Can Dogs Eat Pickled Beets?

Beets and pickling processes and combinations of these have different effects on dogs. Yes, vegetables are used even in packed and homemade dog food, and we can say that they play an essential role in your dog’s diet. But are pickled vegetables, or pickled beets specifically, is good for your dog? Can your dog eat pickled beets?

Dogs do not have any comfort food. They eat just to survive. So, you do not need to give him more than he needs. Yes, they will drool over your plate when you eat and want some. But it does not mean that you should give them food in this case.

However, let’s say that you have pickled beets on your plate. Your dog seems like he wants some. Should you give him what he wants? Can dogs eat pickled beets?

Shortly, dogs should not eat pickled beets or any pickled food. Because pickled food or pickled beets absorb too much salt when they are being pickled. Salt is not good for dogs if they consume more than they need, and the required amount of salt is 10 milligrams per pound.

Let’s examine the effects of pickled beets on dogs further.

Dogs Can Eat Beets, Why Not Pickled Beets?

Yes, dogs can eat beets. But only small amounts of it. Consumption of more significant amounts of any kind of human food will result intoxication or digestive problems in dogs. Also, dogs do not need any other nutrition during the day other than their pet food. So, you do not need to give beets to your dog.

Moreover, beets are not recommended when they are given raw to dogs. They should at least be cooked if you are planning to give them to your dog. The reason why dogs can eat beets and not pickled beets is the pickling process. Pickled beets are produced with so much salt, which is not good for the health of the dogs.

Why Pickled Beets Are Bad For Dogs?

Your dog is less likely to refuse a food you give him, and if he has the chance, we are sure that he will try to eat pickled beets. However, that is not a healthy food you can give to your dog. The problem is the pickling process requires a lot of salt to produce good human food.

Eating too much salt will eventually cause health problems in dogs, if not immediately. Beets that are not pickled are usually safe to feed dogs. There are some people claiming that it is even suitable for their nutritional intake. Because beets have vitamin A and C, folacin, calcium, iron, potassium and lots of fiber.

However, when your dog has the taste of the pickled beets, he will be likely to never eat it. If your dog is constantly eating pickled beets, you should question yourself. Is it me giving him pickled beets, or is he the one finding and eating it specifically?

Please keep in mind that there are better food and pet food to give to your dog. The first alternative should be dog treats. Besides, not processed food is always better for dogs and humans. If you insist you feed your dog with beets, at least give him fresh ones.

Pickled beets might be a tasty treat for dogs. Because when you give them this food in small portions, they will probably eat it like its nothing. And some dog owners like to toss different food to their dogs just to see if he will like it or not. But you should know that pickled beets ar not an excellent option to give to dogs just like any other human food. 

There are some dogs that have to avoid pickled food completely, for instance. If your dogs’ medical condition is messed up because of sodium, pickled beets will only worsen the situation.


Symptoms to Look for If Your Dog Ate Too Many Pickled Beets

There are a few common signs and negative reactions from eaten pickled beets, so you can guess whether your dog ate too many pickled beets or not. 

The first sign will be thirst. You should expect your dog to be extremely thirsty after eating any kind of pickled food, including pickled beets. Because pickled food has too much salt, sodium in other words, to make it last for a long time. And Sodium absorbs water in the body.

If they eat too much sodium or pickled beets, the dogs beg for more water. And their body will be struggling because they often do not know how to handle that much of salt.

To understand if they ate too many pickled beets, observe their body language. Are they alert? Are they constantly licking their lips in search of water? Other signs can be lack of focus, drooling, dilated pupils, and tucked tail.

However, these are not the only ones you should look for if your dog ate too many pickled beets. Be alerted for dark-colored urine, vomiting, diarrhea, excessive thirst, dehydration, and hypernatremia in your dog.

Conclusi̇on: Can Dogs Eat Pickled Beets?

You might have some pickled beets at the dinner table, and your dog might be drooling over it. You want to give some, but should you? We tried to answer “Can dogs eat pickled beets?” for curious dog owners. Because you might have heard that beets are safe to give to your dog. So, you are now wondering why would not pickled beets?

The answer is no, they should not eat pickled beets. Because any kind of pickled food is bad for dogs’ health. Pickled beets are high in sodium levels, which makes them bad food to give to dogs.

If your dog ate only one pickled beet, observe him for a few hours because a single pickled beet is less likely to cause any harm. But if the number of pickled beets your dog consumes increases, it is more likely that the harm he will get also increase.

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