Can Dogs Eat Vienna Sausage

Can Dogs Eat Vienna Sausage?

Dogs love junk food just like we do, but that is super unhealthy for them just like it is for humans. As a dog parent, you might feel tempted to share the guilt of eating something so bad for your body, or maybe you think your dog might also love it and you can use it as a treat.

No matter the reason, dogs should not eat Vienna sausages. Not only because it will make them turn their nose up to their actual food, but these sausages also have so much fat and sodium that has no beneficial effect on dogs.

When it comes to the dog treats, most of the dog owners tend to share human food with their canine friends. That often results in an unwanted scenario, because not all human food can be consumed or fit to be consumed by dogs. While some human food is good for dogs, most of them are very harmful and unhealthy for them.

Vienna sausages are one of the harmful ones. You might love the taste of it and want to share it with your dog. That is just an innocent idea, but Vienna sausages are not the best treat you can give to your dog. There are many other healthy options, and Vienna sausages should be kept away from your dog.

Want to know why? Keep reading to find out. However, before that, let’s talk a little bit the origin of the Vienna Sausage.

What is Vienna Sausage?

Many people assume that Vienna sausage originated from Vienna, but they are not. The sausage was started to be produced by a German butcher, and then he had to move to Vienna. The ingredients are all German, and the Vienna people prefer to call these sausages Frankfurter.

Why is Vienna Sausage Bad for My Dog?

Vienna sausages can be made from beef, chicken, or turkey. No matter what ingredient is used, they are not a healthy option to feed your dog. Because Vienna sausages are processed meat, thus it contains high amounts of unhealthy fat and sodium. It is even not good for humans to consume, so do not give it to your dog.

Vienna sausages might also contain seasoning that is toxic to dogs. Also, if your dog is regularly eating this food, or he eats a large quantity in one go, he will experience digestive issues related to the high fat, sodium, and seasoning content of the sausages.

Digestive issues are not the only problem he will face. He can get kidney damage and pancreatitis. Because Vienna sausages have garlic and onion powder in them, which are very harmful and toxic to dogs.

As for all processed foods, you should stop feeding your dog with Vienna Sausage. Processed food is terrible for wellbeing, even for human beings. I cannot imagine the effects of feeding the dog with it. Yes, they taste well. But it is so unhealthy for dogs to eat it.

This is also a very obvious problem, but we think we should also mention that your dog will gain a lot of weight.  If your dog eats too many of the Vienna Sausage, there is a strong risk that your canine friend will become overweight in no time. There are lots of other food options that you can give to your dog.

Vienna sausage also causes dehydration to dogs, which might be life-threatening. The existence of sodium induces gastrointestinal discomfort during the feeding process, and often you can see your dog having diarrhea or vomiting. Whenever you see such cases, make sure that a lot of water is used to balance the sodium concentration in the body.

Can Dogs Eat Vienna Sausage

Symptoms to Look for When Your Dog Eat Lots of Vienna Sausages

Regular consumption or eating large quantities of Vienna sausage will, of course, cause some unwanted medical conditions in dogs. If your dog ate so much of this unhealthy food or you are suspecting that he might have eaten lots of it, look for the symptoms listed: abdominal pain, bloating, vomiting, diarrhea, increased urination.

If your dog has one or multiple of these symptoms, contact your vet immediately to seek further help. Have the package of the sausages right near you since your vet might ask a few questions about the ingredients.

Friendly Reminders to Dog Parents about Vienna Sausages

About 70 percent of your dog’s digestive tract is connected to the intestine. Dogs can eat whatever that you are giving them, but that still doesn’t mean it would be helpful. Most of the illnesses that dogs are suffering from are linked to the nutrition they consume. That means your canine companion becomes what he eats.

Do not think that one bite will not hurt. Junk food has so many chemicals in them, that is why even reasonable human beings are getting addicted to it. What can you expect from your innocent dog? Of course, he will be addicted to the high fat and high sodium in it.

That is why you should not leave him by himself after you are done eating. Clean it up so he cannot eat the things that are harmful to him.

Conclusion: Can Dogs Eat Vienna Sausages?

We have indeed been having a very intimate and close relationship with dogs. They have been our companions and supported us just like we take care of them. But this does not mean that they can eat all the things that we can eat. Because humans and dogs have different anatomical and digestive properties.

In this article, we tried to explain the effects of Vienna Sausages for the curious pet parents. Vienna Sausages are bad for the health of your dog because of their high fat and sodium content. They also contain seasonings like garlic and onion powder in them, and those are very harmful or even toxic to dogs.

Some of Vienna sausages have lots of garlic powder, a very harmful material to the dog’s digestion process. If he eats a lot of them, contact the vet immediately because garlic powder is very harmful to dogs’ health.

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