Can Dogs Eat Turkey Bacon?

Can Dogs Eat Turkey Bacon?

The most common problem among dog owners is that some of them do not know how to resist spoiling their dogs. Most processed food that humans eat should be avoided for the best of your dog, but does that apply to turkey bacon? Is turkey bacon good for dogs? Can dogs eat turkey bacon? Should you avoid sharing turkey bacon with your dog?

Turkey bacon is not toxic to dogs. However, just like pork bacon, it is dangerous because of the high fat and sodium levels. It is not recommended to feed your dog with turkey bacon because it can lead to pancreatitis, obesity, and dehydration.

You might see turkey bacon as a fantastic treat for dogs because they seem like they cannot resist this food at all. Most of the things on our dinner table goes to the stomach of your pups, after all, so why not turkey bacon? If you think like this, that is not healthy for your dog.

Sometimes it is not you who give the food, but it is your dog who takes it. If your dog is a sneaky one and helps you clean the table, you should put a stop to it immediately. And turkey bacon has always been that one human food dogs cannot resist and drool over. However, feeding your dog with turkey bacon is not the best idea.

Can I Offer Turkey Bacon Instead of Pork Bacon to My Dog?

You’ve probably heard about how bad pork bacon is for dogs, and thought that turkey bacon could be an alternative. That is absolutely not true. The reason why pork bacon is considered a harmful human food for dogs is because of its fat and sodium content. These ingredients lead to pancreatitis, obesity, and dehydration in dogs.

If you thought that turkey bacon is an excellent alternative for pork bacon, you are wrong. Yes, turkey bacon has less fat compared to pork bacon. But the difference is not that big.

Turkey bacon is also seasoned and shaped just like pork bacon, the only difference is that it gets derived from turkey meat. The seasoning and the shaping gets done in the same process for both, this indicates that turkey bacon is still high in fat and salt.

There is only 50 calories difference between servings of turkey bacon and pork bacon. Also, turkey bacon has 6 grams of less fat. On the other hand, turkey bacon seems to have more salt and has less vitamin and minerals than pork bacon. That is why we do not think that turkey bacon can be a good alternative for pork bacon.

Can Dogs Eat Turkey Bacon?

Is It Safe to Give Turkey Bacon to Dogs?

Even healthy food such as chicken can add many calories to your dog’s diet if he is already eating enough. Vets claim that you should not give your dog treats if they are making more than 10% of his daily calorie intake. Instead of giving turkey bacon to your dog, you can find healthy alternatives that derive from fresh fruits and vegetables.

However, make sure that those are suitable for dog consumption, too. As another choice, you can purchase low-calorie dog treats. You can train him and have fun at the same time this way. Plus, he will stay healthy, happy, and motivated to learn more from you.

Do not give the leftovers to your dog, this will only add unnecessary calories to his daily diet and make him gain weight that he does not need. If you want to make sure that your dog maintains a healthy weight, you should have a strict diet plan for him that you stick.

Why is Turkey Bacon Bad for Dogs?

Fat and salt are both very dangerous substances for dogs, and not surprisingly, these two can be found in any kind of bacon in large amounts. Turkey bacon is no exception, and it poses a severe risk for dogs because of its fat and sodium content.

If you feed your dog with turkey bacon in small quantities, it is not very likely that your dog will have any problems. However, that does not mean that it is a completely fine thing to do. Yes, a small piece of turkey bacon will not hurt a healthy dog. However, if you do this regularly, your dog will not be healthy anymore.

It is also hard to figure out how many turkey bacons are too much for a dog. To exemplify, let’s say that you are giving a slice of turkey bacon to your 60lbs dog once every month. This will not cause any problems and will not hurt him if the food you gave was not expired.

However, when you give the same amount to a 20lbs dog, it will probably cause some stomach pain or diarrhea. If you regularly give a 20lbs dog turkey bacon, the problem will get much worse, and you can find your dog having surgery one day.

It does not matter you are the one giving turkey bacon to your dog or he is the one who is getting it from the table, you should look after him and be aware of what he is eating. We know that not every pet parent feeds their canine friends with harmful food, so it is always a good idea to keep an eye on your pups.

Conclusion: Can Dogs Eat Turkey Bacon?

Turkey bacon is generally seen as a substitute for pork bacon because people think that turkey bacon is a healthier option. When this food is cooked in the kitchen, most of the dogs cannot resist the smell and the taste. So, you might feel tempted to share some turkey bacon with your hungry canine friend.

But is that a good idea? Can dogs eat turkey bacon? We tried to explain why it is a bad idea to offer turkey bacon to your dogs. Turkey bacon contains high amounts of fat and sodium. These should be avoided to keep your dog healthy and in an appropriate weight.

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