Best Dog Beds for Winter (2020 Reviews)

Dogs might need special caring during cold and hard winter months. It does not matter if your pup is living indoors or outdoors, he definitely will need something extra because of the hardness of this harsh season. For that reason, we wanted to share how you can keep your dog safe during winter.

You might be someone who thinks that dogs have an extra coat of fur around them and they do not need anything special for winter just because of that. Well, that might be the case for some dogs and might not be like that for some others.

It may be true that some dogs can tolerate the cold better than human beings, but that is not always true. It is especially a wrong prejudgement if your dog has been raised indoors. Because he would be used to the warmth of a cozy household, your pooch might have a hard time during winter, just like humans.

Winter is a time when our dogs need a little extra care. In this review article, we will suggest you some dog beds that are best for use in cold winter days. We also included a buyer’s guide at the end. Make sure to check it out.

Let’s look at the 5 best dog beds for winter that we selected. We hope that you will find the best one for your canine companion with the help of this article.

Our selections:

  • Our Top Pick: Best Friends by Sheri Calming Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler (Multiple Sizes)
  • Runner Up: K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper Bed
  • Best for Budget: Aspen Pet Self Warming Beds
  • Best Hooded: Snoozer Cozy Cave Pet Bed in Poly Cotton
  • Best for Outdoor: K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed

Our Top Pick: Best Friends by Sheri Calming Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler (Multiple Sizes)

About: As we have mentioned before, Best Friends by Sheri Calming Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler is the best considering all of its features: its shape, materials, stuffing, fabric, and design. You can keep your dog warm, happy and safe during winter with this dog bed for winter by Best Friends company.

Features: You have to observe in what position your pup loves to sleep. If he is one of the dogs that love to curl up, this donut coddler bed is ideal for him. The raised rim creates a sense of security and provides head and neck support for dogs. That way, it supports better sleep conditions.

On the other hand, the stuffing and filling used in this bed are super soft, which is a very beneficial feature for dogs that suffer from muscle and joint pain.

You cannot find this bed’s comfort anywhere else. It is cozy, flexible and finished with faux shag fur which makes it the best bed to get for cold winter nights. Your canine companion will feel like he is sleeping right beside his mother.

This winter dog bed also has deep crevices that make your dog able to burrow. He will have a quality beauty sleep to improve his behavior and health. This dog bed is available in many sizes and colors. You can choose one from beautifully designed natural colors to match your home’s decor.

Because the bed is made of the water-resistant and dirt-resistant bottom, your floors will be kept dry at all times. It will help to keep the accidental mess away. But, we want to say that this winter dog bed is not suitable for dogs with excessive chewing habit. If your dog has this behavior, we think that you should look for something else.

Durable nylon and quality faux fur are combined together in this dog bed for creating a bed which is both practical and comfortable. Moreover, every bed manufactured in Best Friends by Sheri is safe to wash and dry in machines. Just make sure that you wash it in a gentle cycle and dry on low heat.

However, if you will wash the bed, the bed must be thoroughly dried in dryer directly after washing. Because if not, the fur will matt over time.

Water and dirt resistant bottom
Color and size options
Comfortable Material
Needs Accesories

Runner Up: K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper Bed

About: We love giving a place to K&H’s dog beds in our articles because they are quite successful in what they are doing. K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper Bed is especially good for wintertime. Because all K&H Self-Warming Beds feature a unique two-layer fabric that radiates heat back to the dog sleeping on it.

Features: As you might be wondering since it is on the name of the product, what is a self-warming dog bed? Well, the answer is simple. This bed is made of two layers that work for different purposes. The first layer is made for insulation to capture the body heat of your dog, and the second one reflects the heat back to him.

That way, you will need no electricity nor gas to keep your dog warm in winter. If you are concerned about the bills, this dog bed might be the most suitable one for you and your pup.

The producer claims that K&H Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper is one of the most comfortable and stylish self-warming beds in their line. Not only those raised sides of the bed provide a place for your canine friend to rest his head; they also give a more secure feeling.

The surface of the bed is ultra-soft, which is definitely going to be a comfortable place for your dog to relax during winter. Many pet parents might think that if a bed is made of soft material, it will not last long. However, that is not the case with this winter dog bed. It is durable enough to last for years.

In addition, the sides and bottom of this bed are generously stuffed with polyfill made from recycled bottles for ultimate thickness and comfort.

