Can Dogs Eat Tape?

Pups love exploring the world by putting any kind of object in their mouths. They love to taste new things and play with them. During the process of this innocent exploration, your dog might get himself into trouble. What to do when your dog swallows a tape? Can dogs eat tape? What to do when your dog eats tape?

Can Dogs Eat Rabbit Food?

You might have a rabbit and a dog in the same house and things might get complicated at some point. Your dog might want to have a taste of your rabbit’s food, or he might get curious during a visit to another person and eat their pet’s food. No matter the reason, the question is whether dogs can eat rabbit food or not.

Can Dogs Eat Quince?

One of the most tempting feelings of being a dog owner is the constant desire to feed your dog with all the healthy food you are putting in your body. You might be wondering whether quince is a food that you can share with your dog while you have a delicious bite. So, can dogs eat quince? Is quince safe for dogs to eat?

Is Monk Fruit Safe for Dogs?

Monk fruit is something we begin to hear more about these days as healthy dietary habits are gaining popularity. However, some of the dog parents might be wondering if monk fruit is safe for their canine friends or not. Is monk fruit safe for dogs? Can dogs have monk fruit? 

Can Dogs Eat Huckleberries?

Huckleberries are most often confused with blueberries. They are quite tasty, small round berries that dogs might be interested in getting a bite from as well as humans. However, pet parents need to be careful about what their pup is eating to prevent any health issues.

Can Dogs Eat Starburst?

Starburst is a fruity, delicious candy that can be found at virtually every supermarket checkout, and in most trick-or-treating bags. These classic candies are featured in colorful wrappers, which will likely attract your dog's attention from a mile away. If you're wondering whether dogs can eat Starburst, it's a good idea to learn about the potential dangers and health complications. Learn more about what to do if your dog eats Starburst: