Is Edamame Bad For Dogs? There is enough research to suggest that.

Is Edamame Good For Dogs?

We know why you would want to share some greens with your pup. Because they are healthy for you and there is no reason for them to be unhealthy for your dog, right? That might be true for most of the greens, but we believe that saying edamame is good for dogs is not that easy. In this article, we will try to find an answer to that question by looking at it from different aspects.

What is Edamame?

To be able to find the answer, let’s first define what edamame is. Edamame is a soybean. Then, why isn’t it called that?

Because there is a difference in the maturity level between the two, edamame is harvested earlier that soybean. So, we could essentially call edamame a young bean.

What Are The Nutritional Values of Edamame?

  • Good source of various vitamins
  • Good source of iron,
  • Relatively high protein
  • Very high in fiber
  • Good source of calcium
  • Contains omega-3 fatty alpha-linolenic
  • Does not contains sugar
  • Contains more folate than mature soybeans

Is Edamame Good or Bad For Dogs?

To answer that question, we should clarify the relationship between dogs and carbohydrates. First, carbohydrates, whether they come from vegetables, grains our other sources, are not necessary for dogs to have a healthy life. 

However, this is not an advice to take out all the carbs from your pup’s diet. Because carbohydrates can have some benefits but all the carbohydrates are not equal, and you should be able to make a distinction between the bad carbs and the good carbs to understand which ones are good for your pooch and which ones are not. 

Most of the carbohydrates that come from grains are bad for your pup. Because most of them contain gluten and dogs are generally allergic to gluten. Also, grains usually have a high glycemic index, and they will raise your dog’s blood sugar to the levels that are higher than average.

On the other hand, carbs that come from the greens have all sorts of benefits to your tail-wagger. Most of them are filled with vitamins and minerals, and they also have very rich fiber content.

We see the same thing when we look at the nutritional value of edamame.

It contains several vitamins, which all dogs need to be able to live a healthy life.

Can dogs eat edamame? This pup seems to enjoy it!

Also, it contains iron, which is very essential for your pup regarding the synthesis of the blood. Its primary function is to produce hemoglobin, which is very beneficial for carrying oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. So, for dogs to not be deficient in iron is very crucial.

We all know that the most important thing your pup’s diet is protein and soy is high in protein. So, it should be a good alternative to meat.

It also has a high fiber content, which can be very beneficial your for pup’s digestive system, and even very good effects for heart disease.

There is also a good amount of calcium in edamame. Calcium is essential for dog’s bone health and also very important for your pup to have healthy teeth. Calcium deficiency in dogs can cause all sorts of problems, and one of them is rickets. 

Other than that, even though its mildly sweet taste might make you think otherwise, edamame does not contain any sugar. In fact, there is enough evidence to suggest that it can regulate the blood sugar.

Edamame also contains folate more than the mature soybeans, which is hugely important for the generation of the blood cells.

All the things that we mentioned above sound very good, however, there are very good reasons for us to be very hesitant to say that edamame is good for dogs and they can eat it as much as they want. 

We already mentioned that soy contains a relatively high amount of protein, which sounds very good the first time when you hear it. However, we believe that dogs are evolved to have animal protein and that is the one that will provide the necessary amino acids for them to thrive. So, providing your pup the vegetables like edamame might not be the ideal protein intake.

Soy is usually added to the dog foods because it is a cheaper alternative to protein, and it is usually considered a low-quality ingredient.

Other than that, most dogs can have allergic reactions when they eat edamame because they are allergic to soy and soy-related products. That is the reason owners mostly decide to for the dog foods that do not contain any soy in them. 

So, the reasons that we mentioned above clearly shows that there are valid reasons to be doubtful about the benefits of soy. Also, we have some concerns about the safety of the consumption of edamame for both humans and dogs because of the reasons we will explain below. 

is edamame good for dogs? this dog is about to find out!

Is Edamame Safe For Dogs?

Even though it is a vegetable and it contains a lot of nutrients, edamame is not innocent as it seems because %85 of the soybeans grown in the U.S.A. are genetically modified. So, it is safe to say that most of the soy products that are found in the U.S. markets are genetically modified.

Another worrying aspect of this is that GMOs are not labeled in America so they can go unnoticed even for alert shoppers.

Your best bet would be to get the ones that are frozen and imported from Asian countries such as China or Thailand. That is not necessarily a bad thing because contrary to the regulations in the U.S.A, the manufacturers in those countries are required to state whether their products are GMO or not. 

But that also means they had to make a very long journey to come to your table, and that has both economic and environmental consequences. Also, the issues related to soy are not only GMO related.

There is also a significant amount of research claims that high levels of pesticides are used in soy products, which does not sound good at all.

Also, soy products contain large quantities of natural toxins and antinutrients, which causes reduced protein digestion and deficiencies in the amino acid intake.

Another potential issue soy can cause in dogs is that its interference with the thyroid gland’s ability to make hormones necessary for healthy thyroid function. This can cause hypothyroidism in dogs.

Also, high amounts of soy intake are related to seizures both in dogs and cats.


In theory, edamame should have so many benefits for you and your pup since it has good nutritional value and contains a lot of healthy nutrients such as various vitamins and minerals.

However, there is enough research to show that edamame is not innocent as it seems, and it is tough to say that it is safe for dogs since it can cause all sorts of issues.

So, we advise you to reconsider your love for edamame and limit the consumption of this food as much as possible both the sake of you and your pup.

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