Can Dogs Eat Golden Oreos?

Oreos are delicious! With their different flavors, Oreos have become a favorite junk food for many. They especially taste much better if you dip them in milk. A match made in heaven. While Oreos are incredibly tasty, they are not so healthy. Some pet parents share their Oreos with their dog as a treat. Believe it or not, some do it regularly. They prefer the Golden Oreos, thinking that it will be fine because it doesn’t contain chocolate. Still, can dogs eat Golden Oreos?

Can dogs Eat McDonald’s?

The concept of the dog-friendly fast-food menu is one that continues to delight dog owners everywhere. The notion that there are special items that we can order for our pets is cute and stops our canine companions from feeling left out. But, there is the danger here that some people will get the wrong idea and start feeding any fast-food meal to their dogs. So, can dogs eat McDonald's food, or is it best to give them something else?

Can Dogs Eat Pork Rinds?

While you are eating pork rinds, you may notice someone watching you. Not in a creepy way, though, in a funny way. Yes, we are talking about your dog. They love watching us when we eat something. Especially if it smells nice. However, this does not mean that you should share your food with your dog. Not everything is okay for dogs to consume. In this case, can dogs eat pork rinds?

Why is Your Dog Humping Cats?

Dogs can do pretty strange things that make their humans either entertained or confused. Sometimes they might make us get worried. One of these habits that makes dog parents worried is humping. Dogs tend to hump a lot of things. Trees, stuffed animals, your leg… Even though it may be funny at times, when you see your dog humping cats, you might be worried about the well-being of the cat.

Can Dogs Drink Ensure?

It is usual for pet owners to look for ways to improve the health of their pets. Dog owners are always looking for simple things to add to the diet of a dog. Other times, a dog owner wants to help a sick dog get well soon. Overall, it is normal for pet owners to wonder whether some human food or drink is fit for consumption by a dog. We will look at how Ensure can affect the health of your dog.

Why Does My Dog Roll Around on My Bed?

Dogs love laying down on the ground and showing their belly, asking for belly rubs from their humans. This sight always puts a smile on our faces. We love seeing our pooch just roll around and be the jester. Sometimes they roll around the bed as well. Dog parents may wonder and think, “why does my dog roll around on my bed?”