can dogs eat rice pudding

Can Dogs Eat Rice Pudding?

Rice pudding is a common dessert many people loved as kids or even as adults. It is really easy to make and tastes delicious, so some pet parents might be wondering if they can give rice pudding to their dogs as treats or not. Or maybe, your dog accidentally ate some rice pudding you left unattended, and you want to know whether rice pudding is safe for dogs to eat or not.

Rice pudding contains a lot of sugar, rice, milk. All of the ingredients listed are not good for a dog’s health, so we do not recommend purposefully feeding rice pudding to your dog. Sugar and rice are very high in calories and not beneficial for the health of your canine friend.

If your dog eats rice pudding for the first time and gets diarrhea afterward, it is only a natural result to get. Because of the high milk content of rice pudding, your dog can get stomach problems or bowel problems. Call your vet to get further help with this situation.

To treat diarrhea, a bland diet is often recommended to clear up the system of your dog. If you observe your dog getting worse than before or some unusual things happening to his stool (if you see blood on his stool for instance) go to an emergency hospital immediately.

It might be tempting to serve some cold rice pudding out of the fridge to your dog but do not. Instead, give him some cold water, and he will be feeling better than ever before.

Rice pudding is a heavily milk-based food, so it can cause digestive problems such as diarrhea. Because many dogs are lactose intolerant, milk is also the cause of many food allergies, which end with itching or even serious skin infections.

Rice Pudding Ingredients and Nutritional Value

Rice pudding can be cooked very easily with the staple ingredients that you can find in every home. Essential ingredients of rice pudding are rice, milk, sugar,  salt. You simply combine all of these and cook them until they form a creamy pudding.

Rice pudding contains 400 calories per serving with lots of fat and carbs. If you make it at home, you can lower the calories, but dry mix rice puddings are often around this many calories.

Do not give rice pudding to your dog purposefully, because it can lead to diabetes or obesity because of the high-calorie value and sugar content.

Why Should Not You Feed Sugar To Your Dog

Dogs can taste sweet things just like we do because they also have taste buds that can detect sweet taste. This might mean dogs can be addicted to sweets. When sugar is consumed, a certain part of the brain releases a hormone that makes us feel better.

When sugar is consumed regularly, less dopamine is released, so you have to consume more sugar to get the same effect. So, it develops into an addiction in the body. Dogs can have the same addiction. For that reason, you should not be feeding sugary food to your dog. 

Sugar addiction brings so many health issues along with itself, such as diabetes, obesity, dental problems, and more in dogs. These are all the harmful effects of sugar consumption that you can see your dog suffer from eating sugary rice puddings every day.

If you share some fruit with your dog, it would be a healthier option compared to rice pudding. Of course, an apple would still have sugar, but it is relatively lower compared to the rice pudding, and it is natural sugar called fructose.

Many vets would claim that over 50 percent of their client’s dogs are obese. The main cause is giving too much food to the dog without realizing he does not actually need it. Table scraps are the worst enemy of most of the dogs.

If you do not want your dog to be obese, you have to increase his exercise. If your dog is already obese, you have to talk to your vet about the problem to provide the necessary help your dog needs.

can dogs eat rice pudding

Rice and Dogs

Rice is one of the most common and popular food all around the world. And it is the main ingredient of a rice pudding. But is it safe for dogs to eat rice pudding or rice? Rice is okay for dogs to eat because it is not toxic. It is even used in many commercial dog food options.

Actually, rice is often used when dogs have diarrhea. White rice is a commonly used bland diet food. The reason for that is rice is easy to digest, you can prepare it in 10 minutes, and it is low in fiber. All of these make rice a perfect choice to treat diarrhea because rice helps to bind the stool.

But not all rice is the same. You cannot hear a vet prescribing brown rice to treat a dog with gastrointestinal issues. So, what your dog needs to eat in those kinds of situation is white rice because the starch is needed.

But white rice has a higher glycemic index than brown rice, and it will definitely cause blood sugar levels to rise up immediately. Think about the combination of rice and sugar, and how bad it is for dogs to eat. Rice pudding is not something that we would recommend giving a dog to treat diarrhea.

Conclusion: Can Dogs Eat Rice Pudding?

Rice pudding is not toxic to dogs, but it can cause problems in the long run. Rice pudding is full of rice and sugar, which are basically all carbs. Too much sugar has the same effect on dogs that it has in humans. It will give dental problems and lead to obesity and diabetes.

Your dog needs to be fed on a high protein diet. So, rice pudding has no place in your dog’s diet. If your dog accidentally ate rice pudding, he is likely to be fine, but he can also get diarrhea depending on how much he ate.

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