can dogs eat pastrami

Can Dogs Eat Pastrami?

The process of preparation of pastrami is specific and takes a lot of time and effort to create, in the end, tender, tangy, stringy and intensively flavorful on the inside, but crunchy and spicy on the outside delicious piece of meat. Which human being would not want to have a slice? Or what to do, if your dog begs for one?

Dogs cannot eat pastrami due to high contains of salt, fats and nitrates which are harmful for dogs and can bring up irreversible consequences. Outcome may include diabetes, salt poisoning, obesity or even death.

What is Pastrami?

Pastrami appeared as a way for poor Jewish immigrants to improve texture and flavor of meat leftovers, and, what is more important, to preserve it. Further in history was developed a statement that only one specific kind of meet is suitable for this purpose – navel end. It is appropriately fatty and well-marbled, but stands up well during long-time cooking, which may take even 72 hours.

Often pastrami is under-marinated and overdried, the fat is melted, and the slices end up very dry. This is easily verified by slicing the meat and heating it on the grill or oven. If in the process the fat melts and the meat shines, then pastrami is ideal.  

If it does not shine, then it is more likely that the process is disrupted and it is, perhaps, overdried. Nitrite salt is a must when preparing pastrami, thanks to which the meat acquires a bright red hue in the process, which symbolizes that no harmful bacteria are present in it. It is especially worth paying attention to the fact that the color is uniform everywhere.

Toxicity of Pastrami for Dogs

Even though dogs are carnivores, particularly this king of meat is rough for them because of all the ingredients it includes and, actually, the whole way it is created. During preservation sometimes up to 20 spices included into process, majority of which can cause various health concerns or even death of a pup.

Always, more or less onions and garlic are used for marinate, but these popular cooking ingredients are toxic to dogs. Regardless of whether your pet eats garlic and onions cooked, raw or powdered, they can damage red blood cells in his body, which can lead to anemia.

Salt is essential ingredient here, as well, but every dog owner must be aware of effects that salt can provoke, when consumed in big quantities, such as kidney stones. Large amount of salt does not have time to be processed and excreted, since the urinary system cannot cope with it.

The functioning of the kidneys is impaired, and salt deposits – stones are formed in them. Another side effect of salt is osteoporosis. It is the loss of bone strength caused by a lack of phosphorus and calcium. With an excess of sodium, the absorption of calcium is difficult, as a result, it is removed from the bones. Not least dangerous is increased intraocular pressure.

Violation of the outflow of intraocular fluid (it accumulates inside the eyeball) leads to glaucoma, and later to blindness. And, obviously, dehydration. The water balance of cells is disturbed, the blood thickens, the cardiovascular system is unable to drive it through the body for a long time. The heart is working to the limit.

can dogs eat pastrami

What are the Symptoms of Spice and Salt Poisoning in Dogs?

Signs of salt or spice poisoning: uncontrollable thirst – the pet all the time wants to drink water, regardless of weather conditions or performed physical activity; frequent urination, especially when the color of the urine is lighter than usual; swelling of the paws and head; general weakness and increased fatigue; disruption of the gastrointestinal tract (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea); malfunctions of the neurological system (epileptic seizures, paralysis of the limbs).

If these symptoms appear, you should immediately show the animal to a vet doctor.

My Pet Shows Poisoning Symptoms, What is First Aid?

It is necessary to deliver the animal to the veterinary clinic as soon as possible and provide qualified assistance. Also, try to give the dog first aid yourself. To do this, you need to provoke profuse vomiting: dilute a tablespoon of salt in a glass of warm water and pour into the dog’s mouth.

Use adsorbents – substances that bind poisons in the intestine. The usual drugs from your own first aid kit will do: Anti Toxin or other drugs of a similar effect that you have at hand. The easiest way to inject them is with an ordinary syringe without a needle.

Do not forget that only a veterinarian can prescribe treatment for a dog in case of poisoning, so at the first sign, you need to immediately call him or call a vet ambulance. All of the above tips are the first aid that the owner can give the dog before meeting with the vet doctor.

After providing first aid, take your dogs to the clinic as soon as possible. Do not undertake any attempt to provide treatment at home.

Pastrami Substitute

These are low-fat beef cuttings, where meat accounts for about 90% of the total weight. Also, a small amount of fat from the veins, connective tissue and glands gets here. Can be fed either raw or boiled. It has high content of vitamins, such as vitamin B1 and vitamin B2 that will definitely bring only advantage.           

Conclusion: Can Dogs Eat Pastrami?

There are a number of kinds of meat used in human nutrition, but dangerous for our pets. And, if an animal has a weakness for a certain type of human food, then it is necessary to check and select a diet that meets the needs of its body. Maybe this behavior is a consequence of a deficiency of certain nutrients.

Pastrami can surely cause some serious illnesses in dogs, that threaten their health. These cases always worry the happy owner of the puppy and each of us wants to pamper his tailed friend, but at the same time maintain his health and vigor, so being aware owner is essential.

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