Can Dogs Drink Powerade?

As puppy parents, we always want what is best for them. We give them a cozy home where they feel safe and secure, delicious, quality food to live a healthy life, and of course, lots of belly rubs. Yet, sometimes we want to add a little bit of fun into their routine.

We give them popsicles on hot summer days or substitutes for water. When choosing the substitutes for water, we all need to be really careful as our dogs’ health should be the priority. In this case, some pet parents give Powerade to their dogs instead of water once in a while. But the question is, can dogs drink Powerade?

Before getting to our detailed answer, let’s start by giving our short one. No, dogs can’t drink Powerade. Because it contains caffeine and other additives that are harmful to dogs. So, it is a good idea to avoid it altogether.

Why Is Proper Hydration Important for Dogs?

Drinking enough water is not only important for human beings but also dogs on a daily basis, along with a balanced diet. Water carries the nutrients to the cells and helps the digestion. Drinking water is also essential to balance body temperature and keep it at a normal level. Water also makes movement much easier by lubricating the joints.

Therefore, drinking enough water is important for a dog’s body to function properly and live a happy, healthy life. As dogs love to run around and play, water aids them in every movement. It is also essential for dogs to drink enough water on hot days to keep the body temperature normal

How Much Water Should A Dog Drink?

Dogs need to drink about one ounce of water per pound of the body every single day. Of course, this calculation can change according to your dog’s activities or the environment the dog is living in. If your dog is very active and gets plenty of exercise, he may need more water. Or if you are living in a hot climate area, your dog may need to drink more water. 

The dog’s diet is another factor that affects how much water is needed. If your dog mostly eats canned food, he may not need to drink as much water because 70-80% of canned dog food is water. 

A healthy dog should drink enough water daily. However, some diseases and situations can cause dehydration in dogs such as metabolic disorders, kidney diseases, pregnancy or cancer. Dehydrated dogs have dry and sunken eyeballs as well as a dry mouth and nose. The gums might also look pale in color and be dry and sticky.  

What to Do If A Dog Doesn’t Like to Drink Water?

You may think that your dog does not like drinking water. However, there are many factors that you need to take into consideration as to why your pet is rejecting to drink water.

  • You need to provide fresh water every single day. Believe it or not, it makes a huge difference. 
  • Keep the water bowl clean as much as possible. You can also try water bowls of different sizes, shapes, and colors to see if it helps.
  • Sometimes dogs may react differently to different types of water. If you are using tap water, you can try to refrigerate it a little bit for a different taste. You can also try filtered, distilled, or bottled water and see which one is your dog’s favorite.
  • Canned dog food is a great way to help your dog drink more water without him, even realizing it.
  • Pets also love to drink free-flowing water. You can try water fountains, or you can simply turn the tap on from time to time to see if your dog shows interest in drinking it.

What If You Want Your Pup to Enjoy Something Other than Water?

It is always emphasized that dogs should drink water as their primary source of hydration. However, they also love to try new tastes as their mouth and tongue are important features for them to discover the world around them. Sometimes owners share their own food or drink to see their dog’s reaction. However, you need to be really careful with what you give to your dog as some drinks may not be safe for your pup.

Even though dogs drink milk when they are newborn puppies, they do not need to drink milk in their adulthood. In fact, most dogs become lactose intolerant as they age. They may not be able to process the milk you give them, and they may suffer from a tummy upset.

Tea and coffee are the drinks you should keep away from your dog. The caffeine found in tea and coffee might cause caffeine poisoning in dogs even when consumed in small amounts. Drinks with caffeine can also cause high blood pressure and hyperactivity in dogs. It is best to avoid them. 

Is Powerade Safe for Dogs?

The main question is, can dogs drink Powerade? A dog can have a few sips of Powerade if you really want, however, it is not recommended. Even though Powerade may be great as a source of hydration for humans from time to time, it contains high amounts of sodium and sugar. The amount of sugar found in Powerade is not safe for dogs to consume, as in the long run, your dog may suffer from diabetes or obesity.

One other downside to Powerade is that it contains a lot of additives. The human body may be able to process such additives much easier than our furry friends. Some of these additives may cause vomiting or diarrhea, which could potentially harm the digestive system of your dog. So, it is best to avoid giving Powerade to dogs altogether. 

Conclusion: Can Dogs Drink Powerade?

Water should be the primary source of hydration for dogs as it provides everything that a pup needs. If you think your dog is suffering from dehydration, giving water substitutes such as Powerade is not the best idea. Dogs suffering from dehydration need to be examined and treated by a veterinarian. 

On the other hand, if you want to give Powerade to your dog for a change, we would advise you not to because of the high amounts of sugar and additives found in Powerade. It could cause diabetes and obesity in the long run, as well as vomiting or diarrhea.

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