My Dog Ate Chapstick

My Dog Ate Chapstick, What Should I Do?

No matter what you do, your dog would find a way to do something that he is not supposed to do sometimes. Some things, such as stealing something from the kitchen counter are harmless; some might be deadly for dogs. But what about chapsticks? Is chapstick harmful to dogs?

Yes, chapstick is harmful to dogs. Any brand of chapstick will cause an upset stomach in dogs because they contain lots of unfamiliar ingredients. However, if the chapstick he ate had xylitol in it, then it will be poisonous for your dog that might lead to organ failure and death.

Dogs can get their paws on almost any kind of weird item in the house. Now, you are probably wondering if chapstick is okay to eat among the many weird things your dog ate. And we should tell you that you are not the only dog parent who is wondering the answer to this question because it is a common one.

So, what should you do if your dog ate chapstick? It would be better for you and your dog to choose the safe option in this kind of situation. Most chapsticks are not dangerous for dogs, but eating the entire thing will definitely cause some problems in their organs.

So, it is never a bad idea to call the vet because every dog can react to the same things. When you go to the vet, make sure to bring the package with you if your dog has not also eaten that. This way, the vet can assess the situation. If your dog also ate the package or tube, it is an emergency, and your dog will need surgery.

So, what happens when a dog eats chapstick? Is chapstick terrible for dogs? What should you do if your dog ate chapstick? Keep reading to find out more about this issue.

What Happens When a Dog Eats Chapstick?

Chapstick or lip balm is a fantastic product that helps us during cold winter nights, but it serves humans, not dogs. No matter how delicious they look and smell, we all know that we should not eat chapstick. However, dogs can be playful sometimes and try to eat whatever they find.

Chapsticks are usually flavored and smell amazing; that might be the main reason why your dog would even try to eat it in the first place. The smell might remind him of a tasty treat and encourage him to try a bite.

If your dog also ate the tube of the chapstick, it can easily block the intestines or esophagus. Your dog might not be able to breathe. So, first, make sure that your dog is not choking. Do not try to use your hands because it makes the dog stress, and he is probably not going to help you.

If your dog ate the tube, it is an emergency situation. It will definitely cause blockage in the intestines. So, you must pay the vet a visit asap. Because the vet will be the one who is going to help you locate the package in the intestines. In most cases like this, surgery is a necessity.

This blockage can also cause vomiting, leaving your dog dehydrated. Also, we are assuming that the tube of the chapstick was plastic, it can also cause intestinal bleeding and cause infections.

My Dog Ate Chapstick

Is Chapstick Bad for Dogs?

Your dog ate chapstick, and you are wondering if it is poisonous to your dog or not. Is chapstick bad for dogs? Chapsticks are made of many different ingredients and chemicals, and whether it is poisonous to dogs or not would depend on the individual product.

However, any brand of chapstick will certainly lead to an upset stomach in dogs. Because any brand of chapstick certainly has lots of ingredients that your dog has never had in his stomach.

Xylitol the most common and toxic for dogs ingredient that you can find. You can find xylitol in the toothpaste or in the peanut butter you spread on your bread, the range is that wide. Even though it does not have any effect on humans, it will poison dogs and lead to death.

Xylitol poisons dogs by making them hypoglycemic immediately, and this leads to organ failure and death. If the chapstick your dog ate had xylitol, it would definitely be enough to cause something serious if your dog is a small breed or a puppy.  Check the package of the chapstick to see if it has any xylitol. If it does, go to the vet right away without losing any time.

But what would happen if a dog were to eat a chapstick that does not have xylitol? You have to inspect the ingredients list more in detail to see if there is anything else that might be dangerous for your dog to eat. In most cases, essential oils are used in chapsticks to make them super soft.

Essential oils individually cause problems, and you have to search for the one that is present in the chapstick that your dog ate. Because essential oils contain dangerous chemicals in them today.

Conclusion: My Dog Ate Chapstick, What Should I Do?

Dogs can get their paws on things that they are not supposed to. Chapstick is another product that your dog should not be eating. If your dog ate chapstick, you should check the ingredients list to see if there is anything harmful.

The most common and dangerous substance is xylitol that can be found in chapsticks. If the chapstick your dog ate has xylitol, go to the vet immediately. Some chapsticks can have essential oils in them, and they are produced in a way that they are full of chemicals. This is another aspect to concern if your dog ate chapstick.

Another emergency situation is when your dog eats the chapstick with the tube and all. This will require surgery. So, make sure that you are keeping the chapsticks away from your dog all the time.

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