Can Dogs Get Sick from Eating Pine Cones?

Can Dogs Get Sick from Eating Pine Cones?

There is little more fun or relaxing on an autumn day than a family walk in the forest. It is a great way to get some exercise and get back to nature. But, there is a hidden danger lurking in the leaf litter. We might enjoy finding and collecting pine cones, but we should avoid giving them to our dogs. They might look like fun playthings, but they can be dangerous. So, can dogs sick from eating pine cones?

Here is the short answer.  Although pine cones aren’t toxic to dogs, they can still pose a danger because it is difficult to digest them. Also, there more toxicity issues with pine trees and their sap.

Are Pine Cones Toxic to Dogs?

This means that you should discourage your dog from chewing on any pine cones that it finds. And consult a vet if you think that they have eaten any. With the right treatment, your pet should make a full recovery and not suffer too many nasty consequences. Below, you can learn more about the problems of dogs eating pine cones and what you can do to prevent the issue.

So why are Vets so Cautious About Dogs Eating Pine Cones and Contacting with Pine Trees?

There are many issues to be aware of here as a dog owner when taking your pet out for a walk in a pine forest. The issues are as follows:

  1. a) the danger of licking the sap from pine trees
  2. b) the danger of eating pine needles
  3. c) the danger of eating pine cones
  4. d) the danger of potential pesticides on the cones

The risk of the toxicity occurs when dogs eat the pine needle or lick the sap from the tree. Some chemicals might cause serious illness. Dogs may develop gastric issues like vomiting, while others show signs of depression. It should take quite a lot of needles to reach toxicity levels like this. But, it isn’t worth the risk.

The pine cones are dangerous because they can create large blockages in the intestinal tract of the animal. The fibrous structure of the cone isn’t easy to digest and may remain within the gastrointestinal system. This can be highly dangerous and uncomfortable for the dog. There is also the risk of elements of fiber breaking off in the dog’s throat and becoming a choking hazard. Besides, you don’t know what forest management teams have sprayed on the trees. Pesticides could linger within the cones.

Puppies Eating Pine Cones are at Higher Risk

If your puppy eats a pine cone, this can have an even more significant impact on their health. Their stomach and intestinal tract are smaller and more delicate, which can lead to more significant obstructions. Also, pine cones with sharp points might make a hole inthe lining.

The problem is that puppies are more inclined to eat the pine cones. That is because of their curious nature and desire to chew on anything that looks like a fun toy. So, you need to do your best to make sure to minimize the risk.

Why do Puppies and Dogs Chew Pine Cones and Eat Pine Needles?

The simple answer here would be that they eat pine needles and cones because they can. The forest floor in autumn is a treasure trove of sights, smells, and textures. Pine needles look like a tasty snack. Pine cones look like they would be the ultimate chew toy because of their structure and density. They can pick them up, bat them around like balls, and gnaw on them leisurely. Yet, this chewing can lead to them ingesting fragments. They may also swallow smaller cones whole if they aren’t careful.

Can Dogs Get Sick from Eating Pine Cones?

What are Some of the Symptoms of Dogs Eating Pine Cones?

If your dog has eaten a pine cone and it has turned into a blockage, you might notice that they aren’t eating properly and shows signs of nausea or vomiting. They might also start coughing if pieces irritate the throat and show signs of excessive thirst. Dogs having an allergic reaction to the sap or other chemicals on the cones may experience vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, or swelling in the throat.

What Treatment is Necessary After Your Dog Ate a Pine Cone?

The vital thing to do if you believe that your dog ate a pine cone is to call a vet for help. Fight the urge to induce vomiting because this might cause further damage and irritation. Your vet can evaluate the size of the damage and locate the pine cone within your pet’s digestive system. From there, they can perform surgery to remove it. Your dog can then recover from the procedure and get back to normal life. Remember that the sooner the vet operates, the lower the risk of internal damage.

What Can You Do to Ensure that Your Dog Stays Away from Pine Cones in the Future?

If you are anxious about your dog eating pine cones, you could avoid pine forests in autumn. This might be drastic if you have a favourite forest walk. But, the forest floor will be littered in them this season. Avoidance isn’t so easy when you have pine trees in your back yard or neighborhood. Try to clear them out of the yard as often as possible and prevent your dog from chewing any if it finds. Correct their behavior and reward them when they put the cone done. Finally, don’t get in the habit of using pine cones as toys for games of fetch.

Conclusion: Can Dogs Get Sick from Eating Pine Cones?

Pine cones do pose a danger to your pet dog because of their size and density. They might look like chew toys and offer a fun distraction for your pet. But, you must prevent your dog from chewing them if they swallow pieces or the whole cone. Those that do accidentally swallow a cone will need invasive surgery to avoid further damage. So, while you don’t have to worry about pine cone toxicity and dogs, they are still problematic.

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