Why is My Dog So Clingy All of a Sudden?

Can a German Shepherd Live in an Apartment?

A German Shepherd living in an apartment? It might sound impossible at first, but when you think about it, why a German Shepherd can’t live in an apartment? Or is it really a bad idea to make your German Shepherd live with you in an apartment? It is a commonly asked question by many people.

To tell you the truth, German Shepherds can live in an apartment if you meet their basic needs accordingly. Yes, German Shepherds can live in apartments, but only if you provide their basic needs.

Most people think that living in an apartment with a German Shepherd is so difficult and not possible. However, it is not completely impossible for you and your German Shepherd to live in an apartment.

However, you have to take care of your dog’s needs if you want to make him live in an apartment. Another issue is the size of the apartment. Many people tend to believe that the size of the apartment plays a very important role when taking care of a German Shepherd.

It is actually the opposite. The size of the apartment does not really make a difference if you are concerned about the process of your dog growing up in a small place. What is important is how you are taking care of your German Shepherd. You need to manage your dog’s needs as a pet parent.

German Shepherd has breed-specific needs that play a significant role when your pup is growing up. Let’s examine how you can make a German Shepherd live in an apartment happily and healthily.

Concerns About German Shepherds and Apartments

First of all, the most and the only important thing is taking proper care of your dog’s mental and physical health when it comes to apartment living with any kind of dog breed. It does not matter you have a German Shepherd or a Teacup Maltese at home, you have to know what your dog’s breed requires and meet those needs when living in an apartment.

Among the things that most dogs need, we can say that all dogs need exercise and affection. If your dog is having separation anxiety or another mental problem, it should also be addressed to solve the problem immediately when you are living in an apartment.

Now, let’s talk about different things that you need to consider if you want to live in an apartment with your German Shepherd.

The Right Apartment for a German Shepherd

As starters, you have to find a place to live with the German Shepherd that accepts large dogs such as yours. You might face some complications with this one because most apartments have weight and size limits when it comes to pets.

In addition, some apartments claim that German Shepherd is an aggressive breed and it is not wanted in the residences. In this situation, the only reasonable thing to do is being honest and do not try to sneak in apartments with your German Shepherd if they are not allowing you.

Find a dog-friendly building if you can. In an ideal world, you would want to live in a place where people do not mind barking and other difficult sides of having a dog. Good luck with that one!

Why is My Dog So Clingy All of a Sudden?

German Shepherds and Exercise

German Shepherds are one of the dog breeds that need lots of exercise. You have to go out and play with him a lot, especially when there is no room for that in your apartment. You have to take a lot of walks with your German Shepherd because they are not lapdogs, and they do not like to lay around a lot either.

Try to find an apartment that is close to a dog park so that you can go and have fun easily. Do not forget to give him at least 2 hours of off-leash time. If that is not possible, try to find a place that you can give your dog a little bit of freedom by consulting with local vets and dog trainers.

As a plan B, you can buy an extra-long leash to let him explore the park. However, do not do this if you are anywhere crowded.

When You are Off to Work

Taking care of your dog’s mental and physical health has to be your top priority. However, you cannot ignore the fact that you have to go to work to pay for the bills and the rent. What to do when you are off to work? This might be the most concerning questions that most people who are planning to adopt a German Shepherd.

If you are going to off to work for a long time, you might consider giving your dog crate training.  A large crate that is much bigger than your German Shepherd is a necessity. However, if you cannot spare a room for your dog’s crate, you should look for portable options.

You can also try to give a room to your dog to hang around while you are not home. However, you should be very careful about it because German Shepherds can break down doors and destroy rooms, as you might already know.

Conclusion: Can a German Shepherd Live in an Apartment?

German Shepherd is a large breed that has breed-specific needs. That is why most people believe that it is impossible for most people to live in an apartment with such a big dog. However, that might not be the case for everyone. If you can meet those needs we mentioned above, there would be no problem living with a German Shepherd in an apartment.

The first thing to make sure is that the apartment you will be living with your dog has no bans against dogs or German Shepherds. Also, you might want to consider a building where people do not care about barking and other dog-related stuff. We are hoping that you can find a place where your German Shepherd can live peacefully.

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