The bed comes in various sizes to fit different sleeping shapes and sizes of dogs. But the size options are not enough. If you have a massive dog, none of the size options can possibly fit.

And it is quite simple to clean since you can wash it in the machine on the gentle cycle with cold water. Make sure to not overload your machine. It is also dryer safe.

Soft Material
Comes with Headrests
Size options are not enough

Best for Budget: Aspen Pet Self Warming Bed

About: This winter dog bed from Aspen company is designed with heat-reflecting technology that will obviously keep your dog warm and cozy during the cold days. It is made of the same material used in Mylar space blankets. So, Aspen Pet Self Warming Bed does an amazing job at reflecting your pooch’s body heat to provide warmth to him.

Features: Aspen’s large and round winter dog bed is made of Mylar interior stuffing that will reflect your dog’s body heat to give both comfort and warmth. If you are worried about keeping the bed in one place, it is made of non-slip bottom that is especially practical for tile and hardwood grounds.

In addition to being a large bed that can be a comfy place for big dogs, this winter dog bed has plush sides for dogs who like to burrow. It is also an outstanding feature for our canine friends who are having muscle and joint pain.

If you like to travel, you might be find carrying your dog’s bed around difficult. However, this bed is a very lightweight one which makes it the perfect option for vacations and road trips.

This dog bed is known for its reflective features, which means that there will be no electricity required for warmth. If you are concerned about the bills, getting a winter dog bed that has self-heating characteristics might be helpful.

The comfort of the pets is very valued in Aspen company. They created the bed’s exterior from plush corduroy for supplying additional comfort for your precious canines. The sleep surface is covered in soft, faux lambswool. You cannot possibly find anything more comfortable than that.

The only downside of this bed is that it is not suitable for washing in the machine. Machine washable dog beds bring a lot of convenience and practicality to themselves. It is a really upsetting feature that you can only hand wash this bed.

If you do not mind to take your time to hand-wash it, we recommend that you keep it fresh and clean occasionally. We also want to mention that this bed is filled with polyester fiberfill. That is what makes this bed so light.

There are lots of sizes and shapes and colors offered for pet parents to choose from. We are sure that you can find the design and color that will fit your apartment flatteringly.

Non-skid bottom
Mylar material
Good value for the money
Not machine washable

Best Hooded: Snoozer Cozy Cave Pet Bed in Poly Cotton

About: Snoozer is one of the best dog bed companies out there. They are really doing their job with respect. Snoozer Cozy Cave Pet Bed in Poly Cotton can be considered as one of their masterpieces. If you are looking for a fashionable and long-lasting bed, keep reading below.

Features: Hooded dog beds are not common, and Snoozer company made a great job with this dog bed. It is one of a kind bed, and it is specially designed for extra warmth and coziness. This type of dog bed is often referred to as nesting dog bed, and this winter dog bed is the one for canines who loves to stay under the blankets.

If your dog likes to feel the security of being enclosed in one place, this hooded winter dog bed will give him a place to do that. Since the interior fabric is Sherpa, there will also be extra warmth in winter and cool in summer.

The cover of the bed is both machine washable and dryable. You can unzip the cover, and the cover is made of heavy-duty rust proof brass. That is very convenient if you do not have time to handwash your dog’s bed every time.

These hooded winter beds are available in over 40 different fabrics from Snoozer. From subtle solids to bright, colorful patterns, there is certainly one to fit your home or your pup’s personality. They also produced this bed in three different sizes to fit any size of the pup.

The bed is also an orthopedic one, which provides comfort with sturdy stability of orthopedic foam to the base of the bed. With the orthopedic foam, senior or injured pets can easily climb in and out of their hooded winter be while still being wrapped in the safety and comfort of the Sherpa fabric.

This Snoozer hooded bed comes stuffed with a cedar and poly mixture that makes for a plush enveloping base. On the other hand, the Sherpa covered hood wraps your dog in warmth and comfort. Nesting dogs will be able to sleep without fear of damaging the bed.

Unfortunately, this bed does not have a non-skid bottom so you might find it somewhere else every time you leave your dog alone with it.

Sherpa fabric
Machine washable and dryable
Zippered cover
40 different fabrics
Not non-skid bottom

Best for Outdoor: K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed

About: K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed is the ideal one for sheds, garages, barns, or any sheltered area your outdoor pets hang out. It is the ultimate outdoor winter dog bed with soft orthopedic foam. It also includes free fleece cover, which is an excellent feature.

