Games to Play with Your Pitbull

Games to Play with Your Pitbull

We resonate Pitbull parents who are looking for games to play with their dogs. Playing games might seem like just a fun activity, but it is essential for your Pitbull because it is also his exercise time. If being a pet parent to a Pitbull is your first experience, you might feel confused about what games to play with your dog.

Or you are an old-timer, and both you and your dog got bored with the games you have been playing for months or even years. So, if you are looking for some fun games to play with your Pitbull, we picked out some fantastic games to both have fun and exercise.

Also, your Pitbull might somehow be different from other breeds. What we mean is, he might not react to a simple stick thrown at him. So, do not feel embarrassed when your Pitbull looks at you with “What did you just do?” eyes.

It might be a fact that some dog breeds love specific games more than others. Let’s check out the games we have selected so you have a fun time with your Pitbull.

Entertaining Games to Play with Your Pitbull

If you are looking for some fun and enjoyable games to play with your Pitbull, here we picked out the best games for dogs. We hope that you will have a fantastic time with your pooch.

Tug of War

The only thing you need to play tug of war is a piece of rope or a toy. Having fun cannot be more comfortable than this. Moreover, it will let the energy out of your Pitbull in a way that he will want to play every day.

Some people think that playing tug of war is a dangerous game to play with Pitbulls because they tend to be more aggressive and see the game as a promotion of aggression. If you also think so, you can freely skip playing this one with your Pitbull. Still, we have not seen any Pitbull showing any aggressive behavior towards their parents playing this game.

It is just a fun game. But it does not change the fact that playing tug of war with any dog will make his predatory side come out. Because dogs are descendants of wolves, meaning that they already have predatory instincts. So, you cannot change the fact that they have this feeling inside them.

It goes the same with the fact that you did not create that predatory instinct. The only thing that can come out of playing tug of war is his energy. He will love it so much and want to play more and more until he is out of breath.

It can also be used as a fantastic training game. You can teach him the “wait” command, and then make him grab the toy. You can also make him learn “drop it” with this game. After all, he needs to know these commands to play the game. 

Games to Play with Your Pitbull

Jump and Grab It

As the name gives away, you will make your Pitbull jump as high as he can. That is why we recommend playing this game outside because indoors are not very suitable for this kind of game. 

So, you basically need his favorite toy and throw it as high as possible to make your Pitbull jump for it. Optionally, you can use a stick that you have found in the park. It will also work. You can teach him commands like “wait” or “grab it”.

Which Ball?

Pitbulls have a fantastic sense of smell. Why not use it for a game so you both can have fun? Even though this one is not a very active game, he will work his brains and nose for it.

You will need two balls to play it. It would be best if they are in different colors. If not, just mark one of them to know the difference. You need to rub one of the balls on yourself to make your Pitbull figure out which one has your scent.

Conclusion: Games to Play with Your Pitbull

Playing games with your dog should be a regular activity if the only active time your dog gets is the pee time. Because he will need to maintain his weight by being active. So, you can see this playing time as an exercise time for your dog.

Fetching gets boring after a while, we know. That is why we prepared a list of fun games to play with your Pitbull. Also, it seems like Pitbull are not a fan of simple games, after all. We hope that it was helpful for the Pitbulls and Pitbull parents out there.

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