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What size crate for an English Bulldog? (2020 Reviews)

English Bulldogs are amazing dogs, but we cannot say they are the most active breeds in the world. They love to sleep, and that is why they need both a dog bed and a crate that they can rest in it. Because while the bed will provide a comfortable place for your dog to relax, the crate will act as a safe den for your pup.

Also, a dog crate can be helpful in many ways, such as preventing your pup from damaging the furniture. Also, it also helps to cure separation anxiety in dogs. Since you are reading this article, we guess that you are aware of this need or your canine friend is probably suffering from this kind of anxiety.

We also included a buyer’s guide to help you further. You can check why a crate is a useful item to purchase for your pup.

If you are looking for a dog crate for your pup, do not worry at all. Because we are here to help you on this journey of picking the right crate. We reviewed the best dog crates for an English Bulldog in this article and there is also a buyer’s guide that will help you find what crate size you should get your pup, and hope that it will be helpful.

Here are the top 5 dog crates to consider buying for your English Bulldog:

  • Our Top Pick: MidWest Life Stages Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate – XL Dog Crate
  • Runner Up: New World Folding Metal Dog Crate; Single Door & Double Door Dog Crates
  • Best for Budget: Paws & Pals Dog Crate
  • Best for Outdoor: Lucky Dog Uptown Wire Kennelest for Potty Training – Richell Pet Training Kennel
  • Best Wooden Crate: New Age Pet EcoFlex Crate And Kennel

Our Top Pick: MidWest Life Stages Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate – XL Dog Crate

About: If you are looking for a big, durable crate for your English Bulldog, whether it is a puppy or a fully grown one, then Life Stages model from MidWest Homes for Pets will certainly work well.

Features: It is good for any age of a dog, and it comes with a divider panel. This crate can make a good choice for your English Bulldog regardless of the age if you get the right size for him. Because dividers are very efficient tools for many purposes. As it comes with a divider, it is letting you modify your dog’s space available as he continues to grow.

It also comes with a single door and a double door alternative. It allows you to choose where and how to store this crate in your apartment, allowing your dog to gain entry to its own crate easily and conveniently.

If your canine tends to escape from his crate during house training sessions, this one might be the best. Because of the secure doors it provides, it will be impossible for your dog to do out or in as he pleases. It has very secure doors. The slide-bolt latches on the crate doors are aimed at keeping your dog contained safely and prevent it from escaping.

You might be worried about if the crate collapses onto your dog while you are away. Or maybe you are questioning the crate to be durable enough to survive your dog’s sharp teeth.

This crate is made of a thick metal gauge meant to keep your dog safe in its cage, without even being able to chew through the bars and without the crate falling on him while enclosed.

This crate is easy to store, move, and clean. It includes a removable plastic tray for easy cleaning. Also, this crate is crafted to be efficiently and securely transported and stored, as it folds well away. It is also quickly and effortlessly installed and disassembled.

Runner Up: New World Folding Metal Dog Crate; Single Door & Double Door Dog Crates

About: It might look simple, but we can assure you that New World Folding Metal Dog Crate; Single Door & Double Door Dog Crates is a very functional crate. It is built with durable material, and the provided sleeping area is very large. So, your dog will sleep comfortably in his dog crate.

Features: This dog crate has only one door, and you might be looking for a double door crate for your convenience. That is why this is a runner up in our list. The reason why it is slightly cheaper than our top pick is because of the single door.

Another downside of this crate is it does not come with a divider, which we think dividers are a very beneficial feature for dog crates. If you want to buy a divider, you may need to buy it separately. But if you’re getting a crate for a full-grown English Bulldog, then a divider may not be necessary.

The reason why you need a dog crate might be because of security issues that you are suffering from your dog. This crate might be the one if that is the case because it has slide-bolt latches. New World crate was manufactured with slide-bolt latches to ensure your dog is safe in the cage.

The space left for your dog to wander around is quite enough. If you do not mind this crate being the single door, space will not be a problem. It is large enough for your English Bulldog to get in and out with no problems.

The frame is built with high-quality metal that is both strong and light enough to move around. This dog crate is foldable and can be disassembled in just a few seconds. It does not matter where you are taking your dog to, the process will be very easy.

