Farmina vs. Orijen Dog Food (2020 Reviews)

Do you know how to choose a good dog food for your dog as a pet parent? How do you consider dog food options? Is the most important criteria is the design on the front? Or, do you check the history of the brand before buying a dog food for your pup?

Well, buying dog food is getting difficult day by day because the companies are in a constant race in terms of marketing. That is why there is a new product releasing every day. However, we will talk about two old-timer dog food brands and their history: Farmina vs Orijen.

Both have been selling their products for a long while now, but it is quite difficult to tell which one is a better option for dogs. As a pet parent, you might think that there is no difference between their products, but we will uncover the hidden beauty in their products by reviewing these two brands: Farmina vs. Orijen.

Both dog food brands have lots of different types of products from dry to wet food. We will compare these two brands Farmina vs Orijen, and evaluate their quality, nutritional facts, how safe they are for dogs and many other aspects of their products.

Farmina Dog Food Company in Brief

Farmina was called Russo Feed first back in 1965 in Italy. However, they didn’t open up shop in different countries until 2013. It was thanks to Dr. Russo, who is the son of the owner that Farmina’s products were started to be produced in a research-based formula.

After that, he wanted to take this job a few steps ahead by working with quality research institutes. In the end, he founded Farmina Vet Research. In this vet research, he also collected a team of vets and nutrition specialists.

Short story short, they were doing researches on what do pets need in terms of their nutritional needs and producing the dog food afterwards.

Farmina Dog Food Nutritional Value and Formula

Farmina produces dog food that is high protein and low carb. Pet parents of dogs with diabetic problems especially choose this company because of the low glycemic index.

Farmina is selling two product lines in the US, and they have 10 different formulas in these lines. The typical formula for Farmina is 42% protein, 20% fat, and 28% carbs along with 2.6% fiber content.

Farmina uses real meat as the first ingredient, and this protein source is qualified to the consumption of humans. Most of the ingredients for their products are provided in Italy, and all the ingredients used are safe for humans to eat.

To control the phosphorus and calcium levels in their dog food, Farmina prefers to use boneless meat. They claim that boneless meat has much more protein content because bones cause mineral residue production in the digestive tract.

Farmina’s dog food is truly grain-free. You can see lots of other dog foods which claim to be grain-free, and you can see rice and oats in the ingredients list. Moreover, Farmina does not include peas and lentils in their products. Because they believe protein should come from the meat itself rather than the plant substitutes.

Farmina Dog Food Quality Evaluation

Farmina meets the European Union’s requirement of pet food since it is founded in Italy. They also meet EU requirements, USDA requirements, and are AAFCO-approved. Their products do not contain any steroids, growth hormones, and GMOs.

Also, Farmina has no issued recalls, plus their reviews on the websites are all positive. This means that Farmina keeps producing high-quality dog food since the day they started to sell in the U.S.

Orijen Dog Food Company in Brief

The founder of this dog food company was Reinhard Muhlenfeld, and Orijen started to produce dog food in 1985. The core principle of this company is using quality ingredients and manufacturing the products in the best way.

So, that is why all Orijen dog foods are manufactured according to the belief that all dogs are evolved from carnivores. For that reason, Orijen dog food formulas are written still according to a carnivore diet, and it is aimed that all dogs can reach their best healthy selves.

Orijen gets their protein sources for the products from Canada and Kentucky. They are gathering the ingredients from local producers, which means your dog is eating what you are eating. In this way, Orijen aims to ensure its products to be always high quality.

Orijen Dog Food Nutritional Value and Formula

Orijen claims that their dog food formulas are specially designed for the biological needs of the dogs. That is why they use different real and whole meats as the first ingredient, which is also the primary source of protein. They also use organic ingredients as much as they can, so your dog can get the food as if he was in the wild all by himself.

Their dog food formula for each different product generally consists of 42% protein, 20% fat, and 30% carbs along with 5.6% fiber content. In total, Orijen has 8 dry dog food options and 4 freeze-dried options. In addition to that, you can pick the dog food according to your dog’s age.

There is a fit for all dogs: puppy, adult, senior, large breed and fit and trim dog foods are available in Orijen. There are many more options, we are sure that it is a great fit for your dog’s diet. However, there might not be a suitable option for your dog if he is a small breed. Because their protein to fat ratio is more suitable for medium to giant dogs.

