Can Dogs Eat Calamari?

If you cooked some amazing food, there is a good chance that your dog will be around to get some. So, you might be wondering whether dogs can eat calamari. If that is the case, you’re in the right place. Because in this article, we will answer that question in a detailed way.

Dogs can eat calamari as long as it is not fried. Because it is a good protein source that is very low in calories. But dogs can not eat fried calamari because of the ingredients that are harmful to them such as unhealthy fat, wheat, and salt.

To better understand the effects of calamari and its effects on dogs, let’s its nutritional value and the ingredients used in fried calamari. But first, let’s talk about what calamari is.

What is Calamari?

Calamari is edible seafood made from squid. It’s is an excellent source of protein when it is not fried. So, it can be a great addition to your dog’s diet, and dogs can eat calamari.

But the situation is different for fried calamari. Because fried calamari is very high in calories, and it contains some ingredients that are harmful to your dog that we will talk about below. 

Nutritional Value

High in Protein

Calamari is a great protein source because it is very high in protein and low in calories. It can be a great addition to your dog’s diet because your pup should have a diet that is high in protein.

Protein is essential in the sense that it will make sure that your pup will thrive and have a healthy life. Squid is abundant in protein and enhances the production of chemicals, enzymes, and hormones crucial for your dog’s development. Also, it is a great energy source that will help your dog to have a healthy life throughout his life.


Calamari also contains a high amount of copper. Copper is an essential mineral because it is necessary for red blood production and the production of iron.

Copper stimulates the process of making red blood cells (RBCs) as it helps in the storage and production of iron which forms red blood cells.


Zinc is another mineral found in high amounts in calamari. Making sure that your dog has enough zinc in his diet is important because it is known for boosting the immune system.

As we mentioned above, calamari is very nutritious when it is not fried. But thing change when it is fried because of all the ingredients that we will mention below.


Ingredients in Fried Calamari

Wheat Flour

As you already know, calamari is dipped in wheat flour when it is fried. Even though most dogs don’t have a problem with digesting wheat flour, some dogs can have trouble with it. That is one of the main reasons we say dogs can not eat fried calamari.

The problem with is that it is made of grain and a lot of dogs have a problem with processing it. First, after processing wheat flour becomes empty carbs. So, it doesn’t offer any nutritional value.

Other than that, most dogs have allergies to gluten, which is also found in wheat flour. Common symptoms of allergies to gluten are skin irritation, diarrhea, and throwing up.


Most pet parents think that fat is not good for dogs, but that is not true. Because fat is essential for your dog to have a healthy life. But it can also provide a better immune system, and they are also crucial for some fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E, and K to be absorbed in your dog’s body.

But that is only true for saturated fat. Mostly, trans fat is issued to make fried calamari. Trans fat can be harmful to dogs for a couple of reasons. First, it is very high in calories. Also, some studies show that it can cause heart problems.


Fried calamari is loaded with salt, and this is another reason why we say no to the question of dogs can not eat fried calamari. Even though salt is necessary for both dogs and humans, it can be harmful when consumed too much.

Because salt can cause several issues for dogs such as cardiovascular disease and it can even damage the brain health. Also, it can worsen the symptoms of some diseases, especially in senior dogs.

Is Calamari Bad for Dogs?

All the reasons we mentioned above convince us to say that dogs can eat calamari. Because it is an excellent protein source and it is also very low in calories. So, it can be a great choice for dogs that have a weight problem.

But we can not say the same things for fried calamari. Because it contains some harmful ingredients that can be bad for your dog.

First, fried calamari is made with unhealthy fats such as trans-fat, which can be harmful to your dog’s heart. Other than that, it is high in salt, that can irregulate the blood pressure. 

Another thing that is worth mentioning about the fried calamari is that it is made with wheat flour. That ingredient can also be harmful to some dogs since most dogs have allergies to gluten.

So, fried calamari can cause stomach problems and even vomiting in some dogs. That is why you should always watch out for the after-effects if your pup ends up eating some.

Conclusion: Can Dogs Eat Calamari?

Calamari is a healthy and safe protein source for dogs, and most dogs love the taste of it. But the problem starts when your dog eats fried calamari.

Because the ingredients used when making fried calamari such as fat, salt, and wheat flour make us say that dogs can not eat calamari. So, if your dog ends up eating some, you should always see how your dog reacts to it. 

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