Can Dogs Eat Loquats?

Can Dogs Eat Loquats?

When you are cooking in the kitchen, your dogs might be enjoying giving you visits. They sometimes listen and leave you alone, but most of the time, things do not work accordingly. Your dog might eat that loquat he found on the floor or on the counter, but what would happen if your dog eats loquats?

Dogs can eat loquats, but they can only eat the flesh of this fruit. Dogs cannot eat the seeds or pit in the middle because it is toxic to them when it is chewed in large quantities. Apart from being toxic, the seeds are very big in size so they are a choking hazard for dogs.

 Loquat seeds can be toxic to dogs and other animals because of their content of cyanogenic glycosides. Generally, it is not recommended to let your dog eat loquats as a whole with the seeds still intact. If you take the seed out, your dog will be fine when he is eating loquats.

What are Loquats?

Loquats are tasty, productive, evergreen broad-leaved plants. They also go by the name of Japanese plums because they are native to Asia. Loquats are not toxic to dogs, so they can eat it. However, we do not recommend giving more than one of these delicious fruit to your dog because, as in any other fruit, loquats are high in sugar.

Loquats are around 60 calories per 100 grams. They are very high in fiber and Vitamin A. Loquats also contains vitamin B6, folate, magnesium, potassium, and manganese.

Based on this nutritional information, we can say that loquats are low in calories and they are packed with different kinds of vitamins and minerals. If you offer it to your dog in moderation, he can eat the soft interior flesh of this fruit. But make sure that you remove the seed.

Also, we do not recommend replacing your dog’s kibble with loquats if you are planning to do so. Loquats have almost no protein that your dog needs.

Why Loquats Can Be Dangerous For Dogs To Eat?

Loquats are seen as a threat by some pet owners because they have seeds. However, The ASPCA does see loquats as toxic fruits to dogs. It is true that loquat seeds have chemicals known as cyanogenic glycosides and they are dangerous for dogs.

Cyanogenic glycosides are broken down into hydrogen cyanide and that is when toxication occurs in the body. But, small amounts of these chemicals do not pose a serious danger.

Your dog needs to eat a very large amount of loquat seeds to be intoxicated. Chewing the seeds also help to release harmful chemicals that can be found inside the seeds. So, too much of loquats can be a bad thing for your dog.

If your dog consumed only a few loquats, he might have an upset stomach but nothing more. If you think that your dog is getting crazy over some loquats, it might be a good idea to limit the intake. Because too much of any human food can end up in a serious sickness in dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Loquats?

Is it Safe to Give Loquats to My Dog?

Loquats are not toxic for dogs, but that is only true for the flesh of this tasty fruit. Seeds of the loquat are not safe to eat for dogs because there is a chemical that is found inside, named cyanogenic glycosides.

If your dog eats the seeds in large amounts and chews them up, then they may turn poisonous. In fact, loquat seeds are around one quarter in size. That means if you have a small pooch, there is a real danger of choking or gastrointestinal blockage.

This might cause intense diarrhea and if it permanently disables the digestive tract, surgery may even be considered necessary. Still, it does not change the fact that your dog will probably be fine if he only eats the soft portion of the fruit. Because ASPCA registers loquats as a safe food for dogs to eat. 

But, there is not really a significant benefit of feeding dogs with loquats instead of their regular kibble, so we say you should limit your dog’s intake of loquats if he is having too much compared to his real food.

What Might Happen If My Dog Eats Loquats? What are the Possible Side Effects?

Your dog might get an upset stomach if he has never eaten a loquat before. This applies to any kind of fruit or human food for dogs. If dogs eat loquats, there is also a risk of gastrointestinal blockage because of the seeds.

Your dog’s body could also give a warning with vomiting when something is wrong. However, vomiting could be happening because of many factors. We recommend that you visit a vet right away if your dog started to vomit after consuming loquats.

The poison present in loquat seeds is called cyanide. If your dog is having a cyanide poisoning, the symptoms would be difficulty in breathing, diarrhea, fatigue, and death – if large amounts were eaten by your canine companion. The fruit itself is not dangerous.

Conclusion: Can Dogs Eat Loquats?

 Loquats are native to Japan, but nowadays it can be found anywhere. Loquat trees are very high and the fruit of the tree might fall. It is a perfect opportunity for dogs to eat something they should not eat.

It is really common for dogs to eat fallen fruits from the ground. Because loquats smell delicious and they are the perfect size for dogs to chew. However, loquats should never be consumed as a whole, because the seeds are toxic for dogs.

Even more, the size of the seeds might cause a gastrointestinal blockage. But it does not mean that dogs cannot eat the soft flesh of the loquat fruit. If you take out the seeds, it is perfectly fine for dogs to eat.

But do not overshare loquats with your canine friend. Do not forget that fruits are high in sugar, and loquat is not an exception.

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