Can Pitbulls Swim?

Can Pitbulls Swim?

Many pet parents think that certain breeds, such as bulldogs and Pitbulls are unable to swim because of their body structure. Is that actually true? Can Pitbulls swim or not? Since they are born with short snouts and heavy heads, some people say that Pitbulls are unable to swim.

However, it might not be true for all Pitbulls. Yes, Pitbulls can swim. The information about the body structure of Pitbulls are true, but there are many Pitbulls out there who swim fine! While some Pitbull parents report that their dog loves water, some others say that their dog would not even touch it.

There is a common belief that Pitbulls cannot swim because of their big heads and the way of their anatomy. They are heavier on the front of their body, which makes them sink sometimes.

We are not denying the fact of their anatomical properties, but many Pitbulls can swim. So, that brings us to the conclusi̇on that whether a Pitbull can swim or not depends on the very individual dog.

However, Pitbull parents should always be careful when they first try to teach their dog how to swim. They should never leave their dogs alone near water. Because their anatomy is making those dogs have difficulties when they are trying to gain control in the water. So, Pitbulls can get drowned a lot easier than other breeds.

As a pet parent, you should be aware of the fact that not every dog is similar in terms of water. Some Pitbulls might be more comfortable in water than other Pitbulls. They are just like us in that case. Also, if you try to make your dog learn how to swim at younger ages, chances are he will be better at it.

You cannot expect your dog to be an expert at swimming if you have never introduced water to him. That is why teaching at an early age will definitely give him an advantage in swimming well.

Can I Teach My Pitbull How to Swim?

It is normal for your dog to be afraid of water at first. That is why you should go on step by step when getting your dog used to swimming. The first thing to do should be ensuring that your dog has a life jacket, and he is also on a leash. A life jacket will keep him afloat while the leash will give you control in the water. This is the best combo to keep your dog out of trouble while getting him used to swimming.

You should not throw your dog in the water or do something that he is afraid of. This will only make things worse and make them afraid of water even more. You should begin to teach in shallow water so that he can get used to it. At first, your Pitbull needs to feel secure when his feet getting wet.

If he looks terrified, do not force him so that you can continue when feeling better. Do not forget to give treats as a sign of positivity when he gets in the water. It is also an excellent way to show that water is a safe place. When he is totally comfortable in shallow water, you can play in deeper levels. 

It is important to hold your dog when he is in water, so he does not feel terrified and anxious. You should also teach your dog how to get out of the water easily. Do not forget to give treats and other verbal encouragement to your dog after teaching. This way, maybe he will be encouraged to try it again.

Can Pitbulls Swim?

How to Choose a Life Jacket For My Pitbull?

Another prevention when introducing water to your dog the first time in his life is to make him wear a life jacket. Just like many other pet items, life jackets also require a few criteria to be met.


You cannot expect your dog to give his best when he is not comfortable. The life jacket he is wearing should not be too tight or too big. Try to measure him for the right size to buy.


The color of the jacket is as important as the fitting size and comfort. It is always easier to see bright colors compared to the dark colors in the sea. Also, you can get a life jacket that has reflective lights that makes it easier to be seen at night.


The type of buoyancy material is very important because that is what will make your dog stay on the water. It must be able to carry your dog up to the water with ease. It should also need to have support under the muzzle so that your dog can lift his head and keep it on water.

Conclusion: Can Pitbulls Swim?

Pitbulls have a different body structure than the dogs, which are known to be natural swimmers. That is why it is often believed that Pitbulls cannot swim, but actually, they can swim just fine. In fact, whether a Pitbull can swim or not depends on the individual dog.

Some dogs love the water, and some just do not. It is also essential to introduce water to dogs at an early age so that they can learn how to stay afloat in water easily. Also, providing your dog with a life jacket will ensure that he can have fun in the water without any trouble.

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