can dogs eat cheerios

Can Dogs Eat Cheerios?

Cheerios is a very popular American cereal brand. It’s made of oats that were pulverized and shaped into a solid torus that we all know and love. But one may ask, is Cheerios safe for dogs to eat?

The answer is yes; dogs can indeed eat Cheerios. There is nothing essentially harmful to dogs in Cheerios, as long as you do not feed them the chocolate flavored one. However, they will not gain any benefits from eating Cheerios either. There is a good chance your dog will like the taste of Cheerios, so you can give some as a treat. But just a little bit as a snack.

Now let us first inspect the nutrition values of Cheerios to cultivate an idea about its potential benefits and risks towards our beloved pets.

Nutritional Value

Vitamin B12

It is important to note that Cheerios is packed with Vitamin B12. Just 35 grams of Cheerios is enough to satisfy an adult human’s daily B12 requirement.

Vitamin B12 is essential for the brain functionality and nervous system of your four-legged baby, as well as the creation of new blood cells. Deficiency of Vitamin B12 can lead to severe and various issues with your dog’s health. It is also essential for iron absorption in the body.

Other than that, vitamin B12 can be beneficial to your dog in the sense that it boosts the intestinal health of the dog, making digestion healthier.

Vitamin B6

Cheerios is also rich in Vitamin B6, which is the key molecule for growth in puppies. It is required not only for protein synthesis, but it is also linked to the secretion of hormones that control your dog’s general mood.

Moreover, Vitamin B6 regulates the homocysteine hormone in the bloodstream, reducing the risk of heart complications.


Cheerios has a moderate amount of fiber. Although dogs don’t necessarily require a high-fiber diet, if your dog suffers from digestive issues, it can be beneficial.


Both humans and dogs need a daily intake of iron for various physiological processes. Blood synthesis is the most significant example. Although iron is mostly found in meat, Cheerios can still provide a bit of a boost for dogs when they eat it.

Iron is directly linked to red blood cell and hemoglobin production. A number of enzymes rely on iron to function as well. Therefore, your four-legged baby needs to derive sufficient nutrients from the food to maintain a good shape, and iron ensures that this transport process works effectively.


Calcium is yet another essential mineral found in Cheerios. Everyone knows that Calcium is good for bones, and they are right. More than 98% of Calcium in a dog’s body is stored in its bones. Your dog needs a good amount of Calcium to maintain its teeth and bone health.

Other Nutrients

Cheerios also contain moderate amounts of other minerals, such as Zinc, Manganese, Potassium, and Folate. All of them are beneficial to dog health.

can dogs eat cheerios

Is Cheerios Bad for Dogs?

By looking at all of the reasons explained above, it is safe to say that dogs can eat Cheerios. The ingredients are not harmful and, beneficial, but their quantity is also not nearly sufficient to cause a significant positive effect. So, make sure your dog is getting enough nutrition from its meals before tossing Cheerios around.

However, you should be wary of the flavor. Even though dogs can eat cheerios except for chocolate, it is better if you stick with the original. The simpler the cereal, the better for the dog. It is best if you use Cheerios as a light treat and do not substitute it for real food, but you don’t have to worry if your kid accidentally feeds them to your dog.

Some vets even recommend using Cheerios instead of commercial dog treats if your dog is overweight. That is because they have a tasty flavor and a crunchy texture, which makes them excellent treats. Meanwhile, Cheerios are relatively low in calories. As a result, they are suitable to take place in a dog’s diet.

Cheerios is also a good way of training puppies. Most of the dog treats available have a lot more flavor than ordinary dog food, so puppies may lose interest in them. Cheerios, on the other hand, is fairly bland in terms of flavor. So, it can be considered an enjoyable treat that does not steal away a dog’s full interest.

Conclusion: Can Dogs Eat Cheerios?

Yes, they absolutely can cheerios, but that does not mean they should. Dogs like the taste and texture of Cheerios, and it is a good alternative for a low-calorie snack. However, whatever you do, do not make Cheerios an integral part of your fur baby’s diet. Dogs should take most of the calories and nutrients from dog food, which are specifically made for satisfying their requirements. Cheerios are just empty calories, albeit not harmful to health.

Abstain from giving a lot of Cheerios to your dog at once, because even if Cheerios is a simple cereal, large amounts will either fill the dog’s tummy with low nutrition value or cause a stomach upset.

Do not forget that breakfast cereals such as Cheerios are made for satisfying human nutritional needs. They are not meant for dog meal replacements. Keep using them only as training treats or occasional light snacks for your four-legged baby, provide necessary nutrition, and you will help them stay as healthy and as happy as possible.

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