My Dog Fell Off The Bed

My Dog Fell Off The Bed. What To Do?

We are sure that you are trying to do your best when it comes to your canine companion and keeping him safe. No matter how much you try to keep your dog away from accidents, they happen. One of the most common accidents that can occur and cause harm to your dog is falling. So, what should you do if your dog fell off the bed?

The first thing to do after a fall is to call a vet without losing any time. If you cannot reach a vet, check your dog’s gums and pupils to ensure that he is not in shock or taken damage to his head. Also, your pooch might have broken his bones, so check whether he is limping or not.

Even though dogs might seem like they can get out of any situation because of their quickness, they can also fall off somewhere higher such as your bed. Dogs are creatures that can get excited very quickly and act on it impulsively. That might be the reason why they are falling off different and weird places.

Beds are not the only place you can find your dog falling out of. Some dogs jump off from stairs, windows, or even moving cars! That is why it is essential to protect your dog as best as you can against these accidents.

However, the most important thing you should do after your dog fall off the bed is to educate yourself on what to do after a fall. Also, informing the vet makes a lot of difference for the treatment after your dog falls off the bed.

What to Do After Your Dog Falls off the Bed?

If your dog fell off the bed, we are sure that you might be scared and worried a lot about him. If that is the first time your dog falls off somewhere, you might not know what to do. You should call the trusty vet as the first thing in this kind of a situation.

If the hour is not appropriate for going to or calling the vet, there are some tips we can give about what to do after a fall. Because it seems like there is not much information about this issue on the net.

If your dog is still conscious after falling off the bed, make sure that he has not just open eyes. He must react to you in some kind of way so you can know that he is okay. Also, it might be good to check his limbs, because he might have broken one or two bones if he fell off a really high place.

If you see your dog limping and not having a stable posture, it probably means that he injured his legs.

After you check his status, the next thing to look at is the pupils of your dog. If one pupil is smaller than the other one, this situation might indicate a head injury. Later, check the gums of your canine friend. If the gums are some different color that his natural gum color, that might mean he is going into a shock.

If the gum color or pupils are abnormal, then we highly recommend visiting an emergency pet hospital because your dog’s life might be in danger.

Another symptom of falling off the bed in dogs is throwing up. There might be several reasons why your dog is throwing up, but make sure you provide him with enough water to survive.

If your dog has broken his bones, he will need surgery as soon as possible. We are hoping that your canine friend will be fine.

My Dog Fell Off The Bed

Is it a Good Idea to Sleep with My Dog on My Bed?

The answer of the question of whether you should sleep with your dog on a high bed or not depends on you. However, we want to clarify the point that many dog owners are very cautious about this issue, and they do not let their canine friends on high furniture such as couch or bed.

Especially small dogs are very prone to injuries from falling. Even a jump from the couch will be enough for your small dog to break his bones. 

How do I Know If My Dog is Injured After a Fall from the Bed?

If your dog falls from the bed and injures himself, the best thing to do is visiting a vet. If you think that your canine friend was not injured seriously, you still need to observe him for a couple of days to make sure that he is completely okay.

If your dog was injured, he will not be able to walk or normally stand for a few days. During this time, he can cry or whimper when moving around. If you observe any difficulty in your dog’s breathing, it might be an emergency because he might be having broken bones around his chest.

Conclusion: My Dog Fell Off The Bed. What To Do?

It does not matter your pup, or your senior dog is the one who has fallen from a high bed, dogs of all ages can be playful and curious. They can climb to and jump from higher places, which might result in an accident. That is why your dog needs your protection against these unwanted scenarios.

If your dog falls off the bed, you should examine his body to check whether there are some serious damage, such as broken bones. You can examine the body by running your hands on the possible places that your dog might have injures, and try to pay attention to his cries and whines.

If your dog has an obvious swelling, bump, or broken bone, you should call or go to the vet immediately without losing any time.

Dogs might seem like they are very flexible and fast when they are moving around. However, they might not always land on their four feet like cats. So, be careful!

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