Acana vs Fromm (2020 Reviews)

If you are a wary owner of your dog, you might be looking at the back of the packages of your pet food or the cans and wonder what all those terminologies that are written there might mean and if they are of any importance for your pooch. In that case, you will also watch out for the brand you are shooting for as different pet food makers use different techniques and ingredients before their products take their places on shelves. 

Merrick vs Wellness (2020 Reviews)

Like most of the dog owners, you can choose to feed your friend with dry kibble or canned wet foods. On the market, various commercial brands exist, and thus it can be hard to decide for a perfect product. Quality commercial dog foods are regulated and tested by veterinary specialists with great care.

Best Dog Food for a Dogo Argentino (2020 Reviews)

High-quality dog food is essential for Dogo Argentinos! If you have a Dogo Argentino or plan to adopt one, you probably wonder about how you should feed this special dog and how to choose the correct food in the market among various products. In this article, we will review some important points about feeding regarding your Dogo Argentino and recommend the best selections of dog foods from various brands.

Can Dogs Eat Gummy Worms?

Let’s face it, we love eating junk food. We especially love eating gummy bears because it evokes the child inside us with all those bright colors and the tasty flavor. When we are having a snack our furry friends usually become curious and want to taste it. While dogs can eat some of the snacks that humans eat, some can be quite harmful. In this case, can dogs eat gummy worms?

Canidae vs Merrick Dog Food (2020 Reviews)

It might be difficult for dog owners to pick a dog food brand when there are many in the market. You might have come across Canidae or Merrick dog foods and wondered which one is better and which one has better ingredients. Since both Canidae and Merrick are trustworthy dog food brands, we totally understand your point.