5 Best Dog Food For Cockapoo

Being a cross breed between Cocker Spaniel and Poodle, Cockapoo has got the characteristics of both breeds. It is energetic, playful, and incredibly friendly, and they are just excellent pets.

They are also a generally healthy breed, and they can live up to 20 years (yes, you’ve read it right). However, to ensure that your pup lives the healthiest life it can live, there are some measures you can take, and feeding it the right food is a huge one. So, we prepared a list to help you to find the best dog food for your Cockapoo.

We included different options, such as grain-free for special conditions like allergies. We should also mention that some of our selections may not be the most popular ones amongst the dog lovers; however, we firmly believe that these are better options than some of the more popular commercial dog foods. We did our research, so, please trust us on this one.

There is also a buyer’s guide below the list so that you know the rights and wrongs about feeding your pup but first, let’s get to our list.

About: Merrick Grain-Free Dry-Dog Food Real Lamb & Sweet Potato is a grain-free recipe of the well-known dog food manufacturer Merrick, and the ingredients are very satisfying with a lot of nutrition in them.

Features: There is a wide range of protein sources in this dog food, including lamb and salmon. We should mention that deboned lamb is the first listed ingredient in this one and most the protein in this dog food comes from it.

It will not only provide the protein that your Cockapoo needs, but this dog food is also an excellent iron source. Moreover, it is filled with zinc, so it is very beneficial for your dog. On the other hand, salmon meal makes this recipe very high in Omega-3 fatty acids, and it is what your pup needs for a shiny coat.

It has lamb as the first ingredient which is a great protein source.

We should mention that this dog food does not contain any grains such as wheat, barley, and corn. All the carbohydrates come from different vegetables and fruits such as potatoes, peas, apples, and blueberries.

Also, this dog food is filled with probiotics, which are healthy bacteria that help with digestion, and they also boost the immune system.

About: We love Pet Plate a lot because they are a company that are determined to bring human-grade dog food for our loyal companions. It is a subscription service that we highly suggest.

Features: We want to start by mentioning that this dog food is made with human-grade, all-natural ingredients. So, it is a good option for pet parents who want to provide the best nutrition possible to their dogs.

Pet Plate is a subscription based dog food service.

We should also say that their meals don’t contain rendered meat or by-products. Also, it doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives, colors or flavors.

Other than that, they make sure that they prepare the recipes that your dog will absolutely love. The way they do that is to get some information about your pup and create personalized meals for him.

Their recipes come in four different flavors such as beef, turkey, chicken, and lamb at least one of which will be the ideal option for your dog. Also, they use U.S. Department of Agriculture approved meats, fruits, and veggies that contain nutritious vitamins and minerals that are very beneficial for your tail-wagger.

Another thing to highlight about Pet Plate is that their products are flash-frozen to keep their food fresh. They also bring you the products on an on-going basis, which is another reason you don’t have to worry about the freshness with your dog’s food.

Lastly but most importantly, they provide a 30% discount at the checkout for the first order for buypetsupplyonline.com readers. You can get yours by making your purchase by clicking on the link above.

About: IAMS Mini Chunks Dry Dog Food is a dog food that is specifically made for small breed dogs. It offers a varied diet rich in lean meats, fruits, and vegetables. The recipe is entirely free from soy and is enhanced by various vital vitamins and minerals.

Features: The manufacturer used farm-raised chicken as the primary source of protein in this one to fulfill all the protein needs of your pup.

It is rich in lean meats, fruits and vegetables.

The healthy carbohydrates in this dog food come from the vegetables such as spinach, carrots, tomatoes, and also flaxseed. Flaxseed is one of the best sources of Omega-3 fatty acids, they are also filled with fiber and has a lot of other benefits, including regulating the digestive system and becoming an energy source for your pup.

However, we should mention that this dog food also contains high-grain corns, and if your Cockapoo is allergic to grains, the best thing to do for your pup would be to avoid this dog food.

