can dogs eat chorizo

Can Dogs Eat Chorizo?

You know the feeling when you’re eating something, and your dog just stares at you to get a bite. That makes you guilty since you want to share it with your dog but can’t be sure whether it is safe for him. That is especially true for something that they would devour in seconds like chorizo. But don’t worry, in this article, we will answer the question of whether dogs can eat chorizo or not.

Let’s start by giving our short answer. Dogs can eat chorizo in moderate amounts. Because chorizo is made by pork meat, which is an excellent protein source. But it is also seasoned with some ingredients such as salt, paprika, and onion which can be harmful to some dogs.

Now, let’s see how chorizo is made and see the potential benefits and harms of chorizo for dogs.

How is Chorizo Made?

Chorizo is made with chopped pork meat and pork fat, often seasoned with paprika, onion, and salt. The sausage is stuffed into pork guts, whether the small intestine and the large (for instance), in our time, are used edible skin of non-animal origin.

Ingredients Used for Seasoning


Chorizo is dipped into salt for seasoning and make it taste better. It is also good for prolonging the shelf life of chorizo. To understand whether salt is good or bad for dogs, let’s see its effects.

Salt is made from sodium, which is an essential mineral for life. It is beneficial for regulating the blood pressure and balancing the body fluids in the body.

But that is true for only normal amounts. Because if your dog consumes too much salt, it can be harmful to him since it can raise blood pressure to high levels.

That can be dangerous because it will cause greater strain on the heart and kidney of your dog. Also, it can worsen the symptoms of some diseases, especially in senior dogs.

In extreme cases, too much salt consumption can even be toxic and cause hypernatremia.


As we mentioned above, onion is a common ingredient used for seasoning. Onion is one of the reasons we hesitate towards the question of whether dogs can eat chorizo.

Because onion contains thiosulphate, which can be harmful to dogs. Because it can cause a condition called Heinz body anemia. It is a severe condition that can destroy the blood cells.


Paprika is another ingredient used for seasoning when making chorizo. Even though it can make it flavorful, it can also be harmful to some dogs.

Because paprika can cause skin irritation in dogs, so it is good to avoid it altogether. Besides that, spices like paprika can cause stomach problems, gastrointestinal irritation, and even diarrhea. 


Garlic is the only ingredient used in the seasoning of chorizo that is not harmful to dogs even though most pet parents think otherwise. The reason people believe garlic is harmful to dogs is that garlic is part of the allium species of plants and it contains thiosulphate.

Like an onion, it can cause Heinz body anemia in dogs when consumed too much. Even though it is true for onion, the case is not the same for garlic. Because your dog has to eat ridiculous amounts of garlic for it to cause an issue.

Many people think that garlic is dangerous for dogs is because of a Golden Retriever that died because of eating too much garlic. But many people dismiss the fact that he ate around 60 cloves, which is an excessive amount.

Despite common belief, garlic is not only safe for dogs, but it also has even some health benefits such as generating blood clots, decreasing cholesterol levels, and widening blood vessels. 

Ok, But Can Dogs Eat Chorizo?

Even though pork meat in chorizo is not bad for dogs, the ingredients used for seasoning are the problems. Let’s see those ingredients and their effects in details.

Paprika is a spice that can cause eye and skin irritation in dogs, and it is best to avoid it altogether. Other than that, it can cause stomach problems.

Onion contains thiosulphate, which can be harmful to dogs, and it can cause Heinz body anemia. This condition can cause blood cells.

If your pup has eaten too much chorizo, you should look for the symptoms to see if he has a bad reaction to any of the ingredients. Those symptoms include swelling, vomiting, and diarrhea. 

If your dog throws up, you should give him a little bit of water. If those symptoms continue, you can clean up his stomach by giving him some boiled skinless, boneless chicken, and white rice.

You should keep in mind not to add any salt or seasoning to the rice or chicken. You should keep feed your dog for about three days and get back to his regular diet after two days.

If you try that and the symptoms continue, a call to the vet might be a good idea.

Conclusion: Can Dogs Eat Chorizo?

Protein is essential for dogs, and chorizo is filled with protein. That is also the reason most dogs love the taste of it.

Although the pork meat in chorizo is not bad for dogs, other ingredients used for seasoning make us hesitate to say that dogs can eat chorizo.

Paprika can cause stomach problems and even diarrhea. Onion contains thiosulphate, which can be harmful to dogs and cause condition called Heinz body anemia.

We can say that dogs can eat chorizo in moderate amounts. But it is always a good idea to see the after-effects.

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