My Dog Ate Vaseline

My Dog Ate Vaseline, What Should I Do?

Dogs can do some naughty things at times and put their noses where it does not belong. Right when you get sick of your dog’s counter surfing, now he is eating Vaseline out of the medical shelf. But can dogs digest Vaseline? What will happen if your dog eats Vaseline? Is Vaseline harmful to dogs? We will answer such questions in this article.

Yes, they can technically eat it, but should they? Absolutely not! The most innocent consequence will be mild diarrhea if your dog ate Vaseline. If the amount of Vaseline that your dog ate is much more, he will be dehydrated and have severe stomach problems.

Can Dogs Eat Vaseline?

Some actions that your dog really should not do can bring so much harm to him. That is why you should be very careful about the things you place around the house. You have to be careful about pills and such, but Vaseline is another story. Some actions that your dog gets involved -eating Vaseline, for instance- will definitely be very harmful.

However, in some cases, it can be seen as an innocent thing. Because Vaseline can also be used in dry skin or injuries of dogs, though it is not very common. If your dog licked Vaseline out of his wounds or skin -considering that it is a tiny amount of Vaseline- it is very unlikely that it will cause anything serious in your dog.

However, a real problem arises if your dog ate Vaseline directly out of the jar. For emergencies like this, it is best to know what to do during and after it. We will also talk about the after-effects of consuming Vaseline in dogs in this article. So, keep reading if you want to get more information about this topic.

My Dog Ate a Jar of Vaseline. Is It Harmful?

We cannot say that Vaseline is considered poisonous for dogs. But it is a certain fact that Vaseline makes dogs sick. The most common symptom of eating Vaseline is diarrhea. If your dog ate a jar of Vaseline, we are sorry to say this but, there will be a huge mess he will create for you.

Vaseline has an effect that makes the digestive tract work faster in dogs because it makes the intestines all oily and slippery. However, Vaseline does not get digested in the digestive tract; it means that it will come out as it went in. Even worse, their body will not be able to get all the Vaseline out of their body in one or two days so that it might take months.

Your dog can also vomit if he ate a jar of Vaseline, but it is almost certain that he will get diarrhea if he ate that much. We can also say that a couple of days will be very discomforting for both the dog’s parents and the dog.

Most of the time, Vaseline will leave your dog’s body after a couple of days. But make sure that you consult with a vet about it, because, as we have mentioned before, the period of time might differ from case to case. But it will be a challenge for you and your dog.

If you have just realized that your dog ate a jar of Vaseline, call the vet immediately for further help. There might be different remedies that can be suggested by vets because they would already know your dog. The vet might ask you to change the feeding patterns or the food completely.

As a result of diarrhea, which is expected for your dog to have, your dog might get dehydrated. You should always provide him with lots and lots of water. But, lots of water can also have a negative effect as it can worsen the situation. You should also give food with the water to your dog. Nevertheless, you should call your vet and get the right information about it all.

My Dog Ate Vaseline

Keeping Your Dog Safe from Vaseline

The first thing you can do about all emergencies is to take precautions. For the case of your dog eating Vaseline, you can keep it in a place where your dog cannot reach it if you need to have a jar of Vaseline at home. You can store the Vaseline in a medical shelf or in a secure drawer that your dog will not be able to open.

If you are using Vaseline on a wound of your dog, he might lick it. So, you can wrap a clean cloth on the area to prevent him from eating Vaseline. Or you can use some other medicine that will be less dangerous.

If your dog eats Vaseline, it will not cause damage that will affect him for the rest of his life. However, he will have some serious diarrhea. So, you should contact the vet immediately to get some medicine and learn how to get your dog back to health.

Conclusi̇on: My Dog Ate Vaseline, What should I Do?

Dogs can do some naughty stuff at home by eating and messing up things they should not do. Eating Vaseline is one of the things they should not do, but if it has happened, there is nothing to do except to call your vet.

Dogs have diarrhea when they eat lots of Vaseline because Vaseline has a laxative effect. You should go to the vet and use the medication s/he prescribes if necessary. But most times, it is advised that providing your dog with lots of water and appropriate food in the case of diarrhea.

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