Features: We think that the best feature of this bed is that it is thermostatically controlled. It automatically responds to warmth changes and tries to balance your dog’s body heat. As we mentioned above, it is the ultimate winter dog bed for dogs who are staying at sheds, garages, barns, or any sheltered area.

The energy consumption of this bed is very low since it has 5-1/2 feet steel wrapped cord and only 40 watts. If you are worried about the bills but still want to use a electric winter dog bed, this is the one for you.

You might be wondering how to clean a bed that is working with electricity? Well, the K&H Lectro-Soft is super easy to clean, just wipe with a damp rag. But do not forget to dry it completely before plugging it back in. The bed arrives with free fleece cover that is also machine washable.

Sadly, this bed is not suitable for dogs that have chewing habits. It is also not recommended for pets that are destructive in any way. If you dog has one of these characteristics, consider buying another winter dog bed for him.

K&H products are always tested and are certified by MET Laboratories. They exceed USA and Canadian electrical safety standards. You can be sure that your dog will be completely safe while sleeping on this bed.

K&H products use only the most durable and long-lasting materials in their beds to satisfy both dogs and pet parents’ needs. K&H claims that they have one of the lowest return ratios in the market.

We classified this dog bed as an outdoor bed, but you can use it indoors if you please. It is a rugged and heated pad that will keep your canine companion no matter where he want to stay and sleep. Additionally, you can place this bed inside his kennel to provide extra warmth.

This dog bed will not work unless your dog is on it. To test the bed, place a pillow on it to see how warm it gets. After around 20 minutes, the pillow should be warm, not hot, so be careful about that.

Easy to clean
Thermostatically controlled
Certified by MET
Durable material
Not for chewers

Buyer’s Guide

Types of Warm Dog Beds

As there are many things to consider while purchasing a dog bed for your pup to keep him warm during cold winter days, we reduced the types of winter dog beds to four. There are four basic ways dog beds can help keep your pet warm, although there is a bit of crossover at times.

Even though those features and qualities might sound like they are very similar to each other, we assure you that those small differences also make a lot of difference. Before spoiling it too much, let’s look at the types of winter dog beds. We ordered those according to their warmth level. They are in order of increasing warmth.

Traditional Beds

If you are not living in a house that gets warm from the ground, the first thing you can do for your pup should be insulating him from the cold floor. Traditional beds do exactly the same, they keep your dog warm by blocking the cold air coming from the ground.

We can confidently say that when the bed is made of more material or stuffing inside, the warmer it will be for your pooch to sleep on it. What we definitely recommend is, you should look for traditional dog beds for winter that at least have 4-inches of thickness.

Traditional dog beds might also come with additional bolsters. Those extra features can help further insulate your friend, so you might also consider buying a dog bed for winter for your pup with bolsters.

Cuddler (Enclosed) Beds

From our experience, most human beings like to cuddle under a blanket to get warm. It also makes us feel secure at the same time. It is the same with dogs, too.

Cuddler or enclosed dog beds provide protection from cold by retaining your pup’s body heat. Traditional dog beds work in the same way, however, cuddler beds take it to the next step by adding an extra feature. Cuddler beds usually have a half-dome roof, which acts a little like a tent and gives your pooch a spot to burrow in and keep toasty.

That roof will be the blanket of your pup when he wants to get warm and feel safe. Yet, you should keep in mind that not all dogs like to sleep while something covering their head. So, it might not be an appropriate winter dog bed type for all the dogs. You should observe how your dog likes to sleep and then make your choice.

Self-Heating Beds

Have you ever heard how survival blankets work? Self-heating dog beds for winter are made of a highly reflective metal film, just like those survival blankets. That highly reflective metal film redirects a significant amount of the heat radiated from your pet’s body right back at him.

That is how self-heating dog beds work. Because your pup has a lot of fur and body heat, they provide a great deal of warmth. The more they get warm, the more the bed will provide snug for them.

This type of dog bed for winter is very affordable. They require no electricity, and it will only cost you the bed’s own price. From the beginning of self-heating bed’s release, these have quickly become the most wanted style of dog beds for many pet parents.

Electric Dog Beds

You might have tried to use electric blankets or heating pads to warm yourself in cold winter nights. Electric dog beds work in the same way with those heating pads and electric blankets.

This type of dog bed for winter has inserted heating materials. They warm up when the bed is plugged into an outlet. Additionally, electric dog beds might come with a pre-set or adjustable thermostat. If you do not know what thermostat does in an electric bed, it makes you able to set the temperature to the desired level.