Orijen uses chicken, beef liver, walleye, salmon, herring, chicken meal, and turkey in their dog food options. They also include grains like lentils. Also, you can see all the healthy fruits and vegetables in their ingredients list, providing very beneficial antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Orijen Dog Food Quality Evaluation

Because of the new regulations that emerged as a result of the recalling of multiple brands and manufacturers about killing animals, Orijin had a serious improvement in their products. That is why the company immensely decreased the recall numbers.

After that regulation, Orijen has recalled only one of their dog foods, and it was only distributed in Australia. But it seems that the problem was with the legislation of Australia because soon after Australian legislation about pet foods changed to prevent further issues.

Winner: Orijen

Orijen Logo

Even though it was a tough decision, we announce Orijen as the winner of this dog food comparison Farmina vs. Orijen. We only give brief information about both companies, but it was enough to understand their product quality. Let’s review some of the dog food of Orijen below.

Our Selections of Orijen Dog Food

Our Top Pick: ORIJEN High-Protein Dry Dog Food

About: Orijen uses high-quality ingredients to make their products of freeze-dried food. They have more protein ratio than any other dog food brand, and they manage to balance the carbs out with this dog food.

Features: Orijen uses real meat as the first ingredient. Their meats are coming from chicken and turkey, and they also give place to refrigerated and raw meats in their dog food.

Also, there is a very sufficient amount of carbs that come from vegetables and fruits. Dogs do not need carbs to survive, but it does not mean that they do not benefit from carbs. That is why Orijen dog food is a perfect choice.

On the other hand, there is not gluten and soy in this product. There is also no preservatives used in it. If your dog has a sensitive stomach issue, make sure that you give him food just like this one.

Even though it might be a little pricy for some people, we definitely recommend this dog food as our first choice. Also, this recipe also includes kidney, and it is another organ meat that is very beneficial for your dog.Kidney has a wealthy content of omega-3 fatty acids which is known to help your dog maintain his shiny fur.

Best With Seafood: ORIJEN Premium Quality Meat Dog Food

About: Orijen’s main aim is to give the food to all dogs that they would be able to eat if they were in the wild. For that reason, Orijen’s dog food options are packed with protein and healthy nutrients. This product is no exception to that rule.

Features: This variety of Orijen dry dog food has six types of different fish as the main ingredient. That is why it smells of fish, unfortunately. However, this product has at least 85% of its ingredients derived from animal products. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, Orijen offers a grain-free formula with this dry dog food.

Because it contains fish and fresh poultry, Orijen Dry Dog Food has glucosamine and chondroitin. It is needed for a healthy coat, and they are great for healthy immune and nervous systems.

Peas, pumpkin, kale, apple, and many other ingredients are also present in the dog food of Orijen. They are excellent sources of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The recipe also has added zinc for the health of your pup.

Also, this one is very rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. It is a great way to ensure that your canine companion has a strong immune system along with a shiny and healthy coat.

Best for Puppies: ORIJEN Puppy High-Protein, Grain-Free, Premium Quality Meat, Dry Dog Food

About: If you want to give your pup a variety of rich dog food, Orijen is the perfect choice for him. Because Orijen always mixes up some quality meat such as chicken, meat, turkey, eggs, and fish.

Features: The reason why we love Orijen is that they never depend on one protein source. Just like their other products, Orijen Puppy dog food also has 6 different meat to nourish your pup’s body.

This dog food is made of 85% animal ingredients. Orijen always uses fresh and raw ingredients that they buy from local people that they trust. The formula is also made suitable for pups with a sensitive stomach, and it is grain-free.

If you are going to buy a large amount of this dog food, we want to warn you because it does not come with a sealer. Make sure that you keep the package in a dry place and somehow close.

Orijen is a very high-quality dog food company that makes dog food as natural as possible. That is why we are recommending this dog food to pups with confidence.

Conclusion: Farmina vs. Orijen Dog Food(2020 Reviews)

Farmina and Orijen are both very successful dog food companies. They were both founded in around the same time, but their development story was a little bit different from each other. However, their main principles and beliefs are the same. Farmina and Orijen have the same goal in their minds, and it is to provide dogs with the best nutrients.

In this review, we compared two amazing dog food companies Farmina vs Orijen. And naturally, the winner was Orijen. Orijen has been doing a successful job consistently since the day they were founded, and it does not seem to change any time soon.

We are hoping that this review was helpful to pet parents who could not decide which brand to feed their dog with.

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