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Cujo Cot Dog Bed (2020 Reviews)

If you are a mom of a dog or dad to a chew-loving pet, you understand the pain of finding a dog bed that will last at least a decent amount of time. Those beautifully designed foams and beds are made to make your dog comfortable when he sleeps and gets the best effect of his rest.

Providing your dog with a comfortable bed activates his brain, banishing loneliness, and some of those habits that are more damaging. But how should you pick the right dog bed to keep your mischief-maker from destroying it? We will help you with solving that problem.

If you are at your wit’s end looking for a dog bed that your dog would not be able to destroy, check out this cot style bed with us. The company made this bed for dogs who are heavy and persistent chewers.  We will review this Cujo Cot Dog Bed and look into more detail of its features.

cujo cot dog bed
Cujo Cot Dog Bed
our top pick

Cujo Cot Dog Bed Short Review

Cujo Cot Dog Bed is a great option for dogs that have a chewing habit. Because with its sturdy and trustworthy design and materials, your canine companion’s teeth will not work on this bed. We’re confident that this bed will last your dog a long time. No more occasional dog bed purchasing.


We often try to give a place to Cujo Cot Dog Bed in our articles and suggest pet parents purchase it. You might ask why, and we are here to answer that very question. Along with many other excellent features, the first reason why we recommend this dog bed is because it is a very durable dog bed.

We can assure you that it will be able to hold up against even the powerful, heavy, and persistent chewers. It does not matter how big your dog is, this dog bed will survive. So, it is the perfect option to get if you have a dog that has a severe chewing habit. That is not the end of the world, after all. The solution to your problem is in Cujo Cot Dog Bed.

Chew-proof and chew-resistant can be ambiguous for some pet parents who are trying to pick a bed for their chewer dog. You might end up picking the wrong kind of a bed if you do not know the difference. A chew-resistant dog bed is the best choice for your dog if he is a moderate chewer.

However, it is no good for strong dogs that have chewing habits. If you have a heavy and strong breed like a Pitbull or a Rottweiler and he wants to destroy a bed, he will probably succeed. You might need more than a chew-resistant dog bed for this case.

So, if you have a big dog that has a habit of destroying the stuff in your home, a chew proof dog bed is a great option. It will probably stop your dog from shredding his bed all the time. We know that you are tired of buying a new dog bed for you canine every week.

But you will buy no more because Cujo Cot Dog Bed will come to your rescue. Or your dog’s beds rescue. Yeah, probably to that. Because it is a patented chew-proof dog bed, you dog will not be able to destroy it in any means. It is killing two birds with one stone: your pocket will take a breath, and your dog will have a steady bed all the time.

You might be wondering why it is so hard to destroy this bed. The answer is simple: aluminum material and Cordura fabric. Because of its aluminum edges and Cordura nylon top, it is almost impossible for any pup to be able to chew through this bed. We have said that this bed is almost indestructible so many times, we know, but it really is.

That is why Cujo Cot dog bed is designed for strong breeds that have destructive chewing habits, and this is one of the best dog beds in the market that you can possibly buy. With its sturdy and trustworthy design and materials, your canine companion’s teeth will not work on this bed. No more occasional dog bed purchasing.

What holds this dog bed in one place is its frame. The cot frame is made of all aluminum to give it a durable and strong stance. A good fabric is also essential for those dogs that have chewing habits. Because no matter how naughty they are, chewers also deserve to sleep in a comfortable bed.

When we say comfort and chew-proof material, it might sound like those two might not go well together. However, that is not the case for the Cujo Cot dog bed. The comfortable and relaxing fabric is made of ballistic ripstop materials. All of the components of this bed were chosen to survive the strongest dogs.

You might be not impressed with this bed yet. We have only looked at one feature of this bed up until now: its durability. However, that is not the only aspect that this Cujo Cot dog bed is good for. The material used in the bed is also resistant to dirt, hair, water, and odor. 

