Can Dogs Eat Tahini?

Pet parents always love their loyal companions and tahini, which is a paste made from sesame seeds. If you’re wondering whether dogs can eat tahini, you’re in the right place. Because in this article, we will answer the question of whether dogs can eat tahini.

Let’s start by giving our short answer. Dogs can eat tahini in moderation. Because it is not poisonous or dangerous for the health of our loyal companions. But you should always be mindful about the amount you’re feeding it to your pup and watch out for the after-effects.

To better understand the effects of tahini for dogs, let’s see what see tahini is and its nutritional value.

What is Tahini?

As you might already know, tahini is made from sesame seeds, which are produced by sesame flower, a common ingredient used worldwide in a vast array of different foods.

And tahini is a paste made from sesame seeds and it is a delicious treat for humans. But what about dogs, can dogs eat tahini? We say yes to that question since tahini contains some nutritious vitamins and mineral that can be beneficial for dogs.

To get a better grasp at that, let’s see the nutritional value of tahini.

Nutritional Value


There is a good amount of copper in tahini. As you might already know, including an adequate amount of copper in your dog’s diet is essential for the red blood production and the production of iron.


Manganese is another beneficial mineral found highly in tahini. Overall, manganese is known for promoting a better health system. Other than that, it promotes bone health. We should mention that it functions much better when your pup also gets enough amount of other micronutrients such as calcium, zinc and copper.


There is also a fair amount of selenium in tahini. We can confidently say that it is hugely beneficial for your dog’s diet. It has antioxidant properties, which will decelerate cellular aging caused by oxidation.

It is also found to be essential for a few disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease, seizures, and skin problems.


It is also important to include enough amount zinc in your dog’s diet. Because zinc is necessary for the healthy brain function and preventing stunt growth.

Other than that, zinc is necessary for your dog to have a healthy and shiny coat. You should keep in mind that zinc deficiency is a common issue in dogs. Since zinc deficiency is associated with skin issues in most dogs, supplementation of it is necessary.


Iron is a very important mineral. Because it has a significant role in the synthesis of blood. Hemoglobin is a protein that carries oxygen through the blood cells, and iron is the mineral that generates the hemoglobin.

Not getting an enough amount of iron can cause iron deficiency in dogs. And iron deficiency raises the risk of anemia in dogs.



Fiber is a natural mineral found in vegetables. And as you probably already know, fiber has some amazing benefits for both dogs and humans. First, getting an enough amount of fiber will ensure that your dog will not have digestive issues as much.

It can especially helpful with constipation. But you should always be mindful about the amount that you’re feeding to your pup since it can cause loose stool.

Can Dogs Eat Tahini?

All the nutritious vitamins and minerals that we mentioned above shows us that tahini is can be beneficial for dogs. But we should mention that dogs that have a well-balanced diet don’t need to have tahini in their diet.

It can be a great treat if your dog loves the taste of it. But other than that, you don’t have to include it in your dog’s diet. Giving them food that happens to have some abiding seeds is fine, although going out of your way to give them as a treat regularly is not a good idea.

But you should always be mindful about the amount that your feeding it to your dog. Because it can cause diarrhea when consumed too much.

Other than that, even though most dogs don’t have sensitivities to tahini, dogs can have allergies to everything. So, it is always a good idea to watch out for the after-effects to see your pup reacts to it in a negative way.

Conclusion: Can Dogs Eat Tahini?

Pet parents always want to feed some tasty treats to their dogs. That is why, it is not surprising to hear the question of whether dogs can eat tahini and we tried to answer that question in this article.

To sum up, dogs can eat tahini as long as in moderation. Because it contains some beneficial vitamins and minerals.

But you should always be mindful about the amount that you’re feeding to your dog for a couple of reasons. First, it contains a lot of calories and it can cause weight gain in dogs.

Other than that, it can cause allergies in some dogs. That is why, you should watch out for the after-effects when you feed it to your pooch.

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