Things to Look for When Selecting a Bed

You might feel incompetent when it comes to winter dog beds. But do not worry, because we will help you find the best one for your pup. Of course, there are a few features that you must seek when looking for a winter dog bed just like there are for any kind of a bed.

If you want to keep your dog warm, here we listed some additional features and characteristics to look for when trying to find the suitable one.

Suitable Loft

You might be giving up on comfort if you choose to get a cheap dog bed. They usually flatten with constant use. It makes the bed less comfortable. However, comfort is not the only thing that your dog will lose. It means that cheap dog beds for winter are not capable of keeping your pooch as warm as a loftier bed would.

The thickness of the bed is a very important feature. You must get a bed that has at least four inches of thickness to them. Because you must elevate the dog from the cold ground to keep him warm.

If you have a big dog that weighs heavier, four inches of thickness might not be enough for him. You should get a winter dog bed for your friend with at least six inches of thickness.

Removable and Machine-Washable Cover

Even if you have got a clean, tidy pooch, you will need to regularly wash your dog’s bed cover. Otherwise, it will be covered in sweat, tiny amounts of urine, hair, and dirt.

Those will make it unsanitary and smelly. Most contemporary beds involve removable covers, but this characteristic is foregone by a few cost-priced models and should be avoided if possible.

Appropriate Size

As we have said many times before in our other reviews and buyer’s guides, getting the right size of a bed is the most essential thing. You would not want your dog’s legs or arms hanging off the bed, right?

Resting his head on the floor because he cannot fit his bed will definitely bring some muscle and joint problems. Not only because that is extremely uncomfortable, but the bed also will not keep your dog as warm as he would be if he got the right sized bed for himself.

What Kinds of Dogs Benefit Most from Warm Beds?

Once more, if dogs sleep indoors, they will not really need a warm bed. For instance, your malamute will likely go playing in a blizzard if you let him; he probably will not get cold while sleeping in your climate-controlled home.

But some dogs will benefit greatly if they are given the opportunity to snooze on a warm-and-cozy bed every night. Some of the dogs that will make a profit of a warm bed include the following:

Small Dogs

Because dogs are radiating heat into the air like us humans do, they can also get cold in winter no matter how big or small they are at some point. However, as you can guess, small dogs will get cold a lot easier and quicker than big dogs. They are very fragile beings, and they are the first ones to appreciate a warm bed.

Lanky Dogs

Like smaller dogs, dogs with a lanky build have more surface area than denser dogs with the same size, roughly equivalent to their volume. This implies that greyhounds, whippets, and salukis, in particular, will enjoy a cozy bed more than bulldogs and mastiffs would.

Dogs with Short Fur

Your dog’s fur is the main source of warmth. It works as an insulation material for him. That is what keeps him warm during the cold days. So, those with more and dense fur will often remain warmer in cool temperatures than those with short hair can.

So, if you have a Rhodesian Ridgeback, Chinese Crested or Pitbull, you will probably want to seriously consider to purchase a winter bed that can give extra warmth.

Dogs Suffering from Hip, Elbow or Spine Issues

Just like other kinds of beds, there are winter dog beds that are made for dogs with hip dysplasia and other problems. Cold weather affects both humans and animals with medical problems and usually jeopardizes their health.

Cold weather can make your pup more miserable than usual if he has a bone or joint pain. But you can prevent him from feeling worse with a warm bed. If you purchase a bed specially made for him, it will help block the cold and keep him more safe and cozy.

Dogs Who Must Sleep Outside

Not every dog is getting taken care of indoors. Some dogs are living outdoors as a choice, and those pups must always be given a safe, warm, and dry shelter into which they can retreat. Additionally, you can buy him the warmest bed you can get to make sure that he will not suffer and shiver through the cold winter nights.

Actually, you should not take care of your dog outside at all, and we do not recommend it. But having a dog inside the house might not always be possible. Just be sure that you always keep your dog’s safety and comfort in mind if you must make him sleep outdoors.

Conclusion: Best Dog Beds for Winter (2020 Reviews)

We know that there are many dogs with many different needs, so we wanted to include winter dog beds that will meet the needs of every pet in this article. There are winter dog beds designed for indoor and outdoor dogs reviewed here.

We hope that you found the most suitable and the best one for your dog’s needs through our recommendations. If not, never give up and keep looking to make your dog as happy as possible.