It also contains chicken by-products. We should mention that while some owners believe that the organ meats that are in the meat by-products are beneficial for dogs because of the vitamin content in them, others are doubtful of such benefits.

Best Limited Recipe: Natural Balance Small Breed Dry Dog Food

About: Natural Balance Small Breed Dry Dog Food comes in small kibbles and offers a diet based on limited ingredients such as chicken and brown rice, both of which are easily digestible. For dogs with allergies, limited ingredient diets are perfect, and they could also be an excellent pragmatic method to avoid them entirely.

Features: This dog food features tasty proteins that come from high-quality chicken and duck meat, and they will provide the necessary protein that your Cockapoo needs.

The carbohydrates come from the vegetables and fruits that are full of antioxidants such as spinach, sweet potatoes, carrots, blueberries. We should mention that these are very high-quality vegetables filled with fiber.

This dog food also contains zinc, which is very good because it is the mineral that is most commonly used in your pup’s body and its absence can cause all sorts of issues ranging from a weak immune system to hair and skin problems.

Taurine is another hugely beneficial amino acid in this dog food, which is useful for the distribution of certain tissues in the body, and it also helps the heart to pump blood more efficiently.

Best Dog Food For Sensitive Stomachs: NUTRO Dry Dog Food

About: Nutro is a dog food manufacturer that is loved by a lot of pet owners, and there are some valid reasons for it.

Features: Nutro Ultra Dry Dog Food with A Trio of Proteins from Chicken has a high-quality recipe that has chicken, salmon, and lamb as the protein sources and also it has a lot of different vegetables and fruits that will act as antioxidants including pumpkin, spinach, carrots, and apples.

Also, salmon is a fatty fish that you definitely want in your dog’s diet. Because it is full of Omega-3 fatty acids and also a study indicates that it might be helpful for some dogs that have allergies.

Furthermore, this dog food is rich in other organic ingredients, from chia seeds to blueberries and also micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

However, we should mention that it includes whole grain oatmeal in its recipe and if your Cockapoo has allergies to it, going for a grain-free dog food would be the best choice.

Other Dog Foods for Cockapoo We Reviewed

Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein Real Meat Recipe Appalachian Valley Premium Dry Dog Food

Although this dog food didn’t make it to our top 5, it managed to make it to our honorable mentions, and it is for good reasons. First, we like this product because of its protein choice. Because venison is not only a nutritious protein source, but also, it is very easy on the sensitive stomachs.

Other than that, this dog food contains nutritious vitamins and minerals that are very beneficial for your Cockapoo. We should also mention that this product contains taurine, which is essential for a well-functioning heart and its deficiency can cause heart problems for dogs.

Key Features

  • Good Choice of Protein
  • Contains Nutritious Vegetables
  • Contains Taurine

Solid Gold - Leaping Waters with Cold Water Salmon - Grain-Free Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach - Holistic Adult Dry Dog Food - 22 lb Bag

Solid Gold manufactures some of the best products in the market and this is their salmon recipe. Salmon makes this recipe filled with protein and Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Getting enough amount of Omega-3 Fatty Acids is essential for your Cockapoo. Because they are the beneficial fatty acids that will ensure that your dog has a shiny and healthy coat.

We should mention that this recipe is free from all the allergy causing ingredients such as soy, wheat, and corn. Overall, this is a very high-quality dog food that will ensure that your Cockapoo will thrive and have a healthy life.

Key Features

  • High Levels of Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • No Allergy Causing Ingredients

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free, Natural Adult Dry Dog Food, Chicken 24-lb

Blue Buffalo makes dog foods that are in a very wide range of quality. That is the reason we don’t include every product of them in our selections, but this recipe deserves a mention. Because this dog food contains nutritious and tasty ingredients that your Cockapoo won’t be able to get enough.

