Can Dogs Eat Longan?

Can Dogs Eat Longan?

Are you someone who always looks for discoveries when it comes to food? If the answer is yes, longans must be exotic enough to catch your attention on the counter of the farmers’ market. When you bring them home and share with your family, do you think your dog can enjoy those longans? Let’s see if he can.

There is no definite ‘’Yes’’ or ‘’No’’ to the question of whether dogs can eat longan or not as there is not much research and study done to answer this question. Not only for dogs, but we also do not know much about how longans impact humans’ health either. However, there are things to consider if you are about to serve longans to your dog. 

What is Longan?

Longan is a fruit that is native to South China, Indonesia, and Southeast Asia. Its original name, Dimocarpus longan, means ‘’ dragon eye’’. The reason for that is because its white, round flesh inside resembles the eyeball.  

And the pit of this fruit is dark and resembles the iris. Its pit is small, round, and quite hard. Longans are very similar to lychee, but their shells are yellow instead of red. It is used in various desserts and soups in East Asia. The dried version of longans is also used widely in China. In China, it is used in food therapies and is believed to provide relaxation. 

Is Longan Safe for Dogs?

Inside of longan is a white, meaty flesh of the fruit. As mentioned above, there are not many studies conducted to clear this ambiguity. The flesh of the longan is not toxic to dogs and does not cause health concerns.  

If you decided to introduce your dog a new treat and you are both excited to experience it, it is okay. However, there are still important points that you need to be careful about if you are going to feed your dog longan.        


There is no proof as to why dogs should not eat longan shells. Longan shells are not toxic to dogs. Nonetheless, dogs should not eat longan shells because the shells can break into big pieces and choke your dog. Dogs do not chew everything as much as we do. Therefore, they might try to eat the whole shell, which might end up choking them.  

Not only choking, but shells also can cause problems after they are swallowed. If your dog is large, it might be easy for him to swallow the shell, and you might think it is okay. Yet, the shells can cause obstruction and blockage in the intestine since the shells of longan are not digestible by dogs.  

For that reason, the longan shells will not be broken down into pieces in your pet’s intestines, and most probably cause big trouble by locking the intestinal ways. Intestinal blockage requires an immediate reaction and professional assistance since it can be fatal. 


There is not much information on the longan seed due to the lack of studies on them. However, we know that most of the fruit seeds are highly toxic to dogs. Most of the fruit seeds contain cyanide, which is extremely poisonous for dogs and can be fatal if consumed. Therefore, you need to be extra careful in case there is a fruit seed somewhere near your dog. 

Longan seeds contain saponin. It is not as problematic as cyanide, but it can cause some health issues as well. Longan seeds, if eaten by your pet, can cause stomach irritation and diarrhea. 

Also, since longan seeds are hard, it will be hard for your dog to chew them, and they might just swallow it as a whole. Just like the shells, the seed of longan can choke your dog or cause intestinal blockage and obstruction as well. In case your dog eats longan seeds, contact your vet immediately and ask for professional assistance. 

Can Dogs Eat Longan?

Mature Enough?

Now you know a little bit about longans and if you can serve it to your dog or not. You want to treat him with one or two longans. That’s alright, but are your longans ripe? 

Fruits that are not ripe will be toxic to dogs and should not be fed at any time. This applies to your longan that you are about to feed your dog as well. Unripe fruits can cause diarrhea and upset stomach. 

Just make sure your longans are fresh and ripe. After you remove the seed and take out the shell, go ahead and serve your furry friend. 


As for all the food, longans should be served to dogs in moderation as well. Longans are incredibly high in vitamin C. They contain that much vitamin C that even it meets the 80% of daily vitamin C intake of humans. However, dogs do not need to consume that much vitamin C because they produce their own. If your dog has a weak immune system, your vet might recommend you to give him some longans every now and then. 

Not to forget, longans are sweet fruits, and they will increase the blood sugar of your pup when eaten. If your four-legged friend eats them too often, it can lead to obesity and diabetes. Do not forget, 3 or 4 longans contain more sugar than they need all day. 

Conclusion: Can Dogs Eat Longan?

There is no clear answer to the question of whether dogs can eat longans or not. It might be okay to serve your pet one longan from time to time. However, the only part of the longan that is edible for dogs is its white flesh inside.  

Shells and pits of longans pose a significant danger to dogs as they can choke dogs and cause intestinal blockage and obstruction in the intestines, which can be fatal. Seeds, in particular, are toxic to dogs anyway. For your dog’s health and safety, you can remove the shell and the pit of longan and make sure it’s ripe before you serve it to your dog as unripe fruits are toxic to pups. 

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