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Best Fully Machine Washable Dog Beds (2020 Reviews)

We talk about how important it is for a dog bed to be machine washable in every article we write. It is a really important feature that every pet parent should consider before buying a dog bed. If a dog bed is machine washable, you can see it in our reviews in the pros section.

But, you might ask, why being fully machine washable is a very important feature to seek in a dog bed? Most of the dog beds in the market have washable or removable covers, and fully machine washable options are not very common.

If you can wash the bed entirely; you can get rid of the dirt, hair, and any kind of liquid that might have stuck inside completely. Those are the things that can cause bad smell in dog beds, and investing in a quality fully machine washable dog bed will save you from that.

Let’s look at the five best fully machine washable dog beds that we chose to review today. We hope you can find the best machine washable dog bed for your canine companion with the help of us. Make sure to check the buyer’s guide section for further information about Best Fully Machine Washable Dog Beds.

Our Selections:

  • Our Top Pick: Best Friends by Sheri Calming Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler (Multiple Sizes)
  • Runner Up: Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed and Anti-Microbial Waterproof Non-Slip Cover
  • Best For Budget: MidWest Deluxe Bolster Pet Bed for Dogs
  • Best With Headrests: Animals Favorite New Rectangle Pet Bed with Dog Paw Printing
  • Best Chew Resistant: K9 Ballistics Tough Rectangle Orthopedic Dog Bed

Our Top Pick: Best Friends by Sheri Calming Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler (Multiple Sizes)

About: Does your dog love to sleep in a curled-up position? Well, you might have just found the perfect bed for him then. Best Friends by Sheri Calming Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler (Multiple Sizes) is the perfect option for the pups who love to snug.

Features: Dogs that sleep in a curled-up position might be doing that because they might want to feel extra secure. The faux fur covering the exterior of this dog bed will provide the most secure sleeping experience for your pup without a doubt. And as you can guess, it is perfect for dogs who love to nest!

The faux fur is completed with a shag type exterior. This will make a good job as being a replacement for your dog’s mother. It serves perfectly for puppies for that purpose, but it is not limited to them. Also, the faux fur does not show any hair or fur if you choose the best color that matches your dog’s fur.

What type of foam is the bed made of? Again, it is one of the essential questions you should ask, as well as the question is the bed fully machine washable? In this bed, memory foam is used, and it has orthopedic features.  If your pup is suffering from muscle and joint pain, this fully machine washable dog bed might help reduce it.

As the name of the review suggests, this dog bed is fully machine washable. Which makes it an easy to clean bed. Just toss it into the washing machine on a gentle cycle and tumble dry.

The only downside of this fully machine washable dog bed is, it is not made for chewers. If your dog is showing destructive behavior, consider getting a more durable bed for him.

Runner Up: Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed and Anti-Microbial Waterproof Non-Slip Cover

About: The best thing that we have liked about this fully machine washable dog bed is that its supportive memory foam base that is approved by CertiPur US. That makes it perfectly safe for your tail-wagger, and you can use Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed and Anti-Microbial Waterproof Non-Slip Cover with a mind at ease.

Features: Again, this bed is for the ones who have joint or muscle problems. It provides the ultimate orthopedic support for your precious canine friends. As we already mentioned, the supportive memory foam base of this bed is approved by CertiPur US.

American bedding certification program ensures that Milliard uses environmentally friendly products. This fully machine washable dog bed is one of them. The cover of this bed is fully antimicrobial and environmentally safe. Which means that no bacteria can reside on your dog’s valued sleep place.

The cover can be removed from the main bed and washed in the washing machine to keep your pup’s bed fresh and clean. However, the bed is not fully waterproof. Meaning that if there is an accident, the urine can leak into the bed.

Since the bed is not waterproof, you might need to wash the cover more frequently. This situation might result in the wearing off of the bed. The bed has anti-slip dots on the base. Which is a very practical feature because it can keep the bed in place.

The bed is entirely machine washable. Even more, you can put it in the dryer. Drying the bed on the sun is not recommended for most of the dog beds anyways.

Best For Budget: MidWest Deluxe Bolster Pet Bed for Dogs

About: You are on a tight budget, but you want to buy a fully machine washable dog bed that is large enough for your dog. If yes, you are reading the right product’s review because MidWest Deluxe Bolster Pet Bed for Dogs is the ideal option for you.

Features: Let’s start with the best thing about this product, which is its practicality. If you have a crate in your house, you can use this bed inside of it. Or you can place it anywhere in your house.

You cannot find a foldable dog bed that easy, and this is a foldable one. That makes it even a better option for backpacking. You can pack it up when you are travelling or throw it in the backseat of your car without any difficulty.

The foam of dog beds is the most important thing. We always recommend purchasing a dog bed made of memory foam, and this bed is not made of one. But considering its price, it is not very surprising. However, do not let this confuse you. It is as comfortable as any dog bed can be.

Another practical quality that we loved about this dog bed is that it has a non-skid bottom. It is very handy if you have a marble or wooden floor since the bed can slip all-around your place.

It is very feasible that you can toss this bed in the washer whenever an accident strikes. As a result, you will have a fresh and clean bed at all times. This pet bed also includes a one-year manufacturer’s warranty to secure your right to get your money back if your dog manages to destroy it.

