can dogs eat fried chicken

Can Dogs Eat Fried Chicken?

Who doesn’t love fried chicken next to rice or potatoes for dinner? I guess we all do, except our vegan and vegetarian fellows. Even our dogs will come to the kitchen to see what’s coming out for today’s dinner when they hear the sizzle of chicken fillets on the pan.

They will, of course, want to have their bites and stretch their nose as close as possible to the cooker! They are not to blame for wanting those crispy, crunchy, juicy, and tender pleasure bites.

However, it does not mean that dogs can eat fried chicken. As a pet parent, you will want to share your delicious fried chicken with your dog, but since you are a very responsible one, you may want to share your boneless and skinless chicken breast instead. Wondering why? If so, keep reading.

What’s Wrong with Fried Chicken?

Fried foods are not good choices for dogs in general, even occasionally. Yes, most pet foods contain various versions of chicken, and it is a highly used content for many commercial dog foods, kibble, and canned foods.

For that reason, you might think that chicken is good for dog foods and that there is no harm feeding your dog with fried chicken. That’s exactly where you want to be wary if you do not want your dog to have serious health problems.

Yes, chickens are great sources of proteins, but when you dip them in batter, add your spices, garlic, and onion, which are toxic for dogs, and fry them in a huge amount of fat, you are fixing a disastrous recipe for your dog. 

If you feed your dog with foods that contain high-fat, which all the fried foods are, they will put on a lot of weight and become fat. Fat dogs do not have a long life span, and they are not going to be living happily, either.

Obesity can bring pancreatitis, which is one of the most common factors of dogs who have diabetes. Diseases can be genetic, or they may be related to other causes, but eating fried or breaded chicken are factors that can be controlled by the parents.

As dogs develop diabetes, their health and fitness begin to suffer. Also, a high amount of salt in fried and breaded chickens are leading factors of heart diseases for dogs.

If your dog eats too much fatty food, he can also have diarrhea, or even vomit depending on the amount he consumed. Cooked bones are as dangerous as fried chicken, so you may want to watch out for that too.

can dogs eat fried chicken

Are There Better Options?

While it is not recommended, do not forget to remove it from the bone and take the skin off next time you want to give your dog a piece of fried chicken, just giving him the meat itself. Also, you can find different kinds of dog treats that contain chicken and are safe for them.

As a replacement of fried or breaded chicken for your dog, you can definitely go with cooked, bland, and baked chicken breast. This way, they will still benefit from all the nutrition values of chickens and not have the health problems that were mentioned above.

You can also boil your chicken breast, shred them, and mix them with your dog’s usual food. You can freeze the rest of them in individual-serving-size bags and serve your dog later when he craves chicken again.

After all, dogs do not know the difference between fried chicken or a bland one. For your dog, anything that nearly tastes like chicken is already a great treat. If you feed your dog with chicken and it’s with bones, it has to be raw. Raw bones are going to be totally fine for your dog as opposed to the cooked ones.

Is Your Dog Begging for Fried or Breaded Chicken?

 It’s Sunday, and you are having a fried chicken feast with your family members. Your dog comes by the table and wants to be a part of your feast while listening to your chattering. More often than not, he will beg for the fried chicken because the smell is all over the dining room.

In that case, you can prepare the snacks of your pet in advance and feed him those while you enjoy your dinner with your family. That way, he will be busy eating his snacks while you gobble your fried chicken up. So, next time your dog looks at you with those cute and convincing eyes to get his share of fried chicken, think thrice!

If you do not want your dog to be begging all the time, as some parents want to discourage begging, then remove your dog from the dining room while you are enjoying your dinner. However, do not forget to leave him snacks later on so that he won’t be hungry before he dives into his dreams.

Conclusion: Can Dogs Eat Fried Chicken?

Do not give your dog fried or breaded chicken. Obviously, fried or breaded chicken is one of our favorite meals, but it is not for your dog. High-amount of fat in fried chicken and in fried food, in general, can cause serious health problems in dogs.

These health problems include diabetes, pancreatitis, and obesity. They can also have diarrhea and vomit. These health problems won’t let your dog have a happy nor long life. Cooked bones, spices, onion, and garlic also have to be in the blacklist of your dog as they are nothing but bad stuff for your pup. Instead, you can try to serve him the skinless, boneless, bland chicken breast, or merely a boiled chicken breast.

Smaller dogs are even more prone to the problems that come with fried foods, but eventually, all dogs are at risk if they consume high-fat and sodium-rich food regularly. Be consistent with the dog food and be strict about it as they will replace what your dog needs from an evolutionary perspective. That way, you will keep your pooch healthy and avoid long bills from vets.

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