contains 24% protein and 12% fat, which makes it balanced dog food. Additional prebiotic fibers and probiotics are there to make the digestion as easy as possible for Akita dogs.

Well, we have been talking about what this dog food has. But there are absolute no-no ingredients that every dog owner should know and avoid. There is no wheat, corn, soy, meat by-products, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives in Wellness Complete Health Lamb & Barley Adult Recipe. That is why we are recommending it.

The formula has blueberries, and they are high in vitamins A & C, potassium, fiber, and various carotenoids. These are essential antioxidants that every dog should consume, especially Akita dogs.

Since it is rich in fiber and Omega 3 fatty acids, flaxseed is an essential ingredient that this recipe has. It helps promote a healthy digestive system and shiny fur.

Wholesome natural recipe
Lamb as a source of protein
Whole-grain carbs
Fresh fruits and vegs
Main source of fat is plant-based

Best with Bison: Solid Gold - Wolf King with Real Natural Bison & Brown Rice

solid gold
Solid Gold - Wolf King with Real Natural Bison & Brown Rice
Best with Bison

About: If you are searching for an all-natural, high-quality nutrition source for your Akita dog, check this Solid Gold Wolf King Bison & Brown Rice Adult Recipe. You will not regret it!

Features: This product is produced especially for medium and large breeds because they need more protein than the other dogs to maintain lean muscle mass. Also, obesity is a common problem in dogs when they age, so, the high protein content will also make them feel fuller for long periods of time and prevent obesity that way.

It includes real bison, seafood, and brown rice as the top three ingredients with additional carbohydrates such as oatmeal and chickpeas. Bison meat is healthier, lower in cholesterol, and higher in protein levels.

Buffalo meat contains a greater concentration of iron and essential fatty acids. Buffalo meat is also incredibly tasty, which we are definitely sure that your Akita dog will gulp it down immediately. It also includes nutritionally-rich chicken fat for essential fatty acids with fresh fruit and vegetables for dietary consistency. Furthermore, it is complemented by chelated minerals and probiotics.

This dog food is supported with superfoods such as juice, pulp, rind, and skin. These ingredients help the digestion process, which is very beneficial for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Moreover, they also act as antioxidants and prebiotics, which is very essential in every dog’s diet no matter the breed. 

Solid Gold foods are fuelled by omega 3 and 6 fatty acids from Ocean Fish Meal and Salmon Oil. They provide EPA and DHA for the full development of Akita dogs. These fatty acids will endorse the immune system, the cognitive system, and the health of the heart. It is necessary to maintain healthy skin and fur.

However, the fat seems like it is not balanced out well. Even though this dog food is made for medium and large breeds, it might not satisfy the very active dogs in terms of the fat levels of the food.

Wolf King Real Natural Bison & Brown Rice is made from non-GMO whole grains, including brown rice and pearled barley, which provide a steady source of fiber, Vitamin B, and minerals.

Real bison as the main ingredient
Digestible whole grains
Rich in essential fatty acids
Fresh fruit and vegs
May not be high enough in fat for very active breeds

Buyer’s Guide

What to look for in dog food?

This question might be the only reason that you are here. We know how hard it is to pick the right food because you are responsible for everything when it comes to your dog. And nutrition is the most essential responsibility of them all. Pet parents need to take care of their Akita dogs and feed them with the best.

Unfortunately, some dog parents might tend to grab the most appealing dog food from the picture of the package. Do not be that pet parent, and do your research.  Do not feed your Akita dog with random dog food without even looking at the ingredients list or nutritional values.

Most dogs are prone to gain weight in an unhealthy way if not fed properly. Akitas are no exception, and they can also face obesity if they are not getting the right amount of nutrition. For that reason, we want to explain what Akita dogs need to eat and what is their nutritional value. We will also give advice on the best ways to feed dogs.


Protein is an essential source of nutrition, and it applies to both humans and animals. It is necessary to maintain muscle mass and rebuild when there is damage to the muscle tissues. That rebuilding ability is what makes the protein essential in almost all diet types.

Protein is identified as a macronutrient, so that makes it the main nutritional source when it comes to providing the fundamental energy for the body, especially for dogs. Any kind of dog food without protein cannot be imagined.

Protein is required for Akita dogs to grow up and maintain and develop new muscles. So, dog food for Akita dogs with high protein content will help them develop and grow up normally.


Fat is one of the most essential nutrients for dogs as a key source of power. Although there is a misperception of fat among dog owners that it is harmful to their dogs, it is, of course, a necessary component of a diet.

Because fat plays a fundamental role in the digestion of fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E, and K. It is a must source of energy, especially for puppies. It profoundly affects the workings of the kidneys. If it is eaten too much, it can be a problem for your Akita to get too much fat. So, Also, it is clear that the best dog food for Akitas should contain fat.