Those who do not like deep cleaning might find it very hard to clean their dog’s bed regularly. This dog bed will save you from that, too. It is very easy to clean with a water hose when needed. Why a hose, you might ask. Because of its elevated design, this Coju Cot dog bed can be used both outdoors and indoors.

As it raises the dog from the ground, many owners of this bed love to be able to use the bed both indoors and outdoors. You might be thinking to use it as an outdoor dog bed from the first place, or you might just discovered that you can get it out to hose it down. It is your choice. No matter what, it is perfect for both situations.

You might have looked some cute design dog beds that have cushions and fluffy stuffing. Your dog being a heavy and persistent chewer is the reason why you are reading this article, after all. And we all know that those cute and comfortable dog beds are not suitable for your dog. Unfortunately not.

Just remember that this Cujo Cot dog bed is in a cot style. Meaning that your dog cannot find the comfort that would probably come with the cushion style dog beds. But you know that he will also destroy the other styles in the minute you leave him alone with the bed.

Because of the materials used and the almond frame that the bed is made of, it is perfect for placing it outdoors. Because it will not rust at all. It will probably last your dog a lifetime since it is also very durable. We should mention that it is also very easy to maintain this bed thanks to its material.

We always loved the dog beds that come in numerous sizes and colors because that is what makes buying a dog bed fun.  The bed comes in six different colors and four different sizes, and you can go with the one that suits your needs most. Of course, you can pick the one that fits with your home decor.

The manufacturer claims that this Cujo Cot dog bed is very durable, yes. But how can you be sure of that? We know that you might be worried that your dog will destroy this bed like the other ones, but you do not have to fear. Along with all of these great features, the Cujo Cot comes with a 120-Day Chew Proof Warranty.

What this guarantee means that if your canine friend manages to damage the bed in any way in 120 days, the company will send you a new bed free of charge. However, the manufacturer only provides this replacement service only one time. So, if your pooch manages to destroy the second bed, you are out of luck.

Now, let’s talk about the features in a more detailed way, and after that, there will be a pros and cons list prepared for you.

cujo cot dog bed
Cujo Cot Dog Bed
This product is a great option for dogs that have a chewing habit. Because with its sturdy and trustworthy design and materials, your canine companion’s teeth will not work on this bed. No more occasional dog bed purchasing.
our top pick
Whole-body support
Ideal for dogs with joint issues.
Provides air circulation
Cooling sleeping experience
No stuffing to chew apart
Easy to clean
Might be hard to climb for dome dogs
Assembly required



The essential part of every bed is the bedding. This bed’s bedding is made of Ripstop fabric. That is a very strong nylon that can prevent ripping and tearing. However, being resistant to ripping and tearing is not the only aspect that this fabric is good at. Thanks to that nylon, the bed is also water-resistant, odor-resistant, dirt-resistant, and chew-resistant.

Chew-Proof Material

You cannot know if your dog will develop a chewing habit or not. Some do, some do not. No one can predict what breed or what type of dog will show this unwanted behavior. But, like any other dog breed, your pooch may develop a chewing habit during their lifetime.

However, that is not a problem that can be unsolved. The first precaution might be keeping them active all the time and try to stop your dog from showing chewing behavior. The earlier you start to do these, the easier it will be to stop your canine friend. If you give the training from an early age, it might be an excellent solution to that problem.

If we consider the worst, and it comes to the point that you cannot control your pooch’s habit anymore, you should ask for help. When the problem becomes destructive and hard to control, getting help from a professional is the best option.

What causes this chewing behavior is mostly separation anxiety. It is a major cause. Dogs are affectionate and committed creatures. They are so people-oriented, and they develop a strong sense of dependence towards their owners.

Try not the leave your dog alone because when they are lonely, they get stressed. When they are stressed, they try to relax by doing many things, chewing is one of the most common ones.

