Is a Chiweenie Hypoallergenic Dog?

Is a Chiweenie Hypoallergenic Dog?

Dog allergies can cause you not to experience the joy of owning a dog for a pet. Having a pet around the house is a great company, and it is fun to play with pets. Hypoallergenic dogs will not trigger your fur allergies. They aren’t pure breeds, but they are still amazing dogs for allergic people looking to have a dog. Since you’re reading this article, we suspect that you’re looking for a hypoallergenic dog and wondering whether Chiweenie is a hypoallergenic dog.

Before getting into detail, let’s give our short answer. Chiweenie is considered a hypoallergenic dog since they have medium to short coats. If you have a severe allergy, you can adopt a short haired Chiweenie.  However, in most cases, getting a medium haired Chiweenie won’t cause be an issue.

Now that we gave our short answer, let’s talk a little about what a hypoallergenic dog is and then we will talk about Chiweenie dogs specifically.

What is a Hypoallergenic Dog?

Most people associate hypoallergenic dogs to dogs that don’t shed a lot, which is true. An element called ‘dander’ is attached to dog fur and responsible for human allergies. Dogs that shed coat tend to have a lot of dunder on them.

Therefore, it is recommended for people who want to adopt dogs as pets to adopt breeds that do not shed a lot. Also, dogs that tend to shed fur lightly make it easier to clean the house and remove it effectively.

What is a Chiweenie?

A Chiweenie is a crossbreed between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund. The physical appearance of a Chiweenie will vary because of the two dog breeds. Some will have long ears, while others have short ears. There are some constant physical traits like the long body, lightweight, and their friendliness.

It cannot be easy to find a Chiweenie that has one solid color on their body. They always have a mix of colors, including blond, brown, black, white, and tan. Their fur is silky soft, and lots easy to manage. It also closely resembles the silkiness of human hair, reducing the risks of triggering allergies in humans.

Is a Chiweenie a Hypoallergenic Dog?

Most Chiweenies are hypoallergenic dogs because they have medium to short coats. They only shed seasonally, and the ones with short layers leave a small amount of fur. People with strong allergies towards dogs should choose Chiweenies with short coats. They are easy to maintain, groom, and shed the least.

Overall, a Chiweenie is an excellent choice for someone looking for a hypoallergenic dog. They are also friendly dogs, and they love to be hugged, cuddled, and a lot of attention. Mature Chiweenies are active but not destructive. Also, they are not heavy and can live anywhere, including a farm or an apartment. That is why they are an excellent companion for a toddler.

How to Choose the Right Chiweenie

It is essential to note that not all Chiweenies are hypoallergenic. The best way to see whether your ideal pet is hypoallergenic is to spend a few days together. If you do not sneeze, have teary eyes, or get a running nose after a few hours together, you are in the clear.

You can cuddle with the perfect Chiweenie for you for hours without triggering an allergic reaction. Most pet stores will allow you to spend a few days together to determine compatibility. Once you have established that a Chiweenie is hypoallergenic, you can buy or adopt it.


The Chiweenie is a designer dog bred from a designer dog, the Chihuahua. Most crossbreeding happens between two purebred dogs. However, the Chihuahua is among the oldest designer dogs that people love.

A Chihuahua is a crossbreed of a Techichi and Asian Hairless dogs. The Chihuahua is a trendy and fashionable dog that owners can carry pretty much anywhere. The most prominent feature that the Chiweenie gets from a Chihuahua is the short ears. It is hard to find a Chiweenie with long and floppy ears.

Is a Chiweenie Hypoallergenic Dog?

Finding a Chiweenie

Chiweenie is a high demand breed just like their parents the Chihuahuas. The dogs are friendly and perfect pets for city homes. It may take a while before you find a Chiweenie you like. You can find a rescue home near your place and see if you can find a Chiweenie. Alternatively, you can look at Facebook pages that have sellers that specialize in designer dogs. You should find a seller that has experience in the breeding business and has a physical location.

You can also find a Chiweenie from pet parents. It is always advisable to take the dog for a checkup before purchasing from the previous owner. A visit to the vet can reveal underlying diseases that may be the reason for the sale. However, you can find private owners who are genuinely selling a healthy Chiweenie for other purposes.

What is the Cost of a Chiweenie?

The cost of a Chiweenie will vary depending on the appearance and the season. They are the most expensive when they are trending and during fashionable seasons. You can get a good Chiweenie for $250-$550. However, extremely cute Chiweenies can cost as much as $800. You can find a good Chiweenie for a reasonable price.

What is the Life Expectancy of a Chiweenie?

The average life expectancy of a Chiweenie is 13-17 years, depending on the care you show the dog. They require a lot of love and affection. They experience stress when neglected or left alone, which can reduce the life expectancy by up to 5-years.

What are Common Diseases for the Breed?

The designer dog has more robust genes that are not susceptible to diseases. However, it contains some traits from the parent dachshund that cause allergic reactions, patellar luxation, hair loss, and corneal dystrophy. The conditions are preventable with a healthy diet and a dose of daily exercise. There are also medical options you can explore if your dog becomes ill.

Mature or Puppy?

When adopting a Chiweenie, you may want to consider whether to take a mature or puppy dog. The maturity age of Chiweenies is around two years when they settle into their shape and coats. It is advisable to adopt a mature Chiweenie if you are looking for a hypoallergenic dog. Mature Chiweenies are calm and less aggressive. They are also easier to train and adapt to new environments very well.

Puppies, on the other hand, are stubborn and highly active. It is challenging to train a puppy of the breed. It is hard to predict the final form and coat of a Chiweenie from an early age. Therefore, you may adopt one when it is a puppy but end up disliking the outcome.

Conclusion: Is a Chiweenie Hypoallergenic Dog?

Most Chiweenies shed less fur, making them an excellent hypoallergenic option. However, not all Chiweenies are hypoallergenic. The best way to decide the right Chiweenie for you is through trial and error. You can spend time with a Chiweenie to see whether the coat will trigger your allergies. Overall, Chiweenies are ideal for families with kids to give the dog attention and love.

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