can dogs eat gravy? it seems like this dog will have some!

Can Dogs Eat Gravy?

If you made a roast with a lot of delicious gravy in it, it’s not surprising that your pooch is glancing at you to have some. Because they know how delicious it is, but can dogs eat gravy or is gravy bad for dogs? These are the questions that we will answer in this article.

Can Dogs Eat Gravy?

Let’s start by giving our short answer. Sadly, no, dogs shouldn’t have gravy because it is bad for them. At least that is certainly the case for commercial gravies because they contain a lot of ingredients that can be harmful to your pooch. But things are not that bad for homemade recipes.

But what are the ingredients in commercial products that make us think gravy is bad for dogs?

Common Harmful Nutrients Found in Commercial Gravies

Wheat Flour

Wheat flour is a common ingredient in most products sold in the stores. Even though most dogs have no problem with digesting it, some of them can encounter issues after consuming wheat.

But the problem is not only with wheat itself but with the flour because wheat flour is made by processing the grain. After processing, flour doesn’t have any nutritional value left. It becomes nothing but empty carbs.

This is a problem because a dog’s diet should consist of high protein and low carbs. Too much carbohydrates consumption can cause issues like weight gain and diabetes in dogs.


Even though not all the commercial products contain sugar as one of the ingredients, some of them do. Most dog owners already know how bad sugar consumption is for dogs. But we would still want to remind you of some of the potential side effects of too much sugar consumption.

The first one is weight gain. Too much sugar consumption will cause your pup’s system to produce excess fat, and your pooch will gain weight.

Another issue with sugar is the fact that it will raise your dog’s blood sugar too much. That can cause diabetes, which is very common among dogs.

Also, dogs have a similar taste bud to humans. So, they get the same pleasure that we get from sugar. What that means is, it will also make them want more after even consuming small amounts of it.

Skimmed Milk Powder

Powdered milk is a common ingredient used as a binder in commercial products.

It is also a controversial ingredient because some people think that it is bad for you, while some believe that it is full of nutrients.

When we look at the list of the nutrients in powdered milk, it is hard not to agree with people that say milk powder is beneficial because it is full of calcium and protein.

But the problem with milk powder is that it contains oxidized cholesterol. Because after processing, the cholesterol in the milk gets oxidized.

Most people believe that oxidized cholesterol is the most dangerous type of cholesterol. So, it is probably a good idea to stay away from the products that contain milk powder.

can dogs eat gravy? it seems like this pup had some.

Modified Starch

Modified starch is chemically changed food ingredient made from starchy vegetables. Modified starch is not GMO, but that doesn’t mean it is good for dogs either.

Because many starches contain gluten and most dogs have sensitivities to it. So, it is probably a good idea to stay away from starch if your pooch has trouble digesting it.

Palm Oil

Palm oil is another controversial ingredient used in most commercial foods.

Some people believe that it is a beneficial ingredient. Because it contains a high amount of vitamin E. Also, it has antioxidant properties. Yet some studies state that it can cause heart issues.

The debate of whether palm oil is beneficial or not is another discussion. But the environmental harms of palm oil are beyond argument.

Because many trees must be chopped to create room for palm trees that make palm oil, so, if you’re a dog owner who is sensitive about the environment, you should stay away from the products contain palm oil.

Onion Powder

Onion powder has various benefits for humans. But that is not the case for dogs.

Because onion includes a compound called thiosulphate, and it is a chemical that can cause Heinz Body anemia in dogs.

Luckily, dogs are most likely to stay away from raw onion. But they won’t be able to understand whether they are consuming onion if it is among the ingredients of a meal. That is why most dog owners should be careful with feeding their tail-wagger the foods that contain onion.

Also, most people believe that powdered garlic is much more dangerous for dogs than the other ones because it contains more toxicosis than fresh onions.

can dogs eat gravy? this dog will have some

Fat Powder

The fat powder is another ingredient that can cause issues for dogs. Because fat powder contains glucose syrup and milk protein.

Both ingredients are harmful to dogs and should not be in a dog’s diet.

Potato Starch

Potato starch is the by-product of potato processing. It is a cheap filler used in some commercial products. After processing, the potato has little to no nutritional value.

Because the processing involves the removal of the skin, which is where most of the nutrients in potato come from. So, like flour, it becomes an unnecessary source of carbs, which is an issue because dogs should get most of their nutrients from protein.

Is Homemade Gravy Also Bad for Dogs?

 It is true that most of the homemade recipes don’t contain the harmful ingredients found in commercial gravies.

The only two ingredients commonly used in homemade recipes that can cause issues for dogs are flour and cream. We already mentioned the effects of flour consumption on dogs above. The cream is also problematic because it contains sugar and corn syrup.

But it would be safe to say that homemade recipes seem much more benign compared to the commercial ones.

Conclusion: Can Dogs Eat Gravy?

Even though gravy sauce is a wonderful complement to roasts, commercial products contain too many unhealthy ingredients for dogs. So, there is no way we can say dogs can eat gravy safely if you are a dog owner who gets his/her gravy from the store.

But we can be much more lenient about the homemade recipes because they contain much less harmful ingredients and can be beautiful in small amounts.

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