Is Okra Good For Dogs?

Most of the dogs just seem to be eager to try whatever we eat, and that usually brings up questions to their owners’ minds regarding whether or not they can share what they enjoy with their pup. This question especially comes up when the food you’re eating is healthy such as okra because you want your pup to benefit from it as well.

So, let’s give our short answer. Okra is good for dogs in small amounts since it is a vegetable that contains a lot fiber and beneficial vitamins and minerals. However, try to avoid fried okra since it contains bad fat for your pup.

Now that we gave our short answer, let’s clarify this issue further for you and your pup by answering the question of okra is good for dogs or not.

What is Okra?

Also known as gumbo or ladies’ finger, okra is a vegetable that it is very common in regions with a warm climate. Even though it is not as popular as other greens that are usually found in our tables, okra doesn’t have any less nutritional values.

It is also filled with fiber, so it is very beneficial for digestive issues. It is also a great source of vitamin B, vitamin A, and vitamin K. Vitamin K is also called “blood-clotting” vitamin, and its primary function is to heal the wound faster. Another importance of okra is that it has folate in it. Folate is very significant for the generation of red blood cells.

Okra is also very good at boosting the immune system. Not to mention, it is an excellent source of calcium and magnesium, so, it is very beneficial for muscle and bone health.

It has excellent antioxidant properties because it contains a lot of vitamin C, which makes it very helpful to boost the immune system and to be able to fight against diseases.

Also, it might come as a surprise, but just like peas, it is a very good source of protein.

Is Okra Safe For Dogs?

Evolved from wild wolves, dogs have a very different relationship to carbohydrates than us. Humans have evolved to tolerate and also benefit from many, and they are essential for us to sustain our lives; however, that is not the case for dogs.

To answer the question whether the okra is safe for dogs, first, we should make a distinction between carbohydrates because there are a lot of different carbohydrate sources and some of them can be very beneficial for dogs, whereas some of them can cause problems.

Mostly, grains are the ones that cause issues. Also, consumption of a lot of fruits that have high sugar content can be problematic for dogs too. On the other hand, most vegetables tend to be very safe, and most of them beneficial for dogs.

So, it could be said that okra is safe for dogs and they can eat them as much as they want, but it is not that simple. Because some people are allergic to okra and regarding allergies, dogs are very similar to humans. So, you should always be cautious when feeding your pooch okra and also watch out for the effects after.

Is Okra Bad or Good For Dogs?

We mentioned that okra has a lot of different benefits and just like any other green, it usually has a good for on dogs.

For instance, if your tail-wagger has constipation, okra is one of the best vegetables that you can give to him because it is full of fiber and will be beneficial for your pup’s digestive system.

Although we believe that meats are the best sources of protein for dogs, okra is a very good substitute for that because of its high protein content.

Since okra is very high in vitamin C, it will help your pup have a stronger system against possible issues.

Also, unlike most of the unhealthy carbs, okra does not have a high glycemic index, and that is why it will not raise your pup’s blood sugar levels. In fact, okra has the opposite effect and can be very good for dogs that have diabetes or has a couple of extra pounds.

So, adding a little bit of okra to its diet would never hurt your pup. However, we already mention that most dog foods do not contain okra in them, so, if you want that in their diet, it should be in homemade meals.

As mentioned above, okra is safe for dogs to consume, but that does not mean the return you get from adding okra to your pup’s diet would always be positive. Okra has a lot of fiber in it, and it can cause diarrhea especially when consumed too much.


Is Raw Okra Good For Dogs?

Raw feeding has been gaining huge popularity among the dog owners lately, and we also believe raw feeding can have various benefits to your pup if you have the budget for it. Raw feeding is feeding your pup raw food instead of cooking them.

The idea behind this way of feeding is the dogs, and their descendant never cooked their own food! So, eating their meal raw would be a more natural way to them. We also can confirm that most owners do realize the benefits in their pups, such as better breath and healthier coat.

While raw feeding mostly means feeding raw meat to your pooch, it can also mean adding some vegetables to the daily diet of your dog.

Just like other vegetables, raw okra is good for dogs, and we could even say that it is the best way to consume it because it will retain all of its nutritional value in it.

Is Fried Okra Good For  Dogs?

Most of us know that eating fried foods is not the best ways to fulfill our nutritional needs, but also, most of us are guilty of having too much of them. But who can blame us? Fried foods are usually delicious, and fried okra is not an exception to that.

However, just like all the fried foods, they are not suitable for us and let alone our dogs. Dogs’ metabolism has a tendency to tolerate less variety of meals, and fried foods are one of them. When we look at the ingredients of the fried okra, we can detect the ingredients that can cause the problems very quickly.

First, flour is usually among the ingredients when fried okra is made, which is not good because it contains gluten, and some dogs don’t respond well to gluten. They can get allergic to it and gluten is also usually the cause of the many problems such as atopic dermatitis.

Other than that, it usually includes the cornmeal among the ingredients. Cornmeal also contains gluten, and it has a very high glycemic index that can cause issues like diabetes and weight gain in your pooch.

So, we believe there is an obvious answer to the question of whether the okra is good or bad for dogs. Yes, some of them can tolerate ingredients such as gluten, but we advise to minimize those ingredients as much as possible in their foods.

Can Dogs Eat Pickled Okra?

The problem is not caused by okra but from the fact that it is pickled and there are a couple of reasons why pickled foods problematic for dogs.

First, for them to be preserved, they usually contain a lot of salt. Even though it is true that sodium, which is the main mineral that composes salt is essential for your pup, too much of it can cause issues.

Because what too much salt does is it can raise blood pressure, and it can be very harmful to some dogs, especially the ones that have kidney and liver diseases.

Other things like heavy spices, garlic, and onions are usually used to flavor the pickled okra, and all of these ingredients can be very problematic for dogs if they overeat of them.

Even though most vegetables are safe for dogs and have various benefits, onions and garlic are not among them. Because they both contain thiosulphate and it is toxic to dogs, and they should never eat them in any case.

Conclusion: Is Okra Good For Dogs?

Carbohydrates have an interesting place in dogs’ dietary needs because while some are very harmful and too much consumption of them are both unnatural both and also can have serious consequences, others can have significant benefits and support your pup’s protein intake very well.

We believe okra is one of those vegetables. Because it has excellent nutritional value and some dogs just love them. Some of them can even eat enough amount to give themselves diarrhea if given a chance.

So, we believe that moderate consumption of okra will only bring positive results if your pup does not have any sensitivities to it.

However, we should also mention that there are different ways to add okra to your pup’s diet and not all of them are the same. While feeding your pup raw okra is the best way to provide this vegetable to your dog, cooking it is also a great way as well if you have the time for it.

However, we never suggest the fried okra for dogs because of the possible allergens it has in its ingredients. Also, pickled okra is probably not the best way for dogs to eat okra either, and the dogs with kidney or liver diseases should not eat pickled okra at all costs.

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