Can Dogs Eat Tamales?

If you’re preparing a delicious, yummy, dough stuffed Tamales for your family, there is a good chance that your dog will be as close as possible to the dinner table waiting to get his share. So, in that case, you might be asking, can dogs eat tamales?

Let’s give our short answer to that question. Even though tamales is totally safe for dogs, it is still a good idea to avoid it because some ingredients can be harmful and also the husk used to make tamales can cause choking hazard. So, we no to the question of whether dogs can eat tamales.

We will talk about that question in a detailed way, but let’s first define what tamale is and we will give further information about the nutritional value of it and the potential benefits and harms of it.

What is Tamales?

To give you some information about tamale, let’s talk a little bit about the origin of this food. Tamale is a Mexican food that is made by various ingredients. The ingredients can vary from recipe to recipe and it can contain beef, steak or pork, or cheese. Corn husk is used to wrap the ingredients and it is the only ingredient that doesn’t change.

Potentially Beneficial and Harmful Ingredients in Tamale

Protein & Fiber

There are a lot of ingredients used when making a tamale and you can use meat or vegetables to enrich the flavour. As for the meat, the most common ones are chicken, beef, steak and pork. All of them contain a lot of protein and your dog can benefit from them a lot.

In one serving, tamale contains 12 grams of protein which is essential for your dog to live a healthy life and thrive. Protein can be important for your dog’s body cells to grow and repair themselves. Also, tamale is also rich in fiber which can be helpful for your dog to have a health digestive system.

Vitamins and Minerals

The ingredients used in pamale also results in a lot of health vitamins and minerals that can help your dog to have a healthy life. Depending on the ingredients you use when making Tamale, it can contain a wide range of vitamins and minerals including calcium, iron, potassium, zinc and vitamin, all of them can be beneficial to boost your dog’s immune system.

Such minerals can also be essential to boost your dog’s immunity, helping growth and they can also help your dog to develop stronger bones and teeth, and promote fast wound healing.

Even though the things that we mentioned above can be beneficial to your dog, there are some ingredients in tamale that we believe are potentially not good for dogs.



It is true that sodium is an ingredient used salt that can help regulating the blood pressure and blood volume. Everyone needs sodium for muscles and nerves to function in a proper way. However, sodium can also have and adverse effect in both humans and dogs when consumed in higher amounts.

That can be an issue because most tamales recipes contain a high amount of salt which can be a harmful to your in some cases. Containing a high amount salt in the diet of your dog can irregulate the blood pressure and it can also cause some other health problems.


Since tamale is a Mexican recipe, expectedly, there are a lot of different spices in it to make the recipe tastier. For instance, most recipes contain onion, garlic, salsas and other seasonings that can be harmful to your dog and that is another reason why we say no to the question of whether dogs can eat tamales.

The first thing that we should say about the spices is that since dogs have a different palate, they don’t taste the spices like we do. So, they don’t even taste it and still can cause some gastrointestinal problems and other health problems.

That is why it might be a great idea to avoid giving your dog tamales to prevent such problems if the recipe that you cook contains a lot of spices.

So, Can Dogs Eat Tamales?

Even though depending on the ingredients, tamales contain some nutrients that can be helpful to your dog, some ingredients in it convince us that they can also be harmful to dogs and that is the reason we say no to the question of dogs can eat tamales.

Another reason we say no to the question of whether dogs can eat tamales, the usage of corn dough in it. The main thing that concern us about corn dough is that most corn in the U.S.A. are GMO’s which is a good reason to avoid them at all costs and feeding to your dog.

Also, the corn husk used to wrap the food which can be a little worrying too, especially for small dogs. Because husk in tamales can cause a choking hazard which is another reason why we say no to the question of whether dogs can eat tamales. That will be especially true for small breeds since they have a smaller mouth.

We should mention that corn husk is not necessarily toxic to dogs. So, it is very unlikely that it will cause some problems when consumed in small amounts. However, you should avoid letting your dog eat them in higher amounts considering that your dog might choke on them.

Conclusion: Can Dogs Eat Tamales?

In this article, we answered the question of whether dogs can eat tamales. We talked a little bit about the ingredients used in them and the potential benefits and harms of the ingredients.

To sum up, because of the some potentially harmful ingredients used in it, we say no to the question of whether dogs can eat tamales. Corn husk and other spices also can cause some health issues and that is why it might be a good idea not to feed tamales to your dog.

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