Greenies vs Dentastix – Which one to buy? Which is better?

Does your dog’s mouth smell awful? Does he have a dental problem? Unfortunately,

dogs cannot go to dentists if they have these problems, and the one who should take

care of it is you as the parent.

You doggie see you as his guardian angel, so you should take him to a vet if he is

suffering from any dental issues. He can be having halitosis, plaque, tartar, gingivitis,

and loose teeth. Not all these problems are worth going to the vet, but it is always a wise

idea to go and check if there is more to the problem.

Fortunately, there are very smart products called dental treats, and they work as

toothpaste on dogs. Currently, there are two brands that go shoulder to shoulder that

produces dental treats: Greenies vs Dentastix.

There is nothing fancy about how to use the treats. You just give it to your dog, he

chews it, and all the bad things on the surface of his teeth will be cleaned away.

Throughout the process, these treats also release the substances that make it harder for

bacteria and plaque to remain in your dog’s teeth and mouth.

Greenies vs Dentastix serve the same purpose, but as you can guess, there is a debate

on which one is better. That is why we collected all the necessary information for pet

parents who cannot decide which can win the Greenies vs Dentastix battle. We will

analyze both products and guide you through the best decision for your pup.

Greenies vs Dentastix: Greenies Overview

Nutro Greenies was the first brand to come up with a product like dental treats. It is also

very surprising that dental treats were available if a vet approves or if your dog got the

Veterinary Oral Health Council’s approval for it at the very beginning. You can buy and

find a dental treat anywhere today and without any approval.

Greenies produce dental treats that are highly soluble and easy on the digestive tract. In

addition, I think we should mention that Greenies have added vitamins and minerals for

the health of your pup. You can keep your dog happy while also keeping his mouth


What Greenies claim to offer is fresh breath, healthy gums, and teeth. There is no doubt

that Greenies can help your dog maintain a healthy mouth. Not only Greenies remove

plaque and tartar, it also fights the build-up of these unwanted dental residues. Many

dogs love Greenies and love to eat them.

Just like the other brand we have talked about, Greenies also comes in sizes that you

can choose according to the weight of your dog. If your dog is between 5-15 lbs,

Greenies offer Teenie treats. For the ones between 15-25 lbs, there is a petite option.

For medium dogs between 25-50 lbs, a regular option is offered and large dogs between

50-100 lbs should go for the large size.

Greenies vs Dentastix: What We Liked About Greenies

The first thing we liked about Greenies is that they work better than any other

dental treat when fighting bad breath. So, if the main problem with your dog is the

awful smell, Greenies can work wonders.

Who says that dental treats cannot be nourishing? Greenies are rich in vitamins,

minerals, and protein to keep fueling your dog with good stuff even when he is

cleaning his teeth.

Another very good aspect of Greenies is that they have the most size options

compared to any other dental product for dogs. You can get teenie, petite,

regular, large, and jumbo sizes depending on how big your dog is.

Unlike the other product we reviewed, Greenies have a chewy texture overall.

That is how it works and removes plaque and tartar and prevents the build-up for

a longer period of time.

Greenies come in only one flavor but it tastes amazing. Well, at least our dogs’

reaction says so. We think that having great taste as a dental product is very

important. Because you do not have many other choices if chewing treats fail.

Lastly, Greenies is made in the USA just like the other product we mentioned

before. It is quality and we recommend this dental treat to pet parents with


Greenies might be a little pricey than other counterparts. However, you will get

the value of every penny you have spent on it because it works wonders on dogs’

dental issues.

Greenies vs Dentastix: What We Did Not Like About Greenies

Greenies are expensive. We do not deny that. You can see the difference of the

price if you compare it to the other products at the market. However, if you want

something that will offer a permanent solution for your dog’s dental issues,

Greenies is the best one you can get.

Greenies come in only one flavor. We are sure that you have came across

different brands that have many flavor options. Dentastix has four flavors

available and we would like Greenies even better if they had more flavor options

for pet parents. After all, dogs might be picky creatures sometimes.

If your dog is under 5 pounds, we are sorry but there are no Greenies suitable for

him. We think that no dog should be left behind, so, Greenies should do

something about it.

Unfortunately, Greenies contain gluten in their dental treats. Gluten can be

dangerous and harmful for some dogs if he has allergies to it, but overall, it can

be seen as a tummy-upsetter. Gluten is something we recommend pet parents

to avoid.

However, if your dog has no problem with it, Greenies is the best dental treat you

can get right now.

Greenies vs Dentastix: Dentastix Overview

Dentastix is produced under the brand of Pedigree. They come in two sizes, each size

especially for small, medium, and large dogs.

Small Dentastix should be fed to small to medium dogs once a day, and the pup should

be at least 22lbs. Large Dentastix should be fed to large adult dogs once a day, and the

pup should be at least 40lbs.

There are two sizes available, but they also come in many flavors so you can choose the

best one that your dog loves. These flavor options are beef, bacon, and fresh. Fresh

flavor is made of green tea and eucalyptus, and the purpose is the same as normal

toothpaste. It gives your dog fresh smelling breath.

Dentastix is very soft and chewy. When your pup bites the gum line, the cleaning of any

bad dental residues happens. However, sometimes dogs are so greedy that they

swallow all of the treat without it cleans their teeth.

Greenies vs Dentastix: What We Liked About Dentastix

Both products do amazing jobs when it comes to clean your dog’s teeth and save him

from bad breath. But to announce the winner of Greenies vs Dentastix battle, we have to

look at the things they offer. Let’s review the best aspects of Dentastix.

Dentastix has an amazing quality among the other products that serve the same

purpose, but what we liked about it the most is the price tag. You cannot possibly

get another dental treatment at the same affordable price and quality.

Some dental treats or dental products for dogs generally focus on the bad smell

of breath. However, Dentastix does another good job at also removing plaque

and tartar. Moreover, it releases substances that prevent these bad plaque and

tartar to continue living in your dog’s mouth. That is why you can use this product

daily without any concern.

No matter which flavor you chose, all of them come with a mint flavor. So, as a

result, you dog will have a clean minty fresh breath.

Dentastix has a soft and chewy texture, which makes it really easy to eat even

your dog is a little pup. You can be sure that your doggie can break the treat

down, and will have no problem in terms of digestion.

Unlike other products that come only in one size, Dentastix has two package

sizes which are small and large for different sizes of dogs. That is something we

really liked because you cannot find a size option if you are looking for dental

treats for dogs.

Dentastix also comes with four flavor options. You can choose bacon, beef,

chicken, and fresh flavors for your pup.

Last but not least, Dentastix is an USA made product. That is why we can safely

recommend it to the pet parents who have been wondering which dental product

is better: Greenies vs Dentastix?

Greenies vs Dentastix: What We Did Not Like About Dentastix

Unfortunately, Dentastix only comes in one shape. We would really like to see

different shape options along with the flavor and size options.

When we compare Dentastix to other dental treats, it seems like this brand has

more artificial ingredients. You should think and look at the ingredients list before

you give it to your dog especially if he is sensitive or allergic to something.

Greenies vs Dentastix: What is in Greenies and Dentastix?

These two dental treats come from the same company but it does not mean that they

have the same ingredients or produced in the same way. The ingredients in any of the

products you are planning to give to your dog should be very important and you should

read that section beforehand.

Because you would want to make sure that your dog is getting quality and nourishing

ingredients inside his body. That is why we analyzed the ingredients of both products

below for pet parents.

Dentastix Ingredients

Luckily, Dentastix does not contain any grains, which is perfect for dogs with food

sensitivities. And there are natural ingredients like potatoes and chickpeas also, but

there are many more that pet parents complained about. Let’s see the ones that people


Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Potassium Sorbate, Meat Derivatives, Iron Oxide, Smoke

Flavor. These all have different bad side effects. Most of them are considered artificial

preservatives or cancer causes. Sodium Tripolyphosphate is an artificial preservative, for

instance. It might make your dog nauseous and vomit.

Potassium Sorbate ais another preservative that can harm your dog’s eyes or skin. It is a

cancer cause and affects the immune system. The smoke flavor is an artificial one that is

definitely not coming from real meat. It can cause cancer.

Meat derivatives are the parts of the animals other than the real meat. It is usually the

cheapest alternative that the company can get. So, it seems like Dentastix does not

contain many innocent ingredients.

Greenies Ingredients

Greenies have many nourishing and natural ingredients in it. This product uses quality

ingredients for healthy teeth and gums while fighting with unwanted plaque and tartar.

Greenies promise pets that they will have a fresh breath without any dental problems

building up.

Greenies make dental treatment in dogs much easier because it is in a treat form. It is

also full of highly soluble ingredients and easily digestible.

Yet, this dental treat has whole wheat in it. If your dog is allergic to it, you must be

careful. It is also worth mentioning that Greenies meet the nutritional levels of Dog Food

Nutrient Profiles.

Conclusion: Greenies vs Dentastix - Which one to buy? Which is better?

Greenies and Dentastix are the most popular dental treats for dogs right now. So, it is

pretty understandable why some people are comparing these two. In this review, we

tried to conclude a commonly asked question: Greenies vs Dentastix – Which one to

buy? Which is better?

Well, the decision is all up to you now. Both are great products and have their ups and

downs. We advise that you read those things that we liked and did not like about each

product before deciding which one to buy.

We have reviewed two best dog dental treats for the pet parents who are in search of it.

We included an overview of both brands and talked about the pros and cons. Make sure

that you check it out.

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