Therefore, if your pup has a chewing habit, it is the best idea to get a dog bed that is either chew-resistant of chew-proof. If your dog is a strong one, definitely get a chew-proof bed. For determined dogs, getting one of the durable beds like a Cujo Cot is the best thing pet parents can do.

Chew-resistant and Odor-resistant

As we discussed above in a very detailed way, the Cujo Cot dog bed is well-known for its chew-resistant materials. This dog bed is produced and aimed to hold up against dogs who love to scratch, dig, and chew.

Your pup showing chewing habits might not be the only problem. Some dogs really have a strong smell that can spread all over your apartment. Sometimes you might not get rid of that distinct and powerful odor no matter what you try.

What concerns us the most is, some pet parents do not realize that their dog is releasing a strong odor. Because their sense of smell gets numb to it after a while. It might have also happened to you. Don’t you remember that one time you went to your friend’s and it smelled so bad?

Well, that can also be the case for your place. You might need an odor-resistant dog bed for that situation. Because it is almost a guarantee that odor will be stuck on his bed, and your apartment will not smell like dirt anymore.

cujo cot dog bed
Cujo Cot Dog Bed
This product is a great option for dogs that have a chewing habit. Because with its sturdy and trustworthy design and materials, your canine companion’s teeth will not work on this bed. No more occasional dog bed purchasing.
our top pick


The beds that you have been looking up in the net are all the same. Regardless of the material of their filling, the beds that are not waterproof will soak up any liquid instantly like a sponge. If you do not want the bed to let in any liquids, water-resistant material is what you need.

There are some dog beds made specifically for pups that have incontinence issues. Those beds usually arrive with an extra cover that makes it harder for the liquids to go in the bed.

As there is a difference between chew-proof and chew-resistant dog beds, there is also a difference between waterproof and water-resistant dog beds. Water-resistant dog beds do not entirely prevent the liquids from getting into the bed. They have an extra layer that keeps the pee out, but they are not completely successful all the time.

What are water-resistant beds are good for is, they make it easier to clean the mess than regular beds. Because there is an extra cover, it makes all the work of cleaning more and more easier than normal.

Elevated Off The Ground

Some cushion styled dog beds are designed to be placed indoors and provide the most comfortable place for your pup. You can literally use them as your own cushion if you want. However, when beds get more durable, their style also changes.

The Cujo Cot is an elevated dog bed, meaning it has a frame that keeps them off the ground. It is thanks to that frame that your chewer dog will not be able to destroy this bed quickly. Because it is made of very strong and sturdy materials.

For those who plan to put the bed outside so that their canine companion can hang out with them while on a barbecue event, that is an excellent advantage. Or you can place the Cujo Cot dog bed inside to watch the telly together. It is up to you where to put the bed because it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

However, while the raised style may be a major selling point, it is also a drawback for pet parents with senior dogs who cannot quite climb up. It will be hard for those dogs since they will probably be suffering from joint or muscle pain.

Easy To Clean

This Cujo Cot dog bed is very easy to clean. You just will need a hose to clean it down. We already mentioned that the fabric is made of nylon, and the frame is made of aluminum. When those two are combined, nothing other than easy cleaning comes to our minds.

There are two types of pet parents, as we assume: one type is not really into some deep cleaning, and the other side prefers to make their canine companions as comfortable as possible. The definition of comfort for them is sleeping in a clean and fresh bed.

You can stand on any side you want if you buy this Cujo Cot dog bed because you can just hose the dirt off with water for quick cleaning. Or you can use soap, water and brush for deeper cleaning. No matter which method you choose, the bed will be cleaned. We promise.

However, there is one point that we want to warn you about. If you do use soap on the bed, please make sure to rinse thoroughly to remove all residue. Because the excess of the soap might damage the fabric and the frame.

Cujo Cot Dog Bed (2020 Reviews)

In this article, we reviewed the Cujo Cot Dog Bed. It is a great option for dogs that have a chewing habit. Because it comes with a durable and sturdy material.

We hope that you found this review useful!

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