Can Dogs Eat Hominy

Can Dogs Eat Hominy?

When the dried kernel of corn is soaked in a solution of alkali, they are called hominy. The seeds are washed, and the hulls are removed. It is difficult to digest regular corn. Thus, the alkaline solution makes hominy easily digestible. It also helps to increase the levels of essential nutrients like amino acids, and vitamin B. Hominy is rich in other nutrients as well. It is extremely fibrous and commonly used in stews and soups.  

The brief answer to the above question is YES! Dogs can eat hominy. Being omnivores, it is quite natural for dogs to eat meat and also vegetables like corn. But, they consume vegetables in relatively small quantities compared to meat.

Hominy does not contain all the required nutrients like calcium, which is extremely important. Thus, hominy is not the only food you should provide for your dog. It is useful only when you mix hominy with other nutritious vegetables like broccoli, green leafy vegetables, and carrots.

Is Hominy a Nutritious Food Source?

Corn is usually an allergen. If your dog is sensitive, he can face ear infections, itching, and several other reactions. Corns may also cause inflammation in your dog’s body. If you plan to give corn products to your dog, you should check the signs and symptoms of intolerance or allergy.

Dogs generally suffer from bladder and kidney stones, in which case, hominy may contribute to it because of its low oxalate substance. You should consult the vet before providing hominy to your dog and make sure he does not have medical issues.

How Much Hominy Can You Feed to Your Dog?

Dogs normally get all the nutritional requirements of meat. Meat should be around 75 percent of their daily intake of food. Carbohydrates and vegetables should constitute the rest of their diet. Hominy is a fiber-rich, digestible option.

But you should make sure that you provide only the required amount of hominy to your dog. Excess amounts of hominy fill up your dogs’ stomach, and he will remain full and miss out on the proper nutritious food. This can lead to a drab coat, flaky skin, reduced immune system, low energy, etc.

To know the amount of hominy, you can give your dog other correct nutritional ratios, consult a vet who will decide whether you can add hominy to your dog’s diet and by how much.

Can Dogs Eat Hominy

When Should You Stop Feeding Hominy?

It is common for dogs to react to hominy or other corn-based items and also grains like barley and wheat. When you start adding hominy to your dog’s food, make sure that you provide the usual diet, and do not change anything about the diet. This will help you to find out whether your dog is hominy-tolerant.

Keep an eye on your dog after the meals, check for sudden vomiting, itching, diarrhea, or more severely, seizures. If you do not notice any signs or symptoms after a few meals, it is most likely that hominy is safe for your dog. Yet, it is still good to consult a vet about food concerns of your dog.

Reasons for Adding Hominy to Your Dogs' Diet

You have now probably understood whether you can add hominy to your dog’s diet and you know the answer to your questions “Can dog eat hominy?“. But you still might wonder what nutrients hominy has and how it will benefit your dog’s diet.

This section will inform you about the many reasons why you should add hominy based on the nutrients it carries:

  1. Adequate Vitamin B – Hominy is nothing but corn kernel dipped in alkaline solution. The alkaline solution enhances Vitamin B bioavailability. Untreated corn kernel has readily available vitamin that helps to prevent diseases that are caused by nutrient deficiency. Consumption of Vitamin B helps in the formation of red blood cells and energy production in the body. Thus, eating hominy can provide you with the essential vitamin B components. This can be crucial for your dogs.
  2. More Fiber Content – Hominy is rich in fiber content that enables you to get the required daily fiber easily. A cup of hominy has almost 4 gm of fibrous nutrients. When this fibrous food is added to the fibrous dishes, it becomes a superb food. Fibers help the digestive system in proper working condition and make you feel satiated for longer hours. It helps in regulating blood sugars, controling diabetes, managing weight, and most importantly reducing cholesterol. Include hominy in small amounts in your dog’s diet and keep him fuller for longer hours.
  3. Fewer Calories – Hominy provides sufficient nutrients to your body without adding more calories. One cup of nutritious hominy contains almost 120 calories. At the same time, the fibrous content of hominy tends to stay full for longer hours. So you can make your meals smaller than usual.
  4. Gluten-Free – If you are searching for gluten-free foods, hominy is one of the best options. You will find several starchy items in the market containing additives. But canned hominy is free from gluten. A cup of hominy contains about 20 gm of high carbohydrates that is an excellent source of energy. Out of medical and health concerns, several people have started choosing gluten-free food products.
  5. Low Sugar – Hominy consists of a very low percentage of sugar. One cup of hominy contains around 3 gm of sugar. Too much sugar may have adverse effects on your health. Hominy is a fantastic option to reduce the amount of sugar intake. This will also reduce the risks of obesity and diabetes.
  6. Zero-Fat –It has a high content of carbs but very low or no fats. One cup of hominy has around 1 gm of fat.

Conclusion: Can Dogs Eat Hominy?

So, if you plan to add hominy in your dog’s diet, you should see if he can tolerate it and you should check for any allergies that may occur after consuming it.

You will have to decide the daily calorie intake and then, divide it by 4. This will help you to determine the number of carbohydrates that your dog will need to eat. Carbs include vegetables, fruits, or maybe hominy.

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