For instance, other than having real deboned chicken as the first ingredient, this product also contains menhaden fish meal as the second ingredient. Also, this recipe contains flaxseed, which is filled with vital fatty acids.

Key Features

  • Real Chicken is the First Ingredient
  • Contains Flaxseed

CANIDAE PURE Real Lamb & Pea Recipe Dry Dog Food 24lbs

Most dog parents who gets a product of CANIDAE keep coming back for more. Because they make some recipes that are so delicious that it becomes their dog’s favorite one instantly and this is their lamb recipe.

As for the other protein sources, this recipe contains fish meal, chicken meal and turkey meal, which are amazing sources of significant vitamins and antioxidants. Also, the manufacturer decided to include chickpeas as the carbohydrates source to keep this recipe grain free.

Key Features

  • Various High-Quality Protein Sources
  • Grain Free
  • Contains High Levels of Vitamins and Minerals

Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food, Lamb Meal Recipe, 30-Pound Bag

We included this product because Holistic makes the most nutritious products with the least amount of processing. As for this recipe, each product listed in the formula has a purpose. First, lamb is an amazing protein source and almost every dog loves the taste of it.

Also, single protein source makes this dog food a perfect choice for a Cockapoo that have digestive issues. Other than that, this product contains various vegetables that are excellent vitamin sources.

Key Features

  • Single Protein Source is Less Likely to Cause Allergies
  • Contains Nutritious Vegetables
  • Contains Beet Pulp

Addiction Wild Kangaroo & Apples Grain Free Dry Dog Food, 20 Lb.

This is another formula with a rare protein source in our selections other than Taste of The Wild Grain Free High Protein Dry Dog Food Appalachian Valley Small Breed – Venison. Because wild-harvested kangaroo meat is the first listed ingredient in this recipe.

Since kangaroo meat is very rare, the chance that your Cockapoo has allergies to it is very low. So, this is one of the best dog food for a Cockapoo that has sensitivities to certain meat proteins. Other than that, this recipe is packed with vegetables and fruits and that are filled with antioxidants.

Key Features

  • Kangaroo Meat is the First Listed Ingredient
  • High Levels of Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Contains Flaxseed

Ps For Dogs 100% Hypoallergenic Dog Food - No More Paw Licking & Skin Scratching - Solves Allergies Naturally - No More Harmful Shots, Pills & Expensive Prescription Food

P.S. For Dogs is not a brand that is very popular among dog owners. But they deserve much more recognition because they mimic the diet of wild animals when they prepare their formulas.

This product contains free range grass-fed lamb meat and organs. That makes this dog food full of protein and antioxidants, which makes it perfect for a Cockapoo that is at any stage of his life. We should mention that the ingredients in this product is carefully picked and that is why the recipe is hypoallergenic.

Key Features

  • Air Dried Ingredients
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Wild-Life Recipe

Diamond CARE Sensitive Stomach Recipe Specially Made As A Limited Ingredient Diet To Support Dogs With Sensitive Stomach And Digestive Issues

This is a veterinarian approved recipe that is specifically designed for pups that have issues with digestion. This product is different from our other products in the sense that it doesn’t contain any animal meat.

This is because animal meat is one of the biggest causes of allergies in dogs. Besides, this formula doesn’t contain any gluten, corn, wheat and filler. The reason for that is that this dog food includes any probiotics that will make your Cockapoo thrive.

Key Features

  • Veterinarian Approved Recipe
  • Doesn’t Contain Any Allergens

Nutrisca Dog Food, Lamb And Chickpea, 4-Pound Package

Nutrisca has a simple manifest, which is providing superior quality products that help dogs to live a happy and long life and this is one of their finest recipes. This product contains lamb as the number one ingredient that is balanced with peas, chickpeas and fruits.

That is why this recipe is a perfect combination of beneficial vitamins and high-quality animal protein. Since it is free from grains, this recipe has a low glycemic index and it is perfect for dogs that have weight issues.

Key Features

  • Satisfactory Nutrition
  • Low Glycemic Index

AvoDerm Natural Revolving Menu Dry & Wet Dog Food For Rotational Feeding, Food Intolerance and Sensitivities

We love Avoderm because they include some unique and healthy ingredients in their recipe. Their products are famous among pet parents because almost all of them contain avocado. This makes a huge difference since avocado is one of the best fruits that your pup can eat.

Because this dog food contains high levels of fiber and that is why it is an excellent choice a Cockapo that has digestive issues. We should also mention that lamb is the first listed ingredient in this formula.

Key Features

  • Lamb is the First Ingredient
  • High Levels of Fiber
  • Contains Avocado

Rachael Ray Nutrish Dish Natural Dry Dog Food, Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe With Veggies & Fruit, 23 Lbs

This is a simple recipe that is full of high protein and quality carbohydrates. The first ingredient is real chicken in this recipe. As for the second ingredient, the manufacturer decided to go with chicken meal. This is a very good choice because chicken meal contains various organ meats that are beneficial for your tail-wagger.

Other than that, this recipe contains flaxseed, which is a great source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids . Those are healthy fats that can alleviate the symptoms of arthritis and improve kidney functioning.

Key Features

  • Real Chicken is the First Ingredient
  • High Levels of Healthy Fatty Acids
  • High Levels of Antioxidants

Diamond Naturals Adult Real Meat Recipe Premium Dry Dog Food With Grain and Real Pasture Raised Beef Protein 40Lb

As for the first listed ingredient, this formula contains lamb. Also, high protein content will provide the muscle growth that every dog needs. Other than that, this dog food is filled with minerals and disease fighting antioxidants that will make your Cockapoo thrive.

Because it contains nutritious vegetables and fruits such as carrots, spinach, coconut and peas. We should mention that this product also contains eggs and that is why you should avoid this recipe if your pooch has allergies to them.

Key Features

  • High-Quality Ingredients
  • Contains Nutritious Vegetables
  • High Levels of Fiber

No Artificial Flavors Pork, Beef & Lamb Food for all Life Stages Dog 4lb

Containing wide range of vegetables, this dog food has everything that your Cockapoo needs. The manufacturer decided to include three different protein sources, which are pork, beef and lamb.

So, it will provide the nutrition and energy that your pooch needs every day. As for the carbohydrates, this recipe contains sweet potatoes, peas and blueberries. That is why this dog food is very high in fiber and it is perfect for dogs that have digestive issues.

Key Features

  • Perfect Option for Sensitive Stomachs
  • Doesn’t Contain Low Quality Ingredients

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free, Natural Adult Dry Dog Food, Salmon 24-lb

We should start by mentioning that this dog food contains all the necessary ingredients that your Cockapoo needs to thrive and have a healthy life. Because this recipe doesn’t contain any artificial fillers or additives. Instead, it has salmon as the first listed ingredient and also various vegetables.

Making salmon as the first ingredient makes this recipe very high in Omega-3 Fatty Acids and that is significant for a healthy coat and immune system.

Key Features

  • High Levels of Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • No Artificial Ingredients

Holistic Select Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food, Adult & Puppy Salmon, Anchovy & Sardine Recipe, 24-Pound Bag

This is another product among our selections that contains salmon as the first ingredient. But there is one aspect that differentiates this product from the other ones, which is the fact that it also contains anchovy and sardine. this makes this recipe an excellent source of protein.

As for the carbohydrates, this formula includes vegetables that are filled with vitamins and minerals. This is to ensure that your dog gets the most nutrition with the least amount of processing.

Key Features

  • Satisfactory Nutrition
  • Too Many Ingredients That Can Cause Allergies

Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Grain Free Recipe with Real Lamb Natural Dry Dog Food by Nature's Variety, 20 lb. Bag

Instinct is a company that makes high-quality dog food, and this is their limited ingredient recipe. What we particularly like about this product is that the manufacturer didn’t include any animal proteins that might cause allergy in it.

Instead, this dog food has the lamb as the first ingredient, and it will provide all the ingredients that your Cockapoo needs. Besides, Instinct is known for using raw ingredients in their products, which makes their products very close to what ancestors of our loyal companions used to eat.

Key Features

  • Grass Fed Lamb is the First Ingredient
  • Raw Ingredients

ACANA Singles Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food, Duck & Pear, Biologically Appropriate & Grain Free

Even though Acana may not be as famous as our other selections, they are a premium dog food company that makes some great foods with very high protein proportion.

Other than that, they use as few ingredients as possible and combine them in a recipe to provide your pup with a feeding experience that is very close to the nature. This is their duck and pear formula, which is a very simple recipe that only focuses on animal protein and vitamins.

Key Features

  • High-Quality Ingredients
  • Limited Ingredients Recipe
  • No Possible Allergens

Nulo Small Breed Grain Free Dry Dog Food With Bc30 Probiotic (Salmon And Red Lentils Recipe, 11B Bag)

Nulo manages to maintain a good protein to carbohydrates ratio in their recipe. This is their small breed formula, which is made in smaller kibble size so that your Cockapoo won’t have a hard time when swallowing it.

Another thing that we love about this product is that it doesn’t contain any ingredients that have high glycemic index such as wheat, soy or white potatoes. That is why it is a perfect choice for dogs that have weight issues or diabetes.

Key Features

  • Small Kibble Size
  • Free from Grains, Corn or Soy

Merrick Lil Plates Grain Free Small Breed Recipe, 4-Pound, Beef

After being sold to Purina, there was a little bit of a worry among the pet parents. Because Purina is known for bringing some ingredients from China. But they assured that this will not be the case for Merrick.

So, that is why we still give Merrick a place among our selections. This dog food has lamb listed as the first ingredient, and it is the primary source of protein. Other than that, it contains chickpeas and sweet potatoes, both are fantastic sources of vitamin C and A.

Key Features

  • Good Protein to Carbs Ratio
  • Satisfactory Nutrition

Buyer’s Guide

How Much Food Does a Cockapoo Need?

Dogs on average, need about 30 calories per pound (66 calories per kg) of their body weight per day to maintain their current weight, and Cockapoos usually weight between 10-30 pounds (4.5- 14 kg’s).

So, by this calculation, we could estimate that most healthy Cockapoos need between 300 to 900 calories a day to maintain their current weight. However, estimation is the best thing we can do because there are a lot of different factors when calculating the amount of dog food should be given to a Cockapoo.

Since they are a very energetic and playful breed, most Cockapoos tend to be very active. If that is the case for your Cockapoo, you can feed it a little more than the advised calorie amount. If not, the lower threshold would be enough. The best way to find the sweet spot is just by experimenting with the amount of dog food you give to your Cockapoo.

How Often Should You Feed Your Cockapoo?

After the puppy leaves its mother, it is advised to feed it three to four times a day, because smaller meals would be easier for them to digest and, also, they will not experience the energy fluctuations with smaller meals.

By the time your pup gets to 6-months old, the best feeding schedule for your Cockapoo would be 2 times a day with quality dog food. Once it gets to 12 months old, the general advice is to feed them once or twice a day maximum. However, since Cockapoo is a small breed, feeding it smaller meals might be a good option because they have smaller stomachs and they can eat smaller amounts each time.

Also, we should mention that there are solid reasons for why you should fast your Cockapoo and deprive it of its beloved dog food sometimes. By fasting, we mean not feeding it for a couple of days. Before you think that we lost our minds and try to starve your Cockapoos to death, please listen to our reasons.

First of all, giving its digestive system a break from continually processing food not only restrict calories and reduce the risk of diabetes, but it also has many other long-term benefits.

Fasting has been shown to reduce inflammation and reduce insulin sensitivity. Because, whenever a dog consumes food, its metabolism starts working and its body releases insulin. Nibbling on snacks regularly makes blood sugar levels stay high, and it causes fat gain and even diabetes.

Fasting also has a healing effect, and it repairs damaged cells. It gives a rest to your pup’s gut to help it produce beneficial bacteria.

Also, dogs have evolved from wild animals, and the way they fed was to hunt an animal and eat it. After that, they searched for food, and until then, they fasted. So, this way of eating is more natural to them.

We know that this might sound controversial and it would be probably for the best if you consult your vet before you make any changes to how many times you give dog food to your Cockapoo, we advise you to take a look at it before jumping to any conclusions.

Health Problems in Cockapoos


Dogs are not different than us in the sense that they get almost all the allergies that we get, such as seasonal allergies and food allergies, and of course, Cockapoos are no exception to that. They can get allergic to their surroundings such as grass, pollen, and trees; and also they can get allergic to some products that are in the food they eat.

Not only Cockapoos, but for most of the dogs, grains can be allergenic. That’s not to say that every dog is allergic to it, and grains are always bad. However, if you decide to feed your pup a dog food that has grain in it, you should still watch out for the effects.

As for the glutens, even though most dogs can tolerate it, some dogs develop allergic reactions to it, and if they continue to consume gluten, they develop a small intestinal inflammatory disease.

Some other ingredients found in dogs foods that can be allergenic, such as, soy, dairy products, eggs, and chicken. There is no way to understand what your dog is allergic to without experimenting with different products.

If your Cockapoo shows symptoms like itching, having red eyes or increased scratching, the best thing you can do for your pup would be changing the dog food it is eating.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia in dogs is a disease that creates a malformation on the ball and the socket joint. This malformation means that the ball part and its socket do not meet each other properly, leading to a joint that rubs and grinds rather than slides smoothly.

Because of their bigger size, hip dysplasia is more common amongst larger breeds; however, it also occurs in smaller breeds. Three different factors might cause this issue in dogs, exercise, nutrition, and genetics.

The first thing you want to watch out is not overfeeding your pup. Because overweight dogs tend to get hip dysplasia more easily since their hips have to carry more weight than usual. The best way to prevent your Cockapoo from getting overweight is to reduce the unhealthy carbohydrates it’s eating by providing the right dog food for it.

Cockapoo looking cute

Luxating Patella

Luxating patella is a common issue, especially amongst the small breeds. Sometimes it might be because of a trauma, however, most of the time the primary cause of it is genetics, or it can be caused by obesity.

So, limiting the unhealthy carbs that are in the dog food you’re feeding your pup and providing enough exercise are the best precautions you can take to prevent this issue.


Cockapoo has a good risk of developing cataracts during its lifetime because both the poodle breed and the cocker spaniel breed, are high-risk breeds for cataract development.

The symptoms of this issue can be seen in Cockapoos, starting from the age of 1. We should mention that even though genetics play a significant role in this, diabetes is another factor that might cause this problem.

So, ingredients found some dog foods that can cause diabetes should be avoided, which are corn syrup, and grains. Because when they are consumed, those ingredients turn into sugar very fast and the excess stored as fat.

Conclusion: 5 Best Dog Food For Cockapoo (2020 Reviews)

Since they are generally a healthy breed and they don’t gain weight quickly, you don’t need to put too much time into your Cockapoo’s food most of the time. The most essential thing that you have look for when you’re getting your dog food is that it doesn’t contain any products that your pooch is allergic to.

Also, you need to be mindful of the unhealthy carbs and the excessive amount of calories in its diet because weight gain and diabetes will create other issues. We believe that all of our selections are perfect choices and if you be careful about the portions, you’ll have a pup that is very happy, energetic, and playful.

We hope that the list and the buyer’s guide was helpful to you in your search for the dog food best-suited for your Cockapoo!

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