Wellness Simple Natural Grain Free Limited Ingredient Dog Food
Wellness Simple Natural Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food Salmon & Potato
our top pick


Dog bodies and human bodies work relatively similar to each other when it comes to the diet. However, it is not the same as the carbs. We get most of the energy we need from the carbs, but dogs do not need them in the way we do.

Carbs do not have the same effect on dogs, as they do not need it to survive. So forget what you know about carbs and listen.

Dogs do not need to eat carbohydrates to stay alive. Yet, it does not harm them either. If your dog eats carbs, any problem is not likely to occur. But there is one case when carbs can be helpful for dogs, and that is when they are still little puppies.

Vegetables and fruits such as celery, carrots, peas, raspberries, blueberries, and cranberries, are nutritious suppliers of carbohydrates. They have a beneficial effect on dogs. So, when you are looking for the best dog food for Akita dogs, you need to consider dog food featuring carbs.

What to look out in dog food for Akita dogs?


When choosing the best dog food for Akita dogs, pet parents should be aware of gluten. Because it not the best beneficial ingredient for dogs out there. It can cause a lot of problems related to digestion, such as diarrhea. Even more, vomiting and weight loss can be seen in dogs.

But, gluten does not have the same effect on every dog. So, it is not certain that your dog will be sensitive to gluten or not. It depends on the dog’s personality and body structure. If you are sure that your Akita dog is not gluten sensitive, he can probably do fine and can eat food that has gluten in it.

Nevertheless, it is the best idea to omit and avoid gluten completely because allergies and sensitivities can occur at any time throughout dogs’ life. A grain-free and gluten-free dog food will be the best for your Akita.

Wellness Simple Natural Grain Free Limited Ingredient Dog Food
Wellness Simple Natural Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food Salmon & Potato
our top pick


Soy has all the amino acids that an animal protein contains, so it can supply all your dog’s protein needs. But on the other hand, there is a dispute about its agriculture. Most soya beans are grown around the world are genetically modified.

This causes a lot of problems for your dog. It can even cause major problems for you when you are cooking with soy at home. As a matter of fact, we recommend that you do not prefer soy inside the dog food that you are looking for.


This chemical is found in products like toothpaste, candy, and gum. And as you can see, all of these products are for human use. The effects of xylitol will definitely be different than humans in dogs. Even worse, it is considered as a toxic ingredient for dogs. Furthermore, it is known to cause one of the most dangerous sicknesses in dogs: hyperglycemia.

Also, peanut butter is known to contain this chemical. If you have peanut butter at home, make sure that you are keeping it away from your Akita dog if it has xylitol in it.

How to Feed Adult Akita Dogs?

Do not be deceived by the small body frame of Akita dogs. Your little pup might turn out to be eating much more than you have expected. Actually, they can eat dry food equal to the weight of their body. So, that is a lot. What a huge stomach.

But, of course, that does not mean that you can let him eat whatever and how much he wants all the time. Akitas are known to bond with only one member of the household and be committed to that person. So, that person should be in charge of how much Akita is eating.

There are many different kinds of dog food coming from different companies. And every instruction on the package differs for that reason. Small breeds should be fed 40 calories per pound. So, for instance, if your Akita weighs 6 pounds, he should be getting 240 calories per day.

Look at the nutritional values table of the package and measure how much you will be giving to your Akita. Keeping track of how much Akita dogs eat is very beneficial when it comes to weight control and healthy body growth. You can select a cup to feed your Akita dog and give the exact amount of dog food every day to him.

Conclusion: Best Dog Food for an Akita (2020 Reviews)

Akita dogs are cute indeed. But that is not the only quality they have. They are also very cheerful and love to play around. Being a very active dog, Akitas might sometimes hard to manage. We are sure that you want the best for your precious little Akita. That is the reason why we reviewed the 5 best dog foods for Akita dogs.

Nutrition is an important aspect for all living beings, including dogs, just like humans. The food dogs consume supplies calories, and those calories give the energy needed for Akitas to play and have fun with their parents.

If you feed your dog in insufficient amounts or the time you feed your canine friend vary, he will probably end up having digestive and intestinal issues. To prevent these problems, it is essential to pick the right dog food to feed your Akita dog appropriately. It has to be easy to digest and nourish their muscles, bones, and fur.

We have the warning to make, though. The Akita dog food we listed above is not for puppies. Because puppies have more fragile bodies and digestive systems, so you should look at our Best Dog Food for an Akita Puppy review.

I hope this review will be helpful when you make your choice and buy the best dog food for your Akita!

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