Can Dogs Drink Ensure?

Can Dogs Drink Ensure?

It is usual for pet owners to look for ways to improve the health of their pets. Dog owners are always looking for simple things to add to the diet of a dog. Other times, a dog owner wants to help a sick dog get well soon. Overall, it is normal for pet owners to wonder whether some human food or drink is fit for consumption by a dog. We will look at how Ensure can affect the health of your dog.

The short answer is yes. Dogs can drink Ensure in reasonable quantities. Ensure shakes are designed for human consumption to act as a shake, snack, or meal supplement. It is a complete meal that includes 26 vitamins and supplements. Let’s dive into the detail for feeding Ensure to your dog.

Why You Might Want to Consider Giving Your Dog Ensure

First of all, you need to talk to your vet before attempting to give your dog Ensure. Your vet will advise you on the right way to go about it. Second, it is not advisable to give a dog Ensure if they are lactose intolerant. Although the company has reduced the amount of lactose in the shake, it is not worth the risk.

Third, Ensure contains a wide variety of nutrients that can assist your dog in bulking up. You can use it for a dog with a poor appetite or find it tough to maintain the ideal weight. Fourth, it is an option you can consider when your dog is not eating due to sickness. Using Ensure is a simple way to make sure that your dog gets the daily essential nutrients. Fifth, you can use Ensure to encourage your dog to drink fluids and prevent dehydration.

How Do I Know Whether A Dog Can Digest Ensure?

There is no direct way to know whether your dog will favor Ensure except through trial and error. Dogs that are lactose intolerant can experience adverse effects after drinking Ensure. The only way to determine the compatibility of a dog and Ensure is by trial and error.

Even then, there is still a chance that your dog won’t take well to the drink. The trick is to keep a close eye on the dog after feeding him Ensure. It would be best if you visited your vet in case you notice any symptoms of discomfort.

How to Start Giving a Dog Ensure

Ensure it is designed for human consumption, and you cannot give a dog the same quantity that you take. You need to start by mixing a small amount of water and give your dog. Some dogs may refuse the drink because they don’t like the taste or the texture.

 When your dog takes the drink, keep a close eye to see how he is doing. If you don’t see any side effects, you can up the content slowly over several weeks. In case you notice any side effects like diarrhea, discontinue immediately.

When Should You Discontinue the Use of Ensure

The time you discontinue using Ensure depends on what you wanted to attain when you started giving the drink to your dog. You can discontinue use when a dog gains adequate weight or gets better.

People who give Ensure to dogs to avoid dehydration should look for ways to encourage them to drink water. You can discontinue using Ensure when summer is over, and the heat has considerably subdued. If you are unsure after discontinuing the drink, consult your vet and get some expert advice.

Can Dogs Drink Ensure?

In What Form Ensure is Available?

Ensure it is available in powder or liquid form. It is essential to remember to water down the drink when you start giving it to your dog. The instructions on the package are meant for human beings.

You need to start with a weak solution when testing to see if your dog will adopt the drink seamlessly. Whether you decide to buy liquid or powder form will depend on your preference. The best flavors are vanilla or Ensure Plus, as they have a higher chance of not disagreeing with your dog.

How Much Should You Give Your Dog?

The content of serving that manufacturers give on the package is for human consumption. You can start with about a fifth of the amount since most dogs weigh less than humans. You can use a smaller amount for smaller dogs in the beginning. Do not ever exceed the amount that an adult can consume in a day.

You can use a needless syringe to feed a dog that is feeling unwell and not eating. Start with a tablespoon of the mix, place the needless syringe between the jaws and cheeks. Release the mix slowly into the mouth of the dog. Check the throat to see whether the dog is swallowing. Be careful not to release too much of the mix at a time as it may go to the lungs of the dog. Your dog likes the mixture when you see them licking lips after feeding. Repeat the procedure every 30-45 minutes.

Can I Use Ensure as a Food Replacement?

No. Do not attempt to use Ensure as a meal replacement for your dog. You need to maintain a healthy diet for your dog even when you give it Ensure. It can be tempting to give a dog the drink in large quantities to bulk but do not.

Ensure should only be a temporary solution to your problem. It would help if you did not give Ensure to your dog over prolonged periods without your vet’s consent. Talk to your vet about healthy ways to improve your dog’s diet to cushion weight loss due to illness or loss of appetite.


Never give your dog a new serving of Ensure when you are not around to watch him. Dogs are sensitive to different foods than humans. Leaving a dog unsupervised after giving him Ensure can result in complications, and you won’t be around to rush the dog to a vet. Consult with your vet before you start giving your dog the drink. A simple consultation can save you a lot of regrets in the future.

What Do Vets Say?

There is no unanimous agreement in the veterinary community about the use of Ensure on dogs. Some vets agree, and others disagree with the practice. You can use it as a temporary solution for dogs that aren’t lactose intolerant. Prolonged use must be receiving the green light from a vet, and the necessary test carried out to check the health of the dog. Overall, it is safe for dogs to drink. Ensure in small quantities.

Conclusion: Can Dogs Drink Ensure?

In this article, we talked about the question of whether dogs can drink Ensure. To sum up, we can say that dogs can drink ensure as long as it is in reasonable amounts. Because Ensure has been designed to provide essential vitamins and minerals required for humans and it can be beneficial for dogs as well.

However, in any case, always be careful about the amount that you’re feeding to your pup and check for the effects after you feed it.

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