Puppies Drink Almond

Can Puppies Drink Almond Milk?

It is not appropriate to feed your dogs and puppies with cow’s milk, because it is high in lactose. But you might be questioning if there is any type of milk that you can give to your puppy to strengthen his bones and body. But dogs do not work that way. For most of the cases, dogs do not even need to drink milk other than their momma’s.

Here is a quick answer to your question: Puppies cannot drink almond milk. Almonds are not toxic to dogs, but it does not mean that they need almond milk to survive. There is no need to replace mother’s milk or cow’s milk with any other milk.

Let’s inspect the case whether almond milk for puppies is a proper choice.

My pup loves to drink almond milk now and then. What to do?

Technically, they can drink almond milk. But should they? Absolutely no. As we mentioned already, unlike certain nuts like macadamia, almonds are not toxic to dogs. But something being non-toxic will not always be a beneficial choice for dogs. It is especially dangerous for puppies to be fed with different foods every time.

Your little pup might enjoy the creamy and sweet taste of the almond milk and slurp it down immediately. But think about yourself. You probably like to eat chips, and you can also gulp down a couple of packs in a short amount of time. Does that mean it is good for you? It is not, of course.

Do Puppies Need Milk In Their Diet?

No, they do not need any kind of milk to survive. Except for their mother’s milk they got when they were being weaned, puppies do not need milk as a nutrient to be consumed regularly.

If your puppy is weaning and you want to supplement it with some other milk type, any other milk will not prove to be sufficient. There is no need to replace the mother’s milk. And the most commonly preferred milk choices are almond and soy. Yet, both of them do not have any nutritional value to offer to your pups.

In other words, what your pups are eating is typically enough for his diet. He will probably get in all the nutrients in his body by simply eating regular dog food for puppies. He can eat dry or wet dog food, just give him what he likes the most.

If you look up for dog food on the net, you can even find specially produced ones for certain breed’s puppies. This means you should not look for some milk type and go find the perfect dog food for your pup.

Puppies Drink Almond

How Safe Is The Almond Milk?

We hope that this question is just coming from a curious pet parent who is not feeding almond milk regularly to their pup.

Accidents can happen. Your puppy might drink some almond milk that he found in the kitchen. In this case, there is usually nothing to be worried about. Drinking a small amount of almond milk does not harm or hurt puppies.

But, there are some occasions that almond milk gets dangerous for pups. First of all, almond milk has varieties such as chocolate almond milk. As a pet parent, you should already know that chocolate is not good for dogs. If your dog drunk chocolate almond milk, call or go to your vet immediately.

It is true that only large amounts cause damages, but you should consult the situation with the vet no matter what. It is essential to be sure about your dog’s health. Long story short, never give a puppy chocolate almond milk. Or almond milk at all to minimize the risks.

Secondly, make sure that almond milk your dog drink does not contain the xylitol component. It is an artificial sweetener that is toxic to dogs, and it may be in the product. Because some almond milk brands include artificial sweeteners in their products. If your dog consumes xylitol, contact your vet or animal poison control right away.

The third situation might be a little bit more complicated. People usually do not drink almond milk alone and use it in cereals and that kind of food. If you happened to be drinking almond milk with cereals and it happened to be containing nuts and raisins, it is also toxic to your pup if he ate that.

Calorie Content of Almond Milk

If you are planning to casually give your pup almond milk, as we will repeat it, it is not the best choice. Because it is so high in calories. The number of calories that dogs need in a day is so little compared to us. So, what you might think is a short amount of some food might be causing them to gain weight in an unhealthy manner.

Almond milk will add no nutritional value to your pup’s diet. It is very high in calories, and your puppy does not need that. It will eventually end up with weight gain.

Also, as with any other human food, too much almond milk is likely to cause digestive issues. The most common problems can be bloating, vomiting, or diarrhea in puppies. So, if he accidentally drunk some almond milk, it is okay if he never gets some. But, do not give it to him regularly.

Why Can I Not Give Almonds or Almond Milk to My Dog or Pup?

First of all, raw almonds will definitely cause an upset stomach in your fully grown dog. Think about what it will cause in a little pup. Their digestive system is not designed to eat this kind of food. If you are regularly giving almonds to your pup, they will definitely get diarrhea or vomit after feeding.

Dogs can only digest well the foods that are high in protein and less in carbs. Almonds have lots of fats and carbs, therefore they not suitable for dogs. Please feed your dog with foods made, especially for them and not with human food.

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