Do Corgis Like to Swim

Do Corgis Like to Swim?

Do Corgis like to swim? Many of Corgis’ parents believe, their dog can not swim due to their physical disadvantages. For example, they have short legs and elongated body. Are they correct? Can corgis swim or not? Let’s look at it more in more detailed way. 

Yes, corgis can swim, and they may like to swim. Although they have some physical disadvantages for swimming, they compensate their weaknesses with their muscular thighs. Almost all of the dogs can swim, and they love to spend their time in the water and Corgi is not an exception. 

Not all Corgis are great swimmers, but from their nature, they can be competent swimmers, especially if they do more training in the water. They have potential to be an over average swimmer by creating an advantage for themselves by using their naturally powerful legs.

They are also fast swimmers because of those legs. They are also very energetic dogs, which makes their swimming activity more valuable for consuming energy. We understood they are capable of swimming, but do Corgis like water?

When we asked Corgis’ parents, we got different answers. Some of them stated that their dog likes swimming and throws itself into all the puddles it can find, while some of them said their Corgis is hesitant to swim. Obviously, a part of these dogs tend to be a swimmer, but a part is not. Now there is a different question that comes into our minds. Should we force them to swim?

Of course not. Forcing a Corgis can make the process unsuccessful, and they can have anxiety due to your attitude. So, you should be patient if they want to have the best result in swimming. They may not be the best swimmer in nature, but you must still believe in your dog. Please wait for the best time and try to teach him how to swim. Do corgis like to swim if you teach him how to swim? Yes, and here are some tips on the learning process.

Do Corgis Like to Swim

How Can I Teach Swimming to my Corgis?

Never leave your dog alone in the water before he learns swimming appropriately. It would help if you observed all of their behaviors in the water to have control over them. Moreover, find a life jacket for your dog if it is possible. It is better to be sure that your dog stays over the water in all the conditions. Those are the necessary pieces of advice to prevent regrets after some possible unpleasant situations. 

Corgis have disadvantages and need to enhance their skills that are efficient for swimming. It would help if you started from the very beginning. Be sure that your Corgis feels comfortable next to the water. First, introduce it to the puddles and small pools. Walk with it near the lakes, splash it some water. In short, make a place for water in his brain.

Then the next step is throwing him into the water. Of course, not throwing but slowly pushing it. You must start with shallow water; because he might not be ready for the deepwater yet such as; oceans, lakes, rivers.

In this part, giving some incentives to your dog can be beneficial. For example, after he gets out of the water, you can give him food, treats, or the things that your dog likes. Encouragement is an essential part of teaching to swim, and your positive attitude would have a good effect on your dog’s skills.

After your dog proceeds a little bit now, it’s your time to be involved. Don’t hesitate to swim with your Corgis. In this way, he would feel more comfortable in the water; its parent is the best person to imitate.

It is similar teaching your child how to swim. It would help if you were close to your Corgis to be sure about their safety. You can also bring some toys into the water, which your dog’s favorite. It makes water for your dog more attractive. Your dog will definitely like spending time in the water. While applying all of those processes, do not take off your Corgi’s life jacket. Remember the words, safety first. 

Do corgis like to swim in any kind of water? Yes, probably. But it would help if you were careful about the cleanliness of the water. Please don’t get your dog in the water that you are not sure about its purity. Otherwise, there can be some dangers for you and your dogs.

If your Corgi is still not used to swim, you can try to find a friend for him. Being with a buddy would make him feel comfortable in the water. It is also another way to accustom your dog to swim. Don’t forget it is all about encouragement, and all of your activities should make your dog more familiar with water. If you implement all of our pieces of advice, you will see that your Corgi likes water.

Conclusion: Do Corgis Like to Swim?

As mentioned before, your Corgi can swim even if it has some natural-born disadvantages for swimming. As a parent, you should not force your dog to get into the water, but there are many ways to make your dog familiar with it.

Swimming is an excellent activity for your pup to spend their energy. Your Corgi may or may not like to swim after your efforts, but there can be nothing you can do after some point, it is about his preference. Encourage your Corgi to make him a better swimmer, stay next to it, be sure about its safety.

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