Best With Headrests: Animals Favorite New Rectangle Pet Bed with Dog Paw Printing

About: Some dogs love to rest their heads on their beds. If your dog is one of them, Animals Favorite New Rectangle Pet Bed with Dog Paw Printing is the right one for him. It will make your pup so secure that he would not want to sleep anywhere else.

Features: The rims of the bed are made of very soft material so your dog will feel really comfortable when he rests his head on them. The bolsters make this fully machine washable dog bed a good choice for canines who love to curl up while sleeping and create a sense of security.

Just like the rims, the interior is made of the same soft material. The exterior is made of fur that will remind your pup of his mamma. All of these qualities are gathered only for your pup’s safety and comfort in this one particular bed. He will be surely sleeping on this product for long hours.

When your dog sleeps on this bed by Animals Favorite, his body heats up the product. By that way, it provides extra comfort and warmth for him. That is why this product can be an excellent choice if you live in a place with cold weather.

We can assure you that this bed is very durable. Pups love to sleep on it, and pet parents are amazed by the mixture of a durable base and comfortable cushioning. It will surely last your pup for a long time.

Best Chew Resistant: K9 Ballistics Tough Rectangle Orthopedic Dog Bed

About: K9 Ballistics dog bed company is famous around the pet parents who have a dog with a chewing habit. They already know this manufacturer because they make very high-quality chew resistant dog beds and K9 Ballistics Tough Rectangle Orthopedic Dog Bed is not an exception.

Features: Most of the dog beds we reviewed come in a round shape. This product differs from them in terms of its shape since this is one of K9 Ballistics’ rectangle products. Apparently, round ones are not the only comfortable ones in the market.

The cover of this bed is made of very durable material. It is chew-resistant, made especially for diggers, scratchers, and light to moderate chewers. But it is not suitable for dogs who have severe chewing habits. They will find a way to destroy this bed, so you definitely need a stronger one.

The cover is also water, scratch, and bite proof. Waterproof dog beds are a lot more convenient than regular beds, so it is always a plus feature for us. Water-resistance is very important for dogs who suffer severe incontinence. So that their bed can stay fresh and clean for a very long time.

Amazingly, this product manages to be chew resistant, bite resistant and also comfortable at the same time.

If your dog damages the bed within the first 120 days of your purchase, you can get a new one. This dog bed has a 120-day chew proof warranty available. If you have doubts that your canine friend will destroy it, the warranty will definitely come in handy.

As the name of the article suggests, you can safely throw this in the machine safely to clean it. It is a fully machine washable dog bed that is very easy to clean.

Buyer’s Guide

What to Look for in a Machine Washable Dog Bed?

Memory Foam Filling

Most dogs at some point in their life will experience muscle problems, but big dog breeds are more prone to this health problem. The most common problems are called hip dysplasia and arthritis. To prevent these conditions or ease your dog’s pain if he already has one, getting a memory foam dog bed is a huge lifesaver.

The aim of memory foam dog beds is to protect muscles through their therapeutic properties. So, that kind of filling was first used in hospitals and used to help people that have muscle problems.


Your dog cannot feel comfortable no matter how quality filling the bed is made of if it does not fit its size. That is especially true for the big dog breeds. Every dog deserves to feel secure and right in their sleeping place. That is why getting a dog bed that is the right size for your canine is essential.

Odor Resistant Material

We know that you might be thinking that what bad can come out of your beautiful precious little dog, right? We are aware that pet parents do not complain about their canine companions a lot.

However,  some of you might be got sick of dealing with stubborn dog odor. For your favor, odor resistant dog beds are on sale on the market. They do a fantastic job at concealing the bad smell coming from your dog. 

Hypoallergenic Material

Hypoallergenic dog beds are definitely helpful if your pup has a seasonal allergy. Because hypoallergenic dog beds will not let the allergy-causing agents into the bed. So, they will help you create an allergy-free environment around the house and defend your precious pup.

Cooling Feature

Some dog beds have additional cooling gel inserted in them. The aim of that is to provide extra cool for dogs. If yours has an overheating issue, getting one of the cooling dog beds might be a good idea.

Waterproof Material

Dogs might have a lot of problems and incontinence issue is one of them. Since it is a common problem, and it is frustrating both for the pet and the pet parents, a waterproof dog bed might be needed.

It is very annoying for the dogs to pee where they sleep. Because they do not do that normally. They just cannot control their bladder and do not know what is even going on.

Of course, it might be annoying for the caregiver, too. Since you have to clean up the mess every time, you might start considering getting a waterproof dog bed. They don’t let the liquid get into the bed. So, a waterproof dog bed will save you a lot of time when your dog has accidents.

Non-Skid Bottom

Anti-slip bottoms are very beneficial if your apartment has a marble or wooden floor. Because regular bends can slide around on those types of floors. Dog beds that come with a non-skid bottom hold on to the ground in a strong manner and do not slide around.

You will find the bed wherever you left every time and prevent accidents that can occur. You cannot know if your dog will hop on the bed and do not slip. If it does not have an anti-slip bottom, of course.

Conclusion: Best Fully Machine Washable Dog Beds (2020 Reviews)

Being able to toss a bed into the machine and getting a clear bed in return is the most practical thing when you have a dog. A fully machine washable dog bed definitely makes pet parents’ life a lot easier.

For that reason, we reviewed some of the best fully machine washable dog beds in the market to help you out. Because we know that it is a difficult task to pick the right bed for your canine companion, so we wanted to help you out. Hope you found this article helpful!

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