What is a Walrus Dog?

Being a mixed breed, most Walrus puppies have the long and cute ear shape of a Basset Hound and the wrinkles on the face of the Shar-Pei.

Because they have wrinkly skin, it is essential to keep them clean and dry, because their skin can develop infections very quickly.Walrus dogs are also called by other names such as Ba-Shar or Sharp Asset.

A Walrus dog is as great as any other dog no matter the name. He is sweet, cute, affectionate. Yet, they might be a little more stubborn for some people to handle.

But it does not mean that they are not great family dogs, because they are! They love to go to walks outside and play with toys and kids. Training your dog is very important, and we mentioned that Walrus dogs can be stubborn. So, if this is your first time adopting a canine friend, a Walrus might not be the right choice.

Walrus dogs can have a coat of many colors such as chocolate, black, white, brown, or combination of any of those. Make sure that you brush your Walrus dog twice a week to keep away the loose hair that sheds. Also, it is essential to mention that Walrus dogs are not hypoallergenic.

Another distinct quality of Walrus dogs might be their powerful but short legs. Which we think what makes them look that cute! They also have large paws compared to their legs, and their faces have kind of a sad-looking way. This sad look is accompanied by long and droopy eyes.

Size and Body Type

Most of the walrus dogs’ physical characteristics such as body shape, size, and ear shape are a mixture of Basset Hound’s and Chinese Shar-Pei’s. Because Walrus is a mixed breed of these dogs.

Also, a walrus can be considered as a medium-to-large-size dog. And he will probably weigh between 40 and 60 pounds as an ideal weight. They grow into 10 inches to 17 inches when they are full-grown dogs.

We cannot say that a Walrus will be the most active dog around there. So, providing them with exercise time every day will keep them fit.

Life Expectancy and Health

We can say that Walrus has a short life expectancy compared to other medium dogs. A Walrus dog’s life expectancy is just 8 or 10 years. Also, mixed breeds can have more health issues compared to the other ones. That might apply to the Walrus dogs.

The most common health problems that a Walrus dog faces are canine thrombopenia, foreleg lameness, and eyelid issues. For that reason, giving your Walrus dog enough exercise time is very important as well as visiting the vet regularly.

Personality Traits

The walrus dog is sweet, flexible, clean, quiet, independent, and has a warming personality. They are fine and calm that you cannot see another dog behave like this. This dog makes an awesome friend, but he is highly independent. Their temperament will depend very much on how the owner handles the dog. So, it all depends on you.

A Walrus dog will bond immediately with the family members. They love to play and have a fun time with everyone in the house. But, you have to initiate the playtime because they might seem a little bit lazy also.


Is Walrus the right breed for me to adopt?

As we mentioned, Walrus dogs are a crossbreed of Shar-Peis and Basset Hounds. For that reason, the Walrus breed might have very different looks and personalities even from their own families. Because the mixed breeds are very different from each other.

As you consider getting a Walrus dog, you should also consider their life span, weight, and height. We provided all of that information above. If the size of your place is not enough or will not make you able to take care of a medium-sized dog, then Walrus breed is not the one for you, for instance.

Another issue might be allergies. If you or any person in the household have allergies to dogs, you might have come across some information about hypoallergenic dogs. Unfortunately for you if you have allergies, Walrus is not a hypoallergenic dog breed because they tend to shed.

The History or Walrus or Ba-Shar Breed

It is a fact that most of the mixed breeds do not have detailed information around. But we are guessing that Walrus dog breed has originated when people’s demand for designer dogs increase in the US. However, inspecting the parent breeds might help a little.

Shar-Pei is one of the breeds that Walrus dogs are mixed. This dog breed dates back to China’s Han Dynasty, which is a really long history. Shar-Pei dogs were primarily used to hunting, but later they started to be bred for dogfighting. However, sometime later, Shar-Pei dogs faced extinction, and their population decreased.

On the other hand, Basset Hound breed descends from French dogs. Just like the other breed Shar-Pei, Basset Hounds were also used in hunting. Because they have an amazingly accurate sense of smell. That is actually the reason why Basset Hound was popular with French people since their life highly depended on hunting.

Basset Hounds and Shar Pei dogs can be both welcoming and loving. While Basset Hounds are like this with anyone, Shar Pei dogs tend to love only the family and familiar people. However, both breeds can make excellent guard and family dogs.

We said that Walrus dogs might be stubborn, and that is why a decent training program might be necessary. They took being headstrong from their parents. So, training Walrus dogs can be a hard task. Because both Basset Hound dogs and Shar-Pei breed are very intelligent and stubborn.

Also, both mixed breeds were used for hunting purposes. That is in their genes. So, be careful when your Walrus dog starts to go all by himself while sniffing something. Because most likely he will get lost tracking that scent! Make sure to train a Walrus dog well so he will not wander around all by himself.