The New World crate arrives with a removable tray, too. Though made of plastic, it is dense and reliable. Slide the tray out quickly and hose it down, or wipe it easily.

Best for Budget: Paws & Pals Dog Crate

About: We always include a product among our choices that is budget-friendly for the pet parents who want to invest safely. And yet, that is not the only reason we wanted to give Paws & Pals Dog Crate a place in our list because it has some nice features you and your English Bulldog would enjoy.

Features: The first criteria you are looking for in a dog crate might be material. You might be having chewing and damage issues with your dog. That may be the reason why you are looking for a crate in the first place.

Let’s start with the material of this dog crate. We can say that the manufacturer used a very durable material in this product. No matter the reason -whether you want to prevent your dog from chewing furniture or from keeping your dog safe from the other pets in the house- this is the perfect option.

It would not be wrong to say that there is no better way to keep your English Bulldog safe when you are out of the house to do your things.

What we liked the most that the other options did not have is, this is a rust-resistant product. So, this dog crate might last your English Bulldog a very long time under normal conditions. Your dogs can have an accident in this crate, or you might accidentally spill some water on it. It will not be a problem.

You can choose between one or two-door options. If you want your English bulldog to have numerous entrances to its dog crate, you can go for the two-door choices. The only downside of this crate is the divider is not tall enough for a pup, so he can jump to the other side if he pleases.

In addition to all of the things that we mentioned above, what is the best thing is that this product comes with a relatively cheaper price tag. So, it might be the ideal option for you if you do not want to sacrifice the quality for money.

Best for Outdoor: Lucky Dog Uptown Wire Kennelest for Potty Training - Richell Pet Training Kennel

About: Many English Bulldogs end up simply being outdoor dogs because they are too large for the house. And if that is your intention, then you might want to begin using a dog crate or kennel outdoors such as Lucky Dog Uptown Wire Kennelest for Potty Training – Richell Pet Training Kennel.

Features: An outdoor crate should be large. That is the reason why you are using it outdoor, right? This one will certainly meet your needs. The Lucky Dog Wire Kennel is big and the one for English Bulldogs that need a functional crate. For these outdoor dog crates, Lucky Dog makes the best in the market.

Despite its complicated look, the Lucky Dog kennel is very easy in terms of setup. The crate comes with pre-assembled panels that quickly connect with one another. What gets 10 points from us that there are no tools required to assemble this crate.

When outside, so much can easily distract your English Bulldog. All it takes is a running squirrel, and they want to escape trying to catch it. But the Lucky Dog kennel comes with a waterproof cover to really provide an anxiety-free environment for your English Bulldog.

This crate also has east to latch and lock doors. The kennel comes with a simple latch and lock doors, open for easy entry/exit swings. Your Great Dane is protected tightly and comfortably by the lock on the gate. For added security, it also matches with any basic padlock.

The kennel is built with top quality stainless steel bolts and rounded corners to prevent your English Bulldog from injuring him or herself easily. To extend the kennel’s life, it is also coated in rust-resistant powder.

This outdoor kennel’s biggest downside is that you cannot transport it easily. You will have to take it apart to put it in storage or take it somewhere. And it definitely takes some time.

With all of the things said, you will need a large enough space for this, it does not matter whether inside or outside the house.

Best Wooden Crate: New Age Pet EcoFlex Crate and Kennel

About: It is one of the best wood dog crates available on the market. So Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate can be used as a crate as well as furniture. So, you can have the one that best serves your home’s décor, and it will perfectly fit.

Features: This one gets five stars from its functionality. We will start by stating that this product is very practical. It can be deconstructed and used as an indoor dog gate and also doubles as an end table.

Do you want to use this as a crate or as a table? It is your choice. It comes in several different finishes and features. It is almost like a crate going to a masked party as a functional end table.

This crate is suitable for the canines that are used to being in a crate. We should warn you about that, this is not the one to train your pup. Yes, it is durable, but make sure you use it with English Bulldogs that already are used to being in a crate.

Do not think of cleaning as a big task when you have this crate. You can just wipe it to clean it. If your English Bulldog sleeps in his crate, you can scrub it down to keep it clean. It can also work well in a bedroom if your pup is sleeping in there. Assembly does not require any tools, so you should be good to go.

This crate is easy to assemble as we mentioned it before because you will not be touching any scary tools. This dog crate is also very large in size, so it offers plenty of space for your English Bulldog to move around. It is made from a material that will not rot or warp. Stainless steel was used for the door and wire.

Buyer’s Guide

Do You Really Need a Crate?

This might be an essential question in your mind because you might not want to invest in something that you and your pup do not need. However, we think that a dog crate is definitely needed as a part of dog care.

Do not assume that fulfilling the nutrition, accommodation and exercise needs of your canine friend is just enough. That might be true for some cases, but getting a dog crate for your English Bulldog can benefit you in a lot of ways that will we mention below.

Your dog needs a crate. That is especially true for a large breed like an English Bulldog. Let’s take a look at the ways a dog crate can be beneficial for your companion.

  1. A Dog Crate Can Provide a Relaxing Place to Rest and Sleep For Your Dog: It may not seem to be true for a tough-looking big breed, but English Bulldogs prefer to live in safe and secure environments. A dog crate can be very helpful, in that sense. That is particularly true if he has no good relationship with loud noises.
  2. Can Be Very Effective When You Have Guests Over: No matter how cute and affectionate your companion is, sometimes people are just afraid of them. English bulldogs have an intimidating look that might add up to the case. A dog crate will be beneficial to separate the afraid ones from your cute friend.
  3. Crates Save Space: English Bulldog is a very big breed. Their belongings will likely take up a lot of space as well. In that sense, getting a dog crate can be sensible since you can put the bed inside the crate.
  4. Can Be Helpful for the Housebreaking: If your pet is not yet housebroken, you should come to the rescue of a dog crate. Because, from time to time, you can place him in his cage, and he will not make a mess in the house.

The situations that we have stated above are the most common ones that pet parents counter frequently. Yet, they are not the only cases that you might need a dog crate. Let’s look at the other ones:

  1. Can Be Helpful If Your Pup Loves Being Near the Dinner Table: The smell of a delicious meal can be tempting for everyone, including your canine companion. If your English Bulldog has that habit, it can be very helpful to put him in a dog crate in such circumstances.
  2. Can Be a Lifesaver When the Cable Guy Comes Over: When some stranger comes into your house, it might be difficult for your dog to adapt. Most dogs do not get on well with foreigners. It will be best for everyone if he stays in his crate until the guest is gone.
  3. Can Be Effective When the Door of Your House is Open: There are times that you need to leave the door of the house open. Bringing groceries to the kitchen for instance.

You might need to leave the door open to get all the stuff into the house. But what might your dog do in that kind of situation? A dog crate would be very useful to prevent your English Bulldog from running away.

  1. Escape from the Vacuum Cleaner: Many dogs have a strong vacuum cleaner problem. If that is the case with your English Bulldog, it can be beneficial to get a dog crate for him to stop him from destroying it.
  2. Dog Crates Come to the Rescue if You Are Traveling a Lot with Your Dog: Many dog crates are designed specifically for travelling. It is going to be great to get such a dog crate as you can go wherever you want with your pet.

We know that the life of every pet parent differs from each other. The situations that we mentioned above might not fit you exactly, but we think that you got the point. However, we are confident that at least one of the situations we mentioned above will be suitable for your case.

No matter the reason, a dog crate might be the solution to your problem. So you might consider purchasing one.

Conclusion: What size crate for an English Bulldog (2020 Reviews)?

Like every other pet product, finding the right dog crate for your English Bulldog might not be that easy. Because today, there are too many products that are trying to fit the different needs of customers.

In this article, we analyzed different kinds of dog crates that might be the one for different households. In our article, we also considered the pet parents who travel with their English Bulldogs and included a dog crate that is ideal for travel.

That is not the only aspect that we have covered in this article. We have also looked at the best dog crate that will not burn pet parents’ pockets. For big breed dogs, we know the importance of outdoor crates. So you can find an example of that, too.

We are confident that at least one of our selections will be a great fit for your canine friend. We hope that